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All About Social Media Chef

Don’t we all have a friend who’s an amazing cook but is really scared to open their own restaurant or bakery or business whatsoever?

Marketing your business on social media can be tricky.

Given that algorithms and users’ opinions & choices change every minute it is difficult to keep the users engaged with your business for a longer time.

However, for a social media chef, it is very important to gain people’s trust, create content that users want to see and most importantly keep them engaged.

But before we go any deeper let’s get our basics straight!

What does the term “Social Media Chef” mean?

The term simply refers to a person that leverages technology and social media to showcase their cooking, culinary and creativity skills.

They are passionate about cooking and food. They love to explore cuisines from around the world, experiment with traditional recipes to create amazing fusions and create content across all social media platforms that their target audience can relate to using widely available ingredients and a simple assembly. 

For people who are extremely creative and talented chefs but don’t have the ability to cater to 100s of people, this is a good space for you to display your talent to the world by posting your content in form of reels, shorts, tik-toks, youtube videos etc.

How to become a Social Media Chef?

All you really need is to get started.

1. Culinary & Cooking Skills

‘There is no love sincerer than the love of food

If you want to become a successful social media chef or a food entrepreneur then you need to be passionate about Food and uplifting people’s lives by serving food. You don’t necessarily have to be a food expert or own a restaurant in order to thrive in the field.

Nothing more appeals to a customer than an inspiring journey of establishing a business from the ground up. 

Hire and network with people who are equally or more passionate about food, social media and the industry. Passion along with the right people, sound strategy and consistency can do wonders. 

2. Create Relatable Content

Always remember that you are only as good as your audience. In order to stay relevant in your field, you need to be relatable and entertaining. Mould your strategies and work on finding topics that interest your audience.

Posting relatable content gets more shared and loved which will increase your reach and boost your profile presence. Instagram is a visual app. Uploading content that is visually appealing, relatable and simple to understand will help you gain a loyal audience base.

Genuine, authentic content attracts people more. Once you’ve got the basics set, you can start optimizing your content based on keywords, popular hashtags, powerful calls to action, and Instagram Live content.

3. Be Creative & Engaging

To grow on social media, capturing the user’s attention is extremely crucial. You may create relatable and amazing content but if you’re unable to capture the user’s attention in the first 3 seconds of your video/reel then it’s a lost cause already.

Tricks you can try to capture the attention of your social media followers/users:

  • Use trending audios
  • Work on powerful animations and transitions
  • Make your own tagline and use it in all posts
  • You can swirl around to some trendy audios to add entertainment
  • People love storytelling, talk about your journey, the origin of ingredients and more
  • Try to touch the user’s emotions while providing information and education
  • Have a special guest segment in your videos. Collaborate with people from same or related field

You can take videography or photography crash courses to make your posts interesting.

Moreover, you can also refer to movies, Netflix documentaries, tv shows like MasterChef etc to level up your social media chef game and stay relevant in the industry.

4. Be Consistent

Building audience engagement on social media requires consistency.

To establish yourself as a trustworthy brand where followers can get uplifting and mind-blowing content, you must be consistent.

Consistency improves your organic presence by feeding back into the Facebook and Instagram algorithms.

Be regular in:

  • What you post i.e. Home food/ Salad bowls/ Desserts and/or dishes and/or diners etc. 
  • When you post i.e. Every Tuesday and Friday at 11am for example. 
  • Your tone of voice i.e. Quirky tone, formal or humorous or real?
  • Your content & background style i.e. Dark and moody dish photography or light and bright? 
  • Replying to fans i.e. Do you set time apart to reply to fan comments, mentions, and messages?

5. Track Your Performance

Performance monitoring is really essential to understand your growth and patterns.

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You can learn what your followers like and dislike by looking at your Facebook and Instagram insights.
The more you understand what works for you, the more time you’ll have to dedicate to optimizing your social media approach.

Here are a few Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to understand your data analytics:

  • Profile Reach
  • Engagement rate
  • New likes and net likes
  • Followers count
how to track performance on social media analysis Instagram reels youtube

If you’re someone who is really passionate about food, culture and the cooking industry and wish to showcase your talent this is a great opportunity for you & the world is ready to see it.

The world can be your canvas if you really want to paint!

Do’s and Don’ts of a Social Media Chef


  • Use your network to your advantage. Join hands with social media marketers, fellow chefs & restaurateurs to drive additional reach and engagement effectively.
  • Create user-generic content that is created by people rather than by businesses. Your followers would love to see their own content being re-shared and in that process, you also build good credibility for your profile.
  • Focus on Sensorial content. It is content that entices the senses – taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch. You can achieve this by posting your delicious food and using captions that entice users’ senses digitally.
  • Don’t forget to get your angles right. Food photography and videography skills for your business are not to be taken for granted.
  • Collaborate with restaurants, chefs, and influencers in the industry not just on social media but also in their business.


  • Don’t spam! Avoid annoying users by posting more than three times per week.
  • Do not post without first considering whether the topic is engaging and relevant to your audience. And make sure to do your hashtag research before posting.
  • Don’t hide your face. It may be tempting to just publish pictures and videos of food, but people would love to see the face behind the business.
  • Keep in mind that people will always have something to complain about, so resist the need to obsess about them. You can block people who make disrespectful or demeaning comments about a person’s race, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. Moderate your comments to hide the damaging ones and learn from the positive ones.
  • Do not simply sell. Instead of focusing on pushing promotions, inspire guests more with enticing new foods and recipes.
  • Avoid overusing hashtags. Your digital reach and engagement will grow if you use hashtags correctly. When overused, it just comes out as spam and loses its effectiveness.
  • Never duplicate another user’s photo without giving them credit. When you publish a noteworthy tweet or a beautiful image, social media protocol for businesses requires giving credit to the author or photographer.
  • Stay updated on industry-related news: It’s crucial to you stay updated on every kind of incident or news happening in your industry. Being silent or speaking inappropriately about it can backfire.

Top 5 Social Media Chefs Right Now

1. @sweetboutiquebyaditi

Aditi has a former lawyer background who is now a food enthusiast and a Cake Artist as well.

She has built her online presence from the ground up and now has 13K+ YouTube subscribers. She has also won  #chefvsfridge hosted by @zeecafeindia and was in India’s top 10 at @cakemasters.

how to do social media marketing for restaurant food?

2. @chefpablonaranjo

Born in Colombia, Pablo moved to Mumbai to explore various cuisines and ingredients. His YouTube channel, Eating Around with Pablo, chronicles this journey through gastronomical experiences. Pablo also hosts Gourmet Goes Tribal on Nat Geo which was released on 9 December 2019 across 87 countries. Gourmet Goes Tribal is a travel show documenting Pablo’s travels across the Northeast of India through cooking with Indigenous tribes.

how to become a food blogger?

3. @nigellalawson

Nigella is a food writer, blogger and television cook. She started her career in journalism but later found her calling in cooking. Her official site is packed with recipes, updates, tips, advice, books and products, as well as a host of ways for you to join in. 

what is a food blogger on social media

4. @salonikukreja

She has previously been associated with Le15 Patisserie & Flourist until she found her calling to become a social media chef. Based out of Mumbai, India, she enjoys sharing unique recipes and fusions to make cooking & baking more exciting!

how to become a social media chef

5. @shivesh17

He is a self-taught baker as well as an amazing food blogger. He has also turned his passion into another form of business by writing four cookbooks. Find his youtube- Bake With Shivesh.

top social media chefs in india

Hope this blog helps you find your expertise.

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Fatema Rasiwala
Fatema Rasiwala
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