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Smart Food Delivery Packaging Ideas For Your Restaurant

There are so many factors involved in ensuring a good dining experience for the customer that restaurants now need to take care of, with both dine-in and take-out. As we step into a new era, the factors that influence the dining experience have also changed, to say the least. Food delivery packaging, for example, is not only about practicality anymore, it’s also about safety. According to GLG, India’s food delivery market, currently valued at $5 billion is expected to reach about $21 billion by 2026

Moreover, ever since the pandemic hit, online ordering has also risen by more than 25%, with 78% of customers ordering online as frequently or more than before. Whether you agree not, the wrong kind of food delivery packaging has the power to make a meal much less appetizing.

Apart from selecting the right packaging material, here are some ideas to elevate your establishment’s food delivery packaging game :-

1. Sustainability is the New Cool

With growing awareness of environmental issues in the world, there’s increased pressure on companies to be completely transparent about what they sell. A great move towards running an ethical, environmentally friendly company is to prioritize recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable food delivery packaging materials. Biodegradable, eco-friendly, or even edible packaging is in and single-use plastics are effectively out. Establishments like Starbucks have already started experimenting with greener coffee cups, which are both recyclable and compostable. Other bigger and smaller establishments are following suit in this endeavor with bamboo and paper straws and compostable boxes.

sustainable food packaging

2.    All-Purpose Packaging

Staying in line with the idea of sustainability, restaurants are now ensuring that their food delivery packaging can be used for other things apart from just delivering food. A lot of establishments now provide more durable packaging. The customers can wash and use these for food storage, storing household items or even planting some greens. The possibilities are really endless with this one! This helps restaurants be more memorable simply because of the sheer usability of their packaging in the daily life of customers.

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3.    Keep it Simple silly!

The minimalism trend is everywhere – from clothing to websites, to book covers, food delivery packaging was bound to catch on. Less cluttered design and packaging that’s free from unnecessary materials is the way forward. Minimalistic packaging embraces a no-nonsense, no-frills style and is cost-effective, material savvy, and also environmentally friendly at the same time. It also allows the brand to be able to better articulate its core message. It helps the brand increase awareness with less clutter clouding the brand vision.

cost-effective food delivery packaging

4.    Personalized Packaging

The rise of this new trend isn’t really a surprise anymore. Personalized packaging with messages helps the restaurant in creating a stronger and more emotional bond with their customers. It also gives a free word of mouth marketing by making customers feel special. With most people ordering in now more than before and preferring take-outs over dine-in, personalization could be a game-changer. Simply having some space on the packaging to add a personalized note maybe along the lines of ‘Made with Love for [insert customer name], Stay Safe!’ on the parcel is a great strategy. Both, to make the customer feel special and to ensure they keep coming back for more.

From protecting the food to promoting your brand, food packaging offers many benefits for one’s business. Looking for the right packaging solutions? Discover a world of trusted suppliers, all in one place with Petpooja Suppliers Hub.

Tell us what packaging ideas have worked for you and your restaurant in the comments below!
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