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Run A Flourishing Bakery Business By Training Your Staff

Every business owner needs to coach their staff members to optimize their operations. Food and beverage businesses are no exception. Mentoring staff is especially important for running a bakery business as today every other person thinks of owning a bakery. By 2026 Indian Bakery Market will touch USD 12.39 billion at a CAGR of 8.5%.

Are you planning to start a new bakery business?

Training is not just important for the bakery operation but also essential for employee growth and development. Other benefits of training bakery staff include:

  • Training helps you keep the flavours of your products consistent.
  • It makes the staff ready to deal with any unexpected situation that may arise.
  • Better prepared staff skillfully contributes to the growth and well-being of your employees.
  • Training offers you the chance to update your staff with recent technology and tactics.

What are some essential tips to grow your bakery in India?

Guide To Take Your Bakery Business Ahead With Staff Training

1. Create A Plan

Training without planning is like preparing a chocolate cake without the chocolate. It is ineffectual to execute training without a plan. Planning gives a purpose and meaning to your training process. 

Having a blueprint will make your training process effective. Here are a few things you need to consider while planning:

  • If you have not conducted a market survey earlier, this is the time. Study the pattern other players in the bakery market are following and choose the best ideas for your brand.
  • Based on your target market, figure out your own specific needs. You know what your niche demands so take that into account while you plan. 
  • Another important consideration is what you want to achieve from a training program. Figuring out what exactly you want gives perspective and direction to the course of your planning and training.
  • Also, prepare a new plan for every training workshop.

A group of chefs standing with different food dishes | Run A Flourishing Bakery Business By Training Your Staff

2. Check Specific Demands

A bakery consists of a range of staff members. The staff varies from the counter staff, kitchen staff, consultant, and manager to a social media marketer. 

2.1 Qualities To Develop in Counter Staff

Counter staff is responsible for every immediate communication that happens between the bakery and customers. Counter staff directly reflects the values of your brand.

  • Imbibe good communication skills in your counter staff.
  • Hold workshops or training sessions to deal with resolving conflicts when and as they arrive.
  • Teach the counter staff to use a bakery Pos software flawlessly.

2.2 Qualities To Develop In Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff in a bakery primarily consists of a professional baker, another baker who specializes in your niche or other special items that your bakery serves, and kitchen help.

  • Practice makes a bakery perfect. Give enough time to your bakers to explore the perfect recipe.
  • Update them with the latest innovations that are happening in the bakery industry.
  • Coach them to use all the equipment that your kitchen has and ask if they need any specific tools.
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2.3 Qualities To Develop In A Manager

 A manager holds all the pieces of your bakery together. Well in some cases the owner itself is the manager. Even if the owner is the manager, here are a few necessary skills that you have to have:

  • Leadership qualities to taking charge and asserting commands in a proper way.
  • Preparedness and presence of mind to deal with any situation.
  • Able to hold the team together and contribute to the growth of employees and the bakery simultaneously.

2.4 Qualities To Develop In The Marketing Team

Your hard work doesn’t pay off unless you market your brand. Building a strong marketing team will help you promote your bakery.

  • Make certain that your marketing team is aware of the tactics that other companies use for marketing.
  • Train your team to devise the best loyalty programs and marketing ideas for your bakery.
  • Teach them best SEO practices for optimal results. Here is why SEO is essential for the F&B industry.

step-by-step guide for your bakery business

3. Dynamic Training Methods

Using multiple sets of training methods is more beneficial than sticking to one.

3.1 Cross-Training

  • If possible cross-train your kitchen staff so they are able to handle the kitchen when another is missing.
  • You can easily cross-train your front staff and counter staff. So go for it for the betterment of your bakery.

3.2 Soft-Skills Training

Coach all of your front staff members to speak fluently and politely with customers.

3.3 Shadow Method Training

  • Shadow training is extremely important for the kitchen staff. Train your kitchen staff closely under your guidance so the chance of making any mistake in the dish is null.
  • Shadow training is also effective to coach the front staff. Inculcate all the necessary skills in your manager, cashier, counter staff, waiters, and all other staff members under your supervision.

3.4 Technological Training

Technological training is crucial in today’s time. Technology has become an integral part of any business in the present time.

raw materials needed for bakery business | Run A Flourishing Bakery Business By Training Your Staff

4. Compulsory Skills for All Staff Members

4.1 Compassion

  • Compassion is the basis for team spirit. Team spirit and good bonding are pivotal for keeping the bakery and its staff together. 
  • When your staff is united, your bakery functions smoothly.

4.2 Patience

  • Patience is the key. Business takes time to flourish
  • Your employee will also take time to learn and become perfect their tasks.  

Hope this blog helps you train your staff to run a bakery business successfully. Keep yourself updated with recent news in the Food and Beverage industry by following us on Instagram. 

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