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Increase Restaurant Sales This Diwali Season With These Tips

India is in full festive mode! Starting from Raksha Bandhan & Janmashtami, then Ganesh Chaturthi to Navratri and Durga puja, followed by Dushera, Diwali, Christmas, and then New Year’s. The last months of every year are a promise of good memories and of course, good food! Festivals in India mean extra fun and extra business. It is also the time with restaurant sales go highest. So if you are wondering how you can push your sales even further this festive season, then we have simple hacks just for you!

Keep reading to learn about how you can increase your restaurant sales this Diwali season! 

9 Best Restaurant Sales and Marketing Ideas for Diwali

1. Diwali-themed Restaurant Decoration

When people come to your restaurant, you should make them feel welcomed and a part of the festive vibes. It can be something as simple and cost-effective as installing LEDs and Diyas in your restaurant. Use your imagination to create a Diwali vibe in your restaurant.

During the festival days, you can instruct your staff to dress in traditional attire. You can work on the exterior of your restaurant to give off festive vibes on the streets, enticing people to come inside and see how the restaurant looks on the inside. Many restaurants even put temporary Diwali light fixtures and props or setups to create a wholesome festival mood.

There are a thousand different ways to incorporate a Diwali theme into your restaurant business. Get your creative juices flowing and create something interesting and fun.

Restaurant sales can be directly impacted by good or bad decor that you put up in your restaurant.
Decorating your entrance is a great way to set the Diwali vibe in your restaurant.

2. Social media Promotions

Social media marketing is a profitable avenue. No doubt! And specifically during the festival season, it is one opportunity that cannot be missed! Social media promotion is an amazing marketing idea to increase your restaurant sales this Diwali season.

Take advantage of the most recent trends in Instagram notes, reels, and of course, memes! People appreciate it when brands are active on all the current trends. Create a Diwali social media campaign to push them on apps like Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms where young users spend the majority of their time.

3. Offer Loyalty Points to Your Customers

Offer more loyalty points to your customers. The retail F&B sector is a competitive industry and so, you need to make sure that your customers stay loyal to your brand. You can offer extra festive points, corporate or company discounts or reward points, scratch card rewards, family discounts and much more!

This will give you good word-of-mouth publicity for your restaurant business and help you increase your Diwali sales using organic methods.

How to increase restaurant sales during diwali season?

4. Offer Table Reservation Feature

Many people avoid going out to eat during festivals and weekends because of the long wait times and table mismanagement at restaurants. To avoid losing potential customers, you can add a separate feature to your restaurant’s app or website that allows customers to reserve a table in advance. People will not have to wait for hours for a table, which will increase your restaurant sales significantly.

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Use this restaurant marketing idea to attract more people who would like to book in advance even for a small refundable fee, rather than wait in long lines.

5. Gift Diwali Hampers 

If your marketing budget allows, consider creating a collection of small but thoughtful gifts to give to your customers. It could be a set of candles, diyas, sweets, dry fruits or any other gift with a small happy Diwali greeting and a “thank you” or a “visit again” note attached to it. 

People appreciate it when others make such small gestures for them. It also serves as a good restaurant marketing idea to get word-of-mouth publicity. Don’t forget to add your own branding to the gift packaging!

Make small gestures like giving return gifts to get repeat customers who will increase your restaurant sales.
Good packaging of gifts also creates a good impression in your customers’ minds.

6. Conduct Contests For Your In-house Customers  

Everybody loves a little more love and appreciation during the festivals. So why not let your customers take something more than just good food and fond memories? You can hold contests for your customers at your restaurants! Without splurging much on the gifts, you can keep small giveaways for your customers.

You can have your captain or waiter take customer details in order to choose the lucky winner! This trick to increase restaurant sales works in two ways; one you would get more footfall because of the contest and two, you will have your customers’ details that you can later use to run CRM campaigns! Now that is a great deal!

7. Create Festive Menu

Festivals are a great time to introduce your new menu! It is the time when your customers are ready to experiment with new things and even splurge on expensive food items. You and your staff can take this opportunity to take real-time feedback on the menu!

8. Host Events For Your Customers

Events, open mics and live music nights are all excellent methods to draw more customers to your restaurant during the Diwali season. People enjoy being a part of small parties like these because they are always seeking ways to entertain themselves during holidays. You can also advertise your food or distribute free samples of a new dish that you want to introduce during the event.

This is an amazing restaurant marketing idea to get the attention in your regular customers and attract new customers from your local communities.

9. Give Special Diwali Offers 

Festivals are for offers! You can consider giving a 50% off or buy one get one free offer in your outlet. Reward your customers based on previous purchases or the most popular dishes. You can also offer free dishes or special coupons to your frequent customers at random as a thank-you for their support. 

Buffet dinners will help you increase your restaurant sales greatly.
Buffet dinners never fail to attract loads of crowds to a restaurant in the name of unlimited dinners.

Incorporate as many of these restaurant marketing ideas as you can into your business to boost Diwali sales. However, keep an eye on the budget as well. Remember that all of your marketing efforts will be futile if your restaurant does not serve good food. Invest in the quality of your food at the same time to impress your customers and make them want to return to your restaurant.

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