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Do’s & Don’ts Of Running Restaurant Promotions

Restaurant promotions are the most common yet underrated way of marketing your restaurant. While it is not free, it is also not as expensive as allotting a budget for advertising.

Promotions appeal to the customers and convince them to visit your restaurant. While in the short run they may affect your costs, however, they are proven to have a positive influence on your sales and profits in the long run.

Some examples of restaurant promotions include scanning QR codes, taking surveys, answering quizzes, participating in giveaways and the simplest & everyone’s favourite, happy hour!

What are Restaurant Promotions?

An effective tool in restaurant marketing, promotions can be used to interact with your existing customers, build loyalty and more importantly, reach new customers.

The most efficient way to achieve your business goals is by choosing the right type of promotions which will best suit your restaurant.

Types of Restaurant Promotions

Over the years, with new channels popping up for spreading awareness among people, techniques for promotions have also grown and changed. This does not mean that the old ways are not still relevant. Posters, flyers, and text messages are still major eye-catchers. However, the new ways are more enhanced and powerful.

In order to ensure that your restaurant is noticed, and visited and for its growth, here are a few ways you can adopt to promote your restaurant:

  • Discounts and Coupon Codes
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Happy Hour
  • Combo Meal Offers & Two-for-One Specials
  • Seasonal Menus and Limited Time Offers

Restaurant promotions can be done as simply as writing quirky quotes on a chalkboard outside your cafe or even as grand as inviting a celebrity for launching it.

What should I write to promote a restaurant?
Giveaways by asking netizens to tag their friends is a great way of bringing attention to your page and increasing followers to promote your restaurant.

Let’s take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind while promoting your restaurant:

The Do’s:

1. Make The Promotions Catchy

People light up at the mere sight of a promotional offer. Keep that up by making your promo posts/ads and codes snappy. For instance, if your promo code is offering 25% off during the festival of Diwali then keep it DIWALI25. If you are offering to buy one get one free on, let’s say, a Thursday, then keep it BOGOTHU. Short, simple and sweet is the way to go for attracting customers and making them use your promo codes.

2. Social Media Is The King

Everyone knows the importance of social media. If you master the art of handling marketing, advertising and promoting on social media, then all there’s left to do is cook and serve good food to the many customers who will visit you.

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A few ways in which you can successfully promote your restaurant on social media are:

  • Clicking high-quality, good-looking pictures of lip-smacking dishes
  • Hosting giveaways in association with a food influencer to increase your reach
  • Asking customers to re-share and tag your restaurant in their stories in exchange for incentives

3. Align Your Restaurant Promotions With Ongoing Trends

These days every day is dedicated to something. There are traditional Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Father’s Day. Then there are newer days like National Coffee Day, Chocolate Day or even International Pizza Day! 

Use these days to introduce promotional offers. You can introduce a new menu or a seasonal item and boost them through ads on social media by designing funky posts and having fun with them.

A couple of examples of restaurants which do this are:

  • Starbucks – with their seasonal drinks
  • Mcdonald’s with their Happy Meal
take away restaurant promotion ideas
Mcdonald’s is always a step ahead in its promotional game by introducing new food items, toys as well as regular promotional offers.

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The Don’ts:

1. Don’t Offer Discounts For The Sake Of It

Nobody likes reading 5% off on a bill of Rs. 1000.

Your promotions are meant to excite customers, not displease them!

It is understandable that a restaurant is a hard business to make a profit in. But, think of this type of restaurant promotion as an investment for drawing more profits

Try to work out an amount that works for both you and the customers and balance it there. 

2. Don’t Send It At The Last Minute

Plan your restaurant promotions well in advance. Make a social calendar and allot the dates wherein you want to dole out the promotions.

In this way, you will be able to get things ready much before time and not have to bother at the last minute. 

Through this, you will be able to run your ads for a longer period of time. You can boost your posts to a wider audience too. Customers also need time to plan their visit to your restaurant. They will appreciate it more if they are given sufficient time for it.

3. Don’t Make It Hard To Find The Promotions

When you are doing restaurant promotions, go full throttle on it! Circulate it on social media, send messages, Whatsapp and if the offer’s really good, then email too!

If you want to be seen, then make flyers, display posters, hand out promotional cards, print promotional offers on your bill etc.

Don’t keep it a secret!

Waiter writing todays special on the board outside the cafe
This is a good way to promote your restaurant because it also helps you build your customer database when they refer a friend for a discount.

Restaurateurs should use restaurant promotions as an opportunity to reach as many people as they can and leave an impression on them. This is the best way to draw attention to yourself and leave customers happy with the promotional offers and satisfied with the food!

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