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Cost-effective Restaurant Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Sales

Picture this: It is a lazy Sunday, and you are craving some Chinese. What do you do? You’ll go to Google, Zomato or Swiggy and search for the best Chinese food place near you. You are most likely to pick any one place among the top 5 searches shown to you. Many surveys prove that the top searches on such public platforms generate the most sales. It is not that other Chinese places don’t serve good quality authentic food. It is simply that they lack good restaurant marketing strategies which bring them new customers and more revenue.

In the last couple of years, restaurant marketing strategies have significantly upgraded due to the F&B industry’s shift towards social media marketing.

This new way of marketing seems adventurous and fun. Still, it can also be expensive to invest in marketing initiatives without determining whether they will be successful for your company.

But that does not mean that all successful marketing strategies cannot be affordable. 

We have curated a list of cost-effective marketing strategies for all your small and medium size restaurant owners who wish to kill the restaurant marketing game!

Cost-effective Restaurant Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales 

It is not a secret that advertising and marketing efforts are necessary to grow your business. However, what most restaurant owners fail to see is that effective marketing strategies don’t always require an Ambani or Tata-level budget.

If you are a restaurant owner looking to increase your restaurant sales, here are some simple and low-budget restaurant marketing ideas you can practice:

1. Create And Update A Google Business Profile 

Your company profile on Google is one of the first marketing strategies you must employ to promote your restaurant and bring in new customers. Do you know the best part? It is free! 

Four out of five consumers, according to Google research, utilize search engines to obtain local information. In simple terms, if your business is not on Google, your potential customers don’t know about your existence!

Your listing must appear in the business category you have listed yourself in. Coming to the top results will take time. So you’ll have to be patient! But being on Google is far better than not being there at all. To rise to the top of searches, you’ll also need an SEO-proof restaurant website.

Tip: Many small-scale restaurants and food places don’t require a website. In fact, to get a better ranking on Google, you can ask your regular customers to rate your services on Google reviews itself!  

what is the best marketing strategy for restaurants
Consistently update your Google business profile for better reach to your potential customers

2. Social Media Marketing 

Being on social media platforms is a necessity in today’s world. Younger consumers trust platforms like Instagram to see restaurant reviews, menus, and ambience. 

This is one of the most effective low-budget marketing strategies because creating a social media profile is free of cost.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter & LinkedIn are the social media platforms you must use for restaurant marketing. However, simply creating a profile won’t be enough. 

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Once you have created a profile, you need to create exciting content for your page which reflects your brand’s message and keeps your audience engaged and entertained! if you have a little more budget, you can hire a food blogger, photographer and videographer at a minimal cost for a professional photoshoot of your menu.

And if you wish to discover the food blogger side of yours, then this blog will is to help you ace restaurant marketing with food photography!

Tips: To increase your social media page reach, use your restaurant industry’s relevant hashtags. These tactics will broaden your audience organically.

3. Make A Restaurant Website 

Consider a website as an extension of your business and your digital spokesperson. For any medium-sized restaurant, the website is an important marketing and branding tool.

The success of your restaurant is significantly influenced by how well-optimized, information-centric and attractive your restaurant’s website is. 

It makes more financial sense to invest in a mobile-friendly website that includes your menu, address, contact details, operating hours, and other pertinent information given the rise of online orders and doorstep meal delivery. 

Click here to learn about all the must-have features for your website!

how to increase restaurant sales without advertising
A website is an extension of your restaurant, and every business should have one

4. Invest In User-generated Content

This is one of those restaurant marketing strategies which is not only cost-effective but also hassle-free.
Don’t get scared of the word ‘User-generated content! In simple terms, UGC are the restaurant reviews, recommendations, and social media comments or posts voluntarily provided by your restaurant customers!

This material works well because it communicates authenticity, boosts trustworthiness, and encourages people to trust your restaurant more.

You have the option of creating Instagram Stories with positive customer reviews or reposting Instagram photos from your patrons that highlight your business. This provides independent validation and enhances the reputation of the brand.

Tips: To get customer reviews and responses at your outlet, you can train your staff to take feedback. Click here to learn about different ways to take customer feedback at your restaurant.

5. Create A Restaurant Loyalty Program 

Your most valuable assets are your loyal consumers. Retaining customers in any food outlet helps bring the most revenue. They are also the ones who play a crucial role in restaurant marketing by bringing in their friends and families.

So, to retain the majority of your customers, it is important that you create a customer loyalty program that motivates your customers to revisit your outlet. You can offer a discount, a free drink, or some other worthwhile incentive each time someone they recommend dines at your establishment.

The goal is to get the word out about your business while earning client loyalty and boosting sales. This is one of the restaurant marketing strategies which is easy to execute and effective in retaining and gaining customers. 

which marketing strategy is the cheapest?
A lucrative loyalty program helps build a solid customer base

Restaurant marketing is not rocket science. With the right marketing strategies, you can see your restaurant sales boost, and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money for it! Inculcate the above-mentioned low-budget marketing strategies and watch your business become the talk of the town!

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