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8 Social Media Restaurant Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools to reach and influence the masses. As per research, over 50 per cent of India’s population accessed social networks in 2020. This penetration of social networks is expected to reach 67 per cent of the country’s population by 2025. And so it goes without saying that for every business looking for a marketing avenue, social media cannot be skipped. For the restaurant industry especially, social media restaurant marketing is an important point of interaction.

When your customer searches for you on any social media- platform, they need to know everything about your outlet, your menu, other customers’ reviews & quality of service.

Why social media is an essential tool for restaurant marketing:

  • It is free to use and promote your business
  • It helps you raise awareness about your brand and share how you stand apart from the world 
  • Social media is the perfect place to engage and connect with your customers
  • A fantastic platform to regularly keep your customers updated with the latest discounts, menu changes, and much more! 
What mistakes restaurant make on social media platforms?
Social media not only gets you customers but also helps create a presence and build a relationship with the world! 

Restaurant marketing involves engaging with your existing customers to keep them loyal and attract new ones. If you have been in the restaurant business for some time, you would already know what you need to do on social media to get people talking about your restaurant. However, do you know there are various things you must be careful about and avoid on social media? Keep reading to learn more! 

Restaurant Social Media Marketing: What Not To Do

When it comes to your restaurant’s social media marketing, you must stay on top of your game. One thing is to post things regularly on social media, and another is doing it professionally. Here are some mistakes you can avoid to ace your marketing game.

1. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

No one business can target everyone in the world. Your restaurant must have a target audience, and your marketing strategies must cater to that target audience. To do this, know your key demographic and plan your content to suit them. Without a pinned-down specific audience and marketing efforts, your content can go all over the place and not make anyone feel connected.

2. Don’t Overdo Promotional Posts

Social media is not just a place to promote your brand but also to engage with your audience and create a long-lasting relationship with them. It is crucial not to bombard people with only promotional posts. Your content needs to include interactive and informative stuff that doesn’t directly relate to your restaurant. Such content will create better engagement with the audience, get you more followers and lead to long-term benefits.

How to do social media restaurant marketing>
A tip to increase story interaction is to run feedback or Q&A campaigns!

3. Having a Lack Of Engagement

Social media offers the perfect opportunity to connect with your customers, and you need to make the best of it! Posting pictures and offers on your social media accounts is not enough. A continuous exchange of ideas, feedback, and information will make your customers feel valued and significant. Remember: a valued customer is a happy customer. 

Run online polls and collect feedback through your social media platforms. Also, make it a habit to acknowledge the audience’s comments and private messages.

4 . Having An Unprofessional Behaviour

The people behind your social media are the face of your brand. They must be just as courteous as your restaurant staff would be. Don’t be rude, unprofessional, or short with your audience on social media. Your communication and responses must remain calm, patient, and professional even when there is a negative review.

5. Lack Of Aesthetic Food Photos

Nothing beats an attractive food picture to make you hungry. People enjoy looking at photos and videos of food online. You must invest in good pictures to tempt them towards your restaurant. When a seasonal item is available, or you introduce something new in the menu, click good photos and share them with the world!

Social media marketing for restaurants in 2022
Your social media feed should be filled with tempting food images!

6. Excessive Or Less Content

Be careful about posting too much and posting too little. If you don’t post too often on social media, it will decrease customer engagement and derail your restaurant marketing efforts. And if you post too much content on your social media, your customers will start feeling spammed and unfollowing you.

7. Lack Of Scheduled Posting

Social media platforms are not simple. Things need to be posted at a specific time of the day to get maximum attention. Your followers are most active at a particular time of the day and will interact most with your content around this time. Content posted at the wrong time may go unnoticed by most people. It is best to make a weekly schedule with pre-plan content for your social media restaurant marketing. You can also create a social media marketing calendar for your restaurant.

8. No Attention to Insights

When you use social media professionally, paying attention to the insights and analytics generated by the platform is highly important. Notice which kind of content is most liked, shared, and saved by your audience to prepare future content that is more aligned with the taste of your followers. 

Know what mistakes restaurants make in their social media marketing efforts.
You can post behind-the-scenes videos and pictures to increase audience engagement!

Social media has become one of businesses’ most extensively used marketing platforms. An excellent social media marketing strategy can make your restaurant stand apart and more appealing to your customers. 

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