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Dynamic Reports: The Key To Grow Your Restaurant Business

Restaurant owners know that collecting, managing & analysing their restaurant business data is a very time-consuming, exhaustive & boring task. Restaurant reports are essential for business growth. But often these reports are all heavy Google drives filled with many sheets of data filled in rows & rows, sheets after sheets. Or else, they are stacks after stacks of papers containing manual records of data. And analysing this data to get a clearer picture to understand the growth of the business, is an even longer task! It is a task that restaurateurs hate to do, but have to do for the growth of their restaurants.

Restaurant business data if maintain manually can be exhaustive & hence, confusing. This is why a cloud-based POS such as Petpooja restaurant billing software is synced with every aspect of your business and can help track & maintain this data without making any errors. With more than 80+ Petpooja POS reports, you can keep track of your restaurant reports on inventory, item-wise sales, profits, CRM, online orders, staff performance, discount offers, taxes & much much more!

The idea of having all your reports recorded & managed in one place seems amazing! But what if we told you that with Petpooja POS, you can also decide how you wish to have this data presented for your comprehensive understanding! That is the power of Petpooja Dynamic Reports!

Easy Data Visualization With Restaurant Dynamic Reports

Petpooja Dynamic Reports is our add-on service created just to help restaurant owners understand & present their data in a more comprehensive way. The reports can be customised & created in any which way the restaurant owner wants. Understanding that analysing data for large chains or multiple outlets can be a cumbersome task, Dynamic reports aim to ease the pain of the owners. This way, the owners can focus more on the pain points of the business using the reports & save time!

Visualise your restaurant data the way you want, with Petpooja Dynamic Reports

Benefits Of Dynamic Reports In Restaurant Business

There could be no easier way of presenting any kind of quantitative data than by making it visually appealing. And these restaurant reports get customised in any format or style the user wishes to see.

1. Customizable

Petpooja Dynamic Reports use data visualization technology & so the data presentation becomes more interesting & easy to understand. Every single data of the restaurant can be customized. As the restaurant owner, you get to choose how & which kind of data you wish to be presented.

Dynamic reports are a boon, especially for chain outlet owners. As an owner, you would want to know the performance of every single aspect of your each & every outlet. This becomes easy with these reports. In a few clicks, you can see in detail reports about online sales, inventory, staff performance, revenue collected & track the purchase order tickets raised by any outlet. The reports can be dated and marked from the very start till the POS sync date! This data is visually presented & so becomes easier to understand. As the chain owner, you can decide which reports should be accessible to your franchise owners.

2. In Detailed Representation

Tracking back the old restaurant data can be hard & time-consuming by going the old pen & paper or excel way. But Petpooja dynamic reports you can upload & manage all your old data at one point. You can view, customize the presentation & download even the oldest of the restaurant reports.

Restaurant business becomes easy to operate with dynamic reports
Simplify restaurant business with dynamic reports that are easy to understand

3. Easy To Understand

It is a dream for every excel user, to get & presenting all the data in a visually appealing and comprehensible manner. Especially in the case of restaurants where there are multiple aspects of the business that have data which need to be closely understood.

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Reports of CRM, online ordering, inventory & sales are the most essential ones. These areas are also the ones which have the most exhaustive & complicated stats & data. But the nightmare of analysing all these disappears with the help of Dynamic reports! This feature makes any data no matter how complicated, easy to analyse & understand.

4. Growth Conducive

The entire purpose of these types of restaurant reports is to provide a holistic picture of the entire restaurant business. But it’s a waste of time & energy when as a restaurant owner you have to spend hours just going through various data sheets. The dynamic reports very clearly present your business data.

Depending on the kind of data presentation that you pick from our various models, you can simply see & attend to the pain point of your business. If your sales have gone down in the past two months, the reports will inform you how much revenue, inventory, sales, online orders, etc. have been affected & what was the cause of it. This way, you can simply plan the next business strategy without wasting time.

Restaurant dynamic reports are easy to understand for running restaurant business.
Easy to understand & analyse restaurant dynamic reports

5. Easy To Access

If you are wondering which software would you be needing to see this data, the answer is none. Simply by using Petpooja’s restaurant reports, you can see, analyse & even export all your data with a single click. And if that does not simplify your restaurant business reports, then you can also have access to this data on the go!

By using Petpooja’s Merchant Application, you can have access to your entire restaurant business, along with the reports & much more!

Petpooja’s dynamic report feature is one-stop data management & data analysing tool for any small restaurant or a large chain. If you wish to know more about our product, click here & connect with us.

Hope this blog was helpful. If you want to know more about our Petpooja services, check out our Marketplace service page & take a step towards smart restaurant management solutions! For more restaurant industry updates, follow us on Instagram!

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