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3 Profitable Reasons For Restaurants To Invest In a CRM Tool

The restaurant businesses have always been customer-centric. In the situation before the adoption of CRM tools, keeping track of customers and their information was a very cumbersome task. But now, thanks to the technological advancement and development of AI-based CRM tools, acquiring, processing and managing large volumes of customer data has become simple!

Read this blog to understand a CRM tool and why you should invest in it. 

What is a CRM Tool? 

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a customer information database. Restaurant CRMs are designed to integrate with your existing POS system, loyalty programs, reservation system, etc. Therefore, it helps restaurants organize all aspects of a customer restaurant experience and build their strategy around it.

  • It segments customer information based on different factors, like age, gender, spending capacity, preference, etc., helping you differentiate between customers who spend less than the average billing amount and those who spend more on each visit. 
  • It allows you to track, engage and reward your loyal customers, ensuring that your brand creates a special relationship with every customer. 
  • The comprehensive consumer data that CRM tools generate will help you understand customer trends and drive your marketing strategies. 

All the data collected from the tool can go a long way in improving your overall restaurant operations. Keep reading to know how!

A CRM tool helps restaurants organize all aspects of a customer restaurant experience. Know more.
A CRM tool stores notable dates of your customers, so you can wish them their birthdays and anniversaries with a special discount. Send customized messages to your customers from Petpooja’s Dashboard

3 Reasons Why Your Restaurants Must Invest in a CRM Tool

CRM tools can be a bit expensive. But if you are wondering whether or not this tool will add value to your customer’s experience and increase your profit, then keep ready because this blog will answer all your questions!

1. More Sales!

First and foremost, a CRM tool is a fantastic way to increase your restaurant sales. 

  • A CRM tool gives you a clear picture of your customer’s buying behaviour, including how much money each customer is spending and how often. 
  • You will get information about your customers’ buying history on the billing screen, helping you make suitable suggestions and a chance to upsell and cross-sell.  
  • Once you have customized information about your customers’ spending habits, preferences, and important dates, you can tailor your marketing efforts to create a more personalized experience. Personalized marketing and suggestions will lead to increased sales for your restaurant. 
  • Moreover, as a CRM tool tells you all about current customer preferences, you get better insights into present market trends around you. The data is valuable to understand how you can elevate your customer experience either by upselling your products or by cross-selling it! 
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Interestingly, CRM for restaurants can also note food allergies and preferences so your customers can have a safe restaurant experience. 

Upselling means encouraging customers to buy a higher-end item than the one they are considering, while cross-selling means suggesting they purchase complimentary items alongside their order.

2. Boost Customer Loyalty

Do you know that a 5% increase in repeat customers can increase restaurant revenue to 95%? Investing in a CRM tool is a great way to improve restaurant customer loyalty.  

  • Customer loyalty programs are crucial to increasing customer loyalty in restaurants. A customer loyalty program is a marketing technique to recognize your regular customers and reward them with benefits. 
  • Integrate the loyalty programs with your CRM tool to make the entire process smoother. A CRM tool can also help you run customized loyalty programs based on customer preferences. 

A thoughtfully designed loyalty program can do wonders for your sales. It increases customer retention and entices them to keep coming back to you. 

3. Get Customer Feedback

Customer feedback helps you understand your customer demographic and drive your marketing strategies in a better way. You can integrate your customer feedback form with your CRM tool. The CRM tool also suggests a variety of questions you can ask your customers in the form

  • You can collect feedback from your customers through SMS-link, QR-code, or an app on mobile. 
  • Gathering customer feedback is crucial to know how your restaurant performs and recognizing improvement areas. 
  • The massive data you collect will help you make critical decisions and improve customer service and the restaurant experience.
What does a restaurant CRM do, and how can it help you?
Personalized messages can make your customers feel valued, creating a feeling of loyalty in them. You can send personalized texts and emails to your customers, encouraging repeat visits.

Investing in an exemplary restaurant POS with an in-built CRM system can go a long way in putting you ahead in the game! 

Want a perfect POS-based CRM system for your restaurant? Petpooja’s CRM allows you to track, engage and reward your loyal customers, ensuring that your brand creates a special relationship with every customer. The POS performs the following functions for you, amongst many others! 

  • automatically syncs all useful customer information captured on the POS to the cloud, 
  • accesses your customer’s order history right on the billing screen to give you additional information to deliver a personalized experience to the customer, and 
  • sends customized SMS to engage your customers
Why should you invest in a restaurant CRM tool?

A CRM tool is the most valuable weapon in your marketing endeavours. It provides information about current customer trends, helping you tailor your marketing strategy. You can also run targeted marketing campaigns, as the tool will present valuable individual customer information. 

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