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8 Profitable Reasons To Give Free Samples of Food!

We know how you feel about giving away free samples. It’s never easy to for businesses give products away for free when we know how much time, money, and effort went into creating them. But what if we told you that the free samples actually generate far more revenue than the cost of providing them for free? Sounds impossible? Keep reading to find out how!

According to Eventeem, 65% of the consumers in attendance purchased the product on exhibit to try it out. When asked why they bought the goods, 78% indicated they enjoyed the fact that they could try them before purchasing them. 58% of those polled said they would buy it again on their next visit. These stats demonstrate how to sample marketing can help with customer retention.

You will be surprised to know that increase in sales is not the only benefit of product sampling. There are many more: 

Why You Should Be Giving Out Free Food Samples?

1. Increases Brand Awareness

This is especially important for companies that might not be as well recognised by consumers or that might face competition from well-known household names. Consider that your brand of bakery items is new or unique and that a reputable supermarket or food retailer sells your items.

Customers are unlikely to think of your brand when they are looking for a bakery item because they have a variety of well-known options to pick from. If consumers, however, like the flavour of your samples, you are replacing their favourite bakery brand with yours and giving your product a competitive edge against well-known and once renowned companies. Giving out food samples will help you get recognised by a larger audience than you were previously.

2. Builds A Connection With Customers

When you give away a free sample of your food product, your customers realise that you want them to buy it so much that you are prepared to give it away for free at first. They will feel obligated to taste it even if they are full, and they will remember you because you provided them free food. People recall products with which they have had some interaction rather than those shown on billboards or commercials.

3. Reciprocity Can Do Wonders

You know how sometimes a random stranger would help you with anything on the street and then walk away without asking for anything in return? Then you have this uncontrollable desire to repay the favour in any way possible. Yes, this is how our desire to reciprocate works.

When you give your consumers free samples, they will feel guilty if they cannot repay you or do something nice for you in return. This emotion will compel customers to buy the product helping you in increasing sales. Start giving food samples to people and watch the magic happen.

Free samples draw large crowds to restaurants because they allow customers to experience a dish before purchasing it.
You can also keep your beverages and unique cocktail mixes as free samples.

4. Increases Repeat Sales

You already know that product sampling boosts sales. Additionally, this has an impact on retaining customers. Customers will trust you with its quality because you provided them with the chance to test it out before they buy it, which will encourage them to buy more from you in the future.

5. Helps Get Honest Feedback

People will forget to complete a feedback form delivered to them via SMS or even when a staff member personally requests it. However, by doing product sampling of your product, you will undoubtedly attract more clients and receive a large amount of honest and in-depth feedback for a new product you intend to market & sell. 

6. Creates A Buzz

Everyone enjoys a free sample, and by providing one, you immediately generate interest and enthusiasm. Samples are a fantastic way to generate interest in something novel and distinctive. Consider developing a unique energy drink with different types of components that are unmatched in the beverage industry.

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With the help of your product sampling campaign, you may raise awareness of this fact by selling the product’s uniqueness while letting consumers experience it and make their own judgments.

People are excited when they get free samples of food!
Free samples are the best way to get your customers to try out your new products.

7. Helps Spread Awareness About New Products

When it comes to restaurants, as much as people like to explore, they also love to stay loyal to their favourite food spots! This gives restaurants an edge when introducing a new menu or being creative by handing out free samples. These restaurants can leverage their existing client base to help market & sell any new food item, or pre-cooked item.

Providing free food samples allows you to reach out to your clients with new products without forcing them to pay for an experience they may or may not enjoy. You can always make a few tweaks and modify the product if they don’t like it. If they do enjoy it, they will eventually purchase it. Both customers and restaurants benefit from this approach.

A restaurateur checking the data to make changes in his menu.
Get a good POS like Petpooja POS to analyse the data and get timely and simplified reports.

8. Get Customer Data

Customer data is becoming increasingly important in the world of internet businesses and digital marketing. Access to your client’s information can help you in a variety of ways. If you have the data, you may create a newsletter, run email marketing, make personalised discount offers on your customers’ birthdays, and much more.

You can easily gain access to your client’s data by offering them a free food sample in exchange. Leverage this idea to collect user data and harness the power of data analytics and online marketing campaigns to generate more profits.

A sound budget is needed to cover the sample marketing’s initial expenses. Before being taken in by the advantages of this strategy and spending it all at once, take into account your marketing budget. Giving away free samples can undoubtedly help you break into the market and start making money if done properly.

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