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Do I Need A POS For My Bakery?

The COVID pandemic has contributed to a sharp rise in the baking industry, owing primarily to the fact that a lot of home-bakers have emerged in recent times.

This puts the bakery and patisserie industry at a forefront to compete with other major players like- restaurants, cafes, cloud kitchens, bars, etc.

So, it becomes important that bakery stores also reach at par in terms of customer service and business management, like their counterparts.

Technological innovations and smart solutions can be your knight in shining armour.
And the knight’s name is- Bakery POS.

Let the Bakery POS handle all your operational hassles
while you create magic in your ovens.

A fast billing mechanism, a coherent inventory management process, efficient reports to study your sales, and a single screen to manage all your online orders, these are some of the key technologies that can help your bakery business to grow more.

All of these features and many more are what make a good Point-of-Sale (POS) software for your bakery.

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Here are some key features that your Bakery POS should definitely have:

1. Inventory & Stock Management

Bakery items and ingredients generally are perishable and do not have a longer shelf life.

To serve your customers with the best sweet delights you have to make sure that your supplies are always fresh and in stock. Because you have a lot of things to take care of on a daily basis, if there is an easy-to-use technology which helps in managing your inventory and gives you alerts for stock depletion, then that is like a god-sent savior for your woes.

A good inventory management module also keeps tab of your raw material costs and helps you track them. You can easily see which ingredients and dishes are more popular among your audience.

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2. Online Ordering Integrations

If you are a small bakery studio or a home-operated pastry chef, then online orders are your main revenue source. Choose a POS which allows you to integrate with all or any food ordering aggregator platforms and also offers a seamless experience in managing those orders.

In a good POS system, you don’t have to juggle between multiple dashboards or devices to manage your orders. Everything can be controlled from a single screen very smoothly.

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3. Supports Offline Mode

Suppose your internet is down or the WiFi is giving you troubles,
nevertheless, you wouldn’t want to make your customers wait for their orders.

For these situations, you have to ensure to select a cloud-based POS software. The cloud-based POS efficiently supports offline mode, and gives you further flexibility in managing your bakery business.

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4. Manage Advance Orders

Generally the big birthday cakes or dessert orders for large events are placed in advance for the celebratory day.

Your bakery POS should be so technologically adept that you can accept and schedule such orders with reminders. The POS system will remind you of the due order at a pre-set time before the scheduled dispatch, ensuring that you have ample time to add the finishing touches!

5. Website Ordering

Getting hurt by third-party aggregator commissions?
Finding it difficult to manage seasonal and special menu items on aggregators?

Only a few POS providers offer this special and immensely helpful feature. They create a website for your bakery brand. You can directly take customer orders from there, launch unique deals and discounts, and connect more personally with your customers.

Furthermore, you can use marketing services like SMS and Feedback to engage with your customers more. Such practices increase your brand awareness and also make the customers revisit your bakery store more often.

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If you are confused on which POS to buy for your bakery?
or your current POS doesn’t have all the above mentioned features?
then take a free demo of Petpooja POS and experience the best bakery management system.

Petpooja is India’s no.1 popular restaurant POS software, trusted and used by more than 25,000 restaurants across India and UAE.

Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani is a growth marketer & content writer at Petpooja. He believes in healthy food, healthy mind but has a soft spot for cocktails and desserts!


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