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A Brief Checklist Of Every Equipment Your Need For Your Own Pizza Outlet

Ah! Pizza. Man’s best invention. But making a pizza is more difficult than finishing an entire pizza pie on a Saturday night. If you have an undying love for pizza, and a secret sauce recipe, then you are on the route of starting your own pizzeria. And for opening the best pizza house, you will need some special equipment. Don’t worry; you won’t have to scroll through amazon to find them because we have made a pizzeria equipment list for you!  

From the back to the front of the house, you should have all the equipment needed for all and any operations and demands of your menu and operation. We’ve put together a shopping list of these essential pieces of pizzeria equipment, tools, and supplies to help you get started.

A List Of Must-Have Pizzeria Equipment To Simplify Your Life

1. The Dough Mixer 

The first pizzeria equipment you need is a dough mixer. Commercial dough mixers are designed to provide your pizzeria with a regular supply of dough and other essential ingredients. These mixers are made of robust stainless steel and are designed for the effective and appropriate mixing of bulk items.

They come preinstalled with large mixing bowls, various utensils, and attachments for holding and kneading large dough batches.

The ideal unit for your business will be the determining basis of your needs and demands. Heavy-duty dough mixers will be ideal for eateries that offer hundreds of customers a pizza-heavy menu.

There are two types of mixers to choose from: spiral and planetary, each with distinct advantages that we will discuss in depth below. Depending on the ingredients you’ll be using and the needs of your everyday operations, you may only require one or both.

One-stop check list for all pizzeria equipment
A dough mixer is the foundation of your pizzas

2. Commercial Pizzeria Oven 

A pizzeria cannot exist without commercial pizza ovens. The correct oven will help speed up your staff’s performance and output of your operation. 

Deck ovens, conveyors, and brick ovens are the most often utilized pizzeria equipment. Your decision will be based on the volume and pace you plan to operate and the type of pizza you intend to serve.

Conveyor ovens cook faster than other types of ovens. To become a trendy pizza shop, use brick and deck ovens, which will require a certain level of ability and technical knowledge of the cooking process on the operator’s side.

While most of this pizzeria equipment is designed for pizza preparation, they give a lot of versatility to the process.

3. The Prep Tables

What is the one pizzeria equipment you cannot miss? The assembly table, of course! Commercial pizza preparation tables integrate storage and prep area in one handy location for a faster pizza assembly procedure. The top and bottom compartments of these units are chilled.

Standard top pizza prep tables can hold 6 to 24 stainless steel 13-sized food pans with a depth of 6 to 8″ in two rows. Mega top units often feature a greater pan storage capacity with two or three-row configurations, making them ideal for pizzerias with extensive toppings.

Pizza prep tables include a large cutting board close to the chilled pans so your chef can easily reach the required items. Solid insulated hoods are placed to cover the pans when not in use. For eateries that provide made-to-order pizzas, glass lids are also available.

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These prep tables’ refrigerator bases typically contain a single portion or up to four separate sections. Doors, drawers, and a combination of the two are also available.

Size and capacities for pizza prep tables vary. Determine the maximum volume of pizza for your operation as well as the kind of toppings you will offer to find the right configuration of pizza prep table for your pizzeria. 

A list of must-have pizzeria equipment list

4. The Dough Box 

Once you have made the dough, you need to keep it in a clean and dry place. This is where your dough boxes come into the pictures. Dough boxes provide a sanitary environment to proof your dough and allow it to rise by achieving the necessary humidity for fermentation.

Dough boxes can hold numerous dough balls, but dough pans only hold one. These objects are available in various materials, with fibreglass and plastic being the most popular and valuable. Sheet pans are preferred by some pizzerias.

Lids help to keep the dough fresh and enable easy storage, while dollies and racks let you transfer big quantities to a busy kitchen. Dough scrapers are also required to remove the dough from the surface.

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5. Walk In Freezer 

Walk-in coolers and freezers serve as the central and organised cold storage—the initial halt for your products before they are transported to regular reach-ins from which your workers may readily acquire them. 

They are efficient pizzeria equipment for a business that receives significant food supply delivery. These units can be integrated into your kitchen or prefabricated. 

Built-in walk-ins are custom-designed to meet the needs of your pizza. In contrast, prefabricated units come in predetermined proportions that you can add to your kitchen and eventually change as your pizzeria grows.

Walk-ins can be positioned both inside and outside of your building. A self-contained refrigeration system is an option for indoor units. The compressor is positioned on the side or the top of these versions. Your choice is determined by your available space and the surroundings in your kitchen.

6. Pizza Racks 

Once your pizzas are prepared, they must rest before being cooked. Regardless of the size of your pizza ovens, it’s unlikely that every pizza you prepare will be able to go directly in. So, pizza racks are vital pizzeria equipment since they assume you’ll get busier and need somewhere to let the pies build up.

You cannot store all your pizzas in a refrigerator. A spacious pizza rack closer to the oven will benefit smooth management.

You can also opt for a wheel rack if you have a smaller kitchen. You will only need to bring it out when your pizzeria has larger orders.

pizza shop equipment for sale
Buy multiple racks to meet the demands of the orders

If you are not a dine-in pizzeria, a smaller rack would also be sufficient, keeping in mind the number of online delivery orders your business needs to fulfil in a day. 

Apart from this list, other essential pizzeria equipment includes the proper cutlery, display case, sinks, and a first aid kit; once you have this all in place, your pizzeria will be ready to serve. Remember the quality while purchasing pizzeria equipment because you want something long-lasting and robust.

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