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Petpooja’s Covid-19 toolkit: Technology to battle the virus

Unlock 1.0 is upon us and restaurants are restarting after a long-drawn lockdown. Customers are battling between the fear of infection and the yearning for restaurant food. Restaurants are also battling between keeping their business alive, trying to get staff back from their hometowns and making their customers feel safe. However, the onset of Covid has accelerated the need for new technology to face problems Restaurants have never faced earlier.

At Petpooja, we have developed and deployed a number of tools and solutions that would go a long way to:

  • Reduce Human Interaction
  • Reduce Human labour
  • Avoid crowding outside restaurants
  • Facilitate delivery of food

Our toolkit involves a number of marketplace services that work seamlessly with Petpooja’s Billing and Restaurant Management Software to get you back to full speed!

Website and Online Ordering Widget

Petpooja’s Website and Online Ordering Widget is a combo that will allow your customers to find and engage with your brand online as well as place their delivery and take-away orders.

Restaurant Website:

The process of making a website is generally cumbersome. You have to find a development agency who will sit with you and iterate over a couple of months and at a cost upwards of Rs 20,000.

With Petpooja, however, this isn’t the case. You can get beautifully designed websites in Rs 5,000 up and running in one week. We have a number of templates that you can choose from and customize them to suit your brand. The website allows you to:

  • Allow your customers to find your brand on search rather then directing them to aggregators
  • Run special discounts
  • Promote any events taking place at your venue
  • Browse your menu beforehand with all the bells and whistles (Zomato,Swiggy menus are mostly text and don’t have that rich look and feel of a menu with images and add-ons etc)

We have made over 200 websites for our clients, click on the images to see for yourself!

cheap inexpensive restaurant website by petpooja

Online Ordering Widget (OOW)

Petpooja’s Online Ordering Widget is your brand’s own online ordering solution. You can pair it with the website by placing an order now button in the website or you can have a standalone widget without a website. While the website allows you to promote your brand online, the actual ordering and transaction takes place on the widget.

Restaurant aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy charge over 25% commission. However with Petpooja’s OOW, you can provide your loyal customers with your own web portal to order from. Integrated with Petpooja POS software, The OOW can be activated within 30 minutes using your existing menu. Our OOW module is currently free for a month for all our merchants and costs Rs 5200 per year thereafter.

Benefits of using OOW:

  • Retain your customer data unlike on Zomato and Swiggy
  • Don’t pay huge commissions to aggregators
  • Payment Gateway integrated
  • All orders from OOW land on the PoS
  • Manage your online menu from the PoS itself
  • Entice your customers with beautiful images
  • Run custom discounts only for your OOW
  • Maintain a consistent brand experience

Token Management

Petpooja’s token is an app for a TV mounted outside the restaurant which allows delivery executives to know the status of their pickup, integrated with Petpooja PoS and Restaurant Management Platform. The app contains important information related to all online orders (from your own website, Swiggy, Zomato or Dunzo) like the status of food preparation, whether it is ready for pickup and the OTP the rider needs to enter in his app.

screen Token - petpooja
How a token screen would be mounted outside a restaurant. Any delivery executives can know the status of their order by checking their order number on the TV.

For the past 2 years, delivery has played an ever increasing role in a restaurant’s business. Even more so with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Delivery executives, keen to deliver their orders as fast as they can, keep pestering restaurant staff “Mera order ready hua kya?”. This annoys the staff as well as your diners. But in today’s times, it also increases your staff’s and diner’s exposure to delivery riders, carrying with it an increased risk of infection.

Detailed view of the Token Management Screen

When you have the token management system, delivery executives can stand outside the restaurant and only enter when their parcel is ready to be picked up.

  • Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo and Petpooja OOW orders displayed
  • OTP for delivery aggregators on screen itself
  • Clear colour coding as well as order preparation status
  • Food can be marked ready from PoS, KDS or Petpooja’s app
  • Supports large order volumes with auto-scroll functionality
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The Petpooja Token Management app costs Rs 4400 per year. The setup also requires a Xiaomi Android TV which can be bought from the MI website or from amazon.

Scan & Order: QR-code based ordering system

Petpooja’s Scan & Order allows your diners to order using a QR-code scanner using their own device. The QR-codes can be placed outside the restaurant for takeaway orders, at the counter for QSRs and on each table for full-service restaurants.

When a customer walks in, they can scan the QR-code using any QR-code reader app (inbuilt in most camera apps). They will be taken to a website where the entire restaurant’s menu will be visible. The customer can add items to their cart and complete the payment online. All orders directly land in the kitchen as a KOT and the bill can also be sent electronically.

scan & order - petpooja

In the Coronavirus crisis, it serves two purposes. First, it reduces the interaction between your diners and wait staff. This not only reduces chances of human to human transmission but also reduces staff requirement considering that a lot of migrant workers, who power the industry, have gone back to their hometowns. Secondly, it reduces the use of shared assets like menu cards and exchange of cash further reducing contact transmission.

Should you choose to go with QR-code systems from other players, Petpooja is already integrated with QR-code ordering systems from PayTM, GooglePay and DineOut with more integrations in the pipeline. Just as with Scan & Order, you can manage the menu and get automatically printed KOTs in the kitchen with these integrations as well. If you want to read in more depth about QR-code ordering landscape, I would point you to another one of our articles “Contactless Dining in India: A Deep Dive

Queue Management

With new guidelines in place about social distancing norms, and the impact it has on the seating capacity in restaurants, it becomes even more imperative to carry out table assignment in an orderly fashion. Petpooja’s Queue Management helps with just that. The Queue management app allows your staff to record customer details at the gate and let them know of their number in the queue via SMS.

queue no reservations
This is a nightmare scenario with respect to Covid – diners standing close together waiting for their spot

With the queue management app, once registered, customers can either stand farther apart or go back to their vehicles when waiting for a table. Once their table is ready, they will receive an SMS informing them of their reservation. Anxious diners can also check their place in the queue as and when they want.

  • Diner registration with contact info collected at the gate
  • SMS to customer upon registration where they can check status in queue
  • SMS to customer when their table is ready
  • No-show customers can be place on Hold
  • Table assignment from the queue management app itself

The queue management app costs Rs 4400 per year and is fully integrated with Petpooja Restaurant Management Software.

We have tonnes of services apart from the above mentioned ones which may be useful to you in running your restaurant. All these marketplace services are integrated with Petpooja’s PoS and admin dashboard allowing them to act as a unified interface for all your restaurant operation needs. Covid-19 has catapulted the need to adopt new technology to survive and thrive. With Petpooja, you have a long-term partner who will power you through thick and thin!

Shaival Desai
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