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Petpooja Introduces Green Receipt For Restaurants

We often hear people around us talking about
saving the environment and being eco-friendly.
Most of the customers coming to your restaurant also feel the same way.

Increasing use of paper for printing currency and customer bills is a major threat to the environment.
But with the advances in technology now we are moving to the age of digitalization.

Just like digital payments, you can now also reduce the use of paper in printing your restaurant bills by sending the bills to your customers directly on their phone via sms/email/whatsapp.

Petpooja has now enabled our restaurant partners to integrate the services of Green Receipt by BuyBot with their POS.

green receipt

Apart from being environment-friendly, it also has one more major advantage: getting authentic customer data.

This gives your restaurant a chance to grow sustainably and establish better customer relations with your target audience. 

This means more loyal customers, and more higher profits!

Benefits of Green Receipt:

1. Make your restaurant environment friendly

People love seeing those businesses which think and take the right steps to save the environment. Today’s generation wants to visit such restaurants and cafes which provide them memorable customer service, and green receipts can play an important role in this.

save environment

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2. Get real customer data and build your CRM

The biggest problem faced by restaurants in the current industry is that they are not able to collect customer data like name, contact number, etc, from Swiggy or Zomato.

Restaurants miss out on a huge opportunity of re-targeting their customers and winning their loyalty. With Green Receipt, you will get the Whatsapp number of all your customers to send them their food bill.

You can then use this customer information and contact number for marketing your restaurant . Send them your special offers, discount deals, event invites, etc, to make them visit your restaurant again.

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customer data

3. Customers prefer Whatsapp over SMS

Nowadays, no one checks their text messages and customers will prefer to get their restaurant bills on Whatsapp. This guarantees easy accessibility to their bills as the green receipt service by BuyBot creates a dashboard for the customers, of all their paid bills in one place.

Along with the bill, you can also send feedback form to your customers and know about their experience in your restaurant.


Green Receipt integration is completely free on Petpooja.
You can enable the Green Receipt service from Petpooja Marketplace by easily registering your restaurant on the Customer Communication window on your POS.

To know more about this service or to start your green receipts, contact us at support@petpooja.com

Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani is a growth marketer & content writer at Petpooja. He believes in healthy food, healthy mind but has a soft spot for cocktails and desserts!


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