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Petpooja Features To Boost Your Restaurant Sales

The restaurant industry in India experiences cut-throat competition nowadays.

The old-age tradition of serving your customers good food is not enough to make you the best restaurant in your city anymore. Helpful customer interaction, quick service, innovative technological solutions, brand building, and rewarding your customers, are some more key aspects that affect your business in the current times.

So, apart from giving all the basic billing and management features in our POS to optimise your restaurant operations, Petpooja has also curated special features which can help you amplify your sales and improve your restaurant’s customer experience.

1. Website and Online Ordering Widget (OOW)

Your customers should recognise and remember your restaurant brand!

This is possible by establishing a personalised connection between your brand and your customers. Creating your brand’s own website gives you that advantage and also helps you build a credible long-term brand image.

With Petpooja’s Website+OOW service, you can develop a beautiful and dynamic website such that customers can order directly from your outlet, without any hassle. This means that no more paying hefty commissions to other online aggregators, like Zomato, Swiggy, etc.

You can easily make menu changes and manage customer orders from your website on the Petpooja POS, without having to juggle between multiple devices. You can also get important customer information through your website orders, which can help you in 


  • Create your Website under 30 minutes
  • Accept online orders directly from your PoS
  • Website Menu managed from PoS
  • Integrated Payments for orders from the website
  • Store data like customer’s name, address, last order, etc to increase your customer database
  • Online Ordering Widget (OOW) configured on your website
  • Google Analytics Integration with your website to give customer behaviour reports

2. Loyalty Program and Virtual Wallet

The secret formula of ensuring that customers keep visiting your restaurant is to make them feel special and valued.

Petpooja’s Loyalty & Wallet is a customer wallet service that lets you allocate loyalty points to your customers based on their purchases. Later on, customers can utilise these reward points to make purchases or avail discounts at your restaurant.

Customers can also top-up their wallets in advance so that they can easily pay digitally during their future visits to your restaurant. This ensures that customers will re-visit your restaurant and they get the benefit of some extra balance on their card for this pre-recharge.
Eg: Customers can pre-recharge their wallets for Rs 1000 and get the balance of Rs 1500 

The complete functioning of the loyalty system is controlled directly from the POS, and the reports are available right on the dashboard, allowing you to get a complete picture of your repeat customers.

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  • Defined Cashback/Loyalty point allocation
  • Set Loyalty point expiry period
  • Customer can top-up their wallets using multiple modes (Cash/Card/UPI)
  • Point allocation and redemption from POS using OTP
  • Monitor Wallet balances and usage on Petpooja’s Dashboard
petpooja wallet

3. Feedback

Customer is the King

And you should always listen to the king because their feedback can impact your sales.

With Petpooja Feedback App and SMS combo, you can take feedback in an easy and non-intrusive way from your customers. The motivating compliments or helpful suggestions, feedback generally motivates you to work even harder and also the customer feels valued that you respect their opinion.

Petpooja’s Feedback Service allows you to take feedback from all your customers using either:

1. An app installed on a tablet for taking feedback from dine-in customers

2. A SMS link sent to the customers, where they can give feedback at their leisure

3. A Scan-and-feedback feature for quicker accessibility

The app or scan-feedback feature allows you to take on-spot feedback from dine-in customers while the SMS link allows you to take feedback from customers at their own leisure, and also from your takeaway and online delivery customers.


  • Customizable questions and fields
  • Collect customer details including birthday, anniversary, etc.
  • App works on any android device
  • Automated SMS with feedback link sent to customers
  • Collect NPS (Net Promoter Score)

4. SMS

A great customer experience is not limited to just your food services
but also depends on how you engage with your audience.

Send personalized SMS to your customers with the latest offers, menu updates, event invites and congratulatory wishes on any occasion.

With Petpooja’s SMS service, you can directly send SMS from the POS dashboard with your own brand name. No more juggling between multiple dashboards; for downloading details, filtering them and then uploading it again.


  • Send SMS directly from the Petpooja Dashboard
  • Filter customers based on multiple parameters
  • Get customized Sender ID (eg PPOOJA for Petpooja)
  • Create and store templates for reuse
  • Multiple pack sizes are available depending on your usage
  • Share discount codes, latest offers, new menu additions, etc.
  • Send good wishes to your customers on their birthdays or on any festival
sms service

These services have been tried, applauded and are widely used by our various clients.
So, it’s now time for you to get the advantage of being better than your competitors and upscale your business using Petpooja Marketplace services.

If you want to know more about any service or want a free demo,
kindly reach out to us at services@petpooja.com

Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani is a growth marketer & content writer at Petpooja. He believes in healthy food, healthy mind but has a soft spot for cocktails and desserts!



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