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Petpooja Add-ons To Improve Your Customer Service

Do you know what is the no. 1 strategy to be successful in the restaurant industry?

To be better than your competitors and set a benchmark!

How to achieve this?

Well, that’s very simple. Offer your customers something that no other restaurant can.

Whether it be delicious food, aesthetic ambience, or extraordinary customer service.
While most restaurants always take care of the first 2 factors, but they miss out on customer service – the most important factor.

So, Petpooja brings to you some great add-on features that help you improve your customer service and also makes you stand out from your competition. These Petpooja Marketplace services can be your secret hack to grow your business and profits effectively.

1. Captain App

Captain App is your restaurant’s savior!

The process of taking orders manually is very hectic. The servers always have to carry a pen and paper, run across the restaurants to take orders, generate KOTs, and much more. In this manual back and forth, some items might get missed when printing the KOTs, leading to angry customers.

Petpooja’s Captain App takes care of all these problems.

The server can take orders directly at the table on the Captain App and the KOT is sent to the kitchen automatically. Also, when a customer wants to pay, the Captain App is equipped with all payment modes, allowing them to take payments at the table.


  • Multiple devices work in sync with each other and the POS
  • Supports offline architecture (works without internet)
  • AI-based food recommendation engine
  • UPI and wallet payments
  • Works on any Android phone
  • Contact-less Card Payments on a single tap (under Rs 5000)
petpooja captain app

2. Waiter Calling System

“Bhaiya”, “Boss”, “Excuse Me”

In the peak rush hours, calling the attention of a waiter can get very difficult. Also, such constant shouts could annoy fellow diners.  

The Waiter Calling System (WCS) will make sure that your restaurant maintains its peaceful vibe, and not turn into a sabzi mandi.

Petpooja’s Waiter Calling System is a small and stylish hardware device kept on customers’ tables. The WCS transmitter has 3 buttons – Waiter, Bill and Water. Customers can request for any of the 3, at the push of a button. The wireless WCS Receiver notifies the PoS and Captain App, allowing a nearby waiter to pick up the task.

With WCS, the waiter already knows if the customer needs water or bill, and hence, saves the time of going to the table just for asking. 


  • Integrated with PoS and Captain App
  • Rechargeable Transmitter with 15 day battery life
  • Durable and sturdy device body, drop-tested.
  • 20m Line of Sight Range 
  • Different coloured light enabled for each function
waiter calling device

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3. Token Management

Remember how easy it is to see the status of your flights at the airport?

Delivery executives are generally in a lot of hurry and keep coming up to the billing desk to ask if their order is ready. This causes a disturbance to the diners and also interrupts your staff’s workflow.

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Token Management System is an Android app that runs on a screen mounted outside your restaurant. With this, delivery executives and take-away customers can know the live status of their orders directly on a screen, without having to repeatedly ask your staff or crowd your manager.


  • Live-order status for Delivery and Take-away orders
  • Zomato and Swiggy OTP for delivery executive to check-in
  • Mark food ready from PoS or KDS
  • Can be installed anywhere
petpooja token management

4. Kitchen Display System (KDS)

It’s time you move on from messy paper KOTs

Petpooja’s Kitchen Display System (KDS) consists of a screen mounted in the kitchen that allows you to view KOTs digitally and aggregate items from different KOTs to speed up preparation time.

Paper KOTs can get misplaced leading to order delays or confusion in the kitchen. Also, paper KOTs face the problem of sequential orders even of the same item types.

Petpooja’s KDS cuts through this clutter. Say you have 3 KOTs – each having one portion of Alfredo pasta. With the KDS, an aggregated item list is presented, allowing you to make all the 3 portions simultaneously. This reduces the preparation time for the same type of orders.


  • Works on Android and Windows
  • Displays individual KOTs and aggregated item list
  • Mark food ready directly from KDS
  • Eliminates the chaotic paper KOTs
  • Significantly increases kitchen productivity
kitchen display system

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5. Online Order Reconciliation

 Want to know your overall profits from Zomato and Swiggy?

Online Order Reconciliation is a report that allows you to upload your Swiggy / Zomato payout reports on Petpooja. This gives you a complete picture of your commissions, discounts, cancellations and any pending order payouts.

This report presents you with the real cost of operating on online delivery aggregators. It also gives you complete details on any payout discrepancies, order cancellations, profits from your discount codes, etc.


  • Tally the Matched and Unmatched Orders
  • Find Net effective commission
  • Auto-upload of payout reports
  • Cancelled order payout reconciliation
reconciliation report

These Petpooja add-on features help in upgrading your customer service and make your restaurant operations much easier.

Many Petpooja restaurant partners are using these services and are enjoying immense success in upgrading their staff’s work efficiency.
So, try out these services today, and let us know which one is the game-changer for your restaurant.

If you want to know more about any service or want a free demo, kindly reach out to us at services@petpooja.com or leave a comment below.

Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani
Himanshu Rupani is a growth marketer & content writer at Petpooja. He believes in healthy food, healthy mind but has a soft spot for cocktails and desserts!


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