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6 Step Guide To Opening The Best Bar In India

Bars are establishments primarily serving alcohol with limited food menus offering items like fries, nachos, and burgers. They offer a wide selection of liquor. People generally visit bars at the end of the day to unwind and relax. Opening a bar in India can be highly profitable once it kicks off.

Bars have served as origin points of significant cultural events like the American Revolution and the Stonewall Riots throughout history. Over the years, they have developed into places where people come to hang out together for a lovely time. India is no more an exception to this bar culture. Opening a bar comes with several tasks and challenges. This blog discusses things you need to know and consider before opening a bar in India.

Here Are All The Steps To Open A Perfect Bar In India

1. Solid Business Plan

Any business you plan to set up requires a solid business plan, and so does opening a bar. You can choose from multiple bar settings to set up your establishment. Each bar type requires a different bar set-up, management style, budget etc.

Different types of bar styles include:

a. Sports bars where people come to drink and watch games.

b. Music bars where people come to enjoy music and drinks.

c. Restaurant bars where you serve alcohol and a proper dine-in menu.

d. Outdoor bars with well-lit open spaces serving alcohol.

It would be best to decide the bar type you want to choose based on your interest and comfort. Based on the style you choose for opening a bar, you will have to design a business plan that is detailed and comprehensive with industry analysis, operations plan, financial analysis and marketing plan.

2. Perfect Location

Like any other restaurant business, you need to find the perfect location for opening a bar. Choosing the right place for your bar can be critical in inviting new customers to your establishment and setting up a customer base. It is crucial to consider a suitable area for opening a bar where people are used to the bar culture.

You can open a bar near a corporate park as working people like relaxing after work hours. Moreover, finding the perfect location based on the locality is not enough; you need to be mindful that your space can hold the vision you have for your bar and has necessary parking space, outdoor and indoor spaces.

Customers having a nice time in a bar - opening a bar

3. Required Licenses

If you plan to open a bar in India, you must register your business. You can register your business in various ways, like as a partnership firm or a cooperative society. Once you have registered your business, you need to apply for multiple licenses for opening a bar in India.

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A basic license you have to acquire is the liquor license. Moreover, you also need an FSSAI license, music license, eating out license, health & trade license etc. You get a comprehensive picture of the required licenses and permits for opening a restaurant here in our blog

4. Hiring and Training

The quality of any bar and its success depends on the quality of its drinks, dishes, ambience and service it offers. Your staff represents the tone of your establishment. Your staff needs to be reliable and engaging with your customers. Any experienced person in the staff or an expert can train the bar staff in the art of managing the bar. The bar staff can then cross-train each other in handling different roles in the bar.

During the training, it is essential to prioritize the customer experience. Any restaurant needs to train its staff to be courteous and welcoming. However, bar staff need to be specially equipped to handle customers under the influence of alcohol and avoid nuisance. 

trained staff is important for opening a bar.

5. Right Furniture and Equipment

Your furniture and equipment add to the appeal of your restaurant. In addition to the quality of service and taste that you offer, your bar needs to provide comfortable seating and attractive dishes.

For opening a bar, you need to buy bartending equipment like pint glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses, mixing glasses etc. Bartending tools like jiggers, muddlers, cocktail shakers, and can openers are also required in your equipment checklist. 

Furthermore, it would be best to plan your seating arrangements and set the ambience carefully. Each table should have some space and privacy so that people can chill and relax at your bar. 

6. Buzz and Marketing

Once you have checked all the above steps in opening a bar, you need to create a buzz around your bar in the community. Having the right marketing strategy to promote your business is a must to increase your footfall and develop a loyal customer base.

You can promote your bar online on social media platforms, have regular happy hours with an exclusive menu, and organize some events

Variety of liquor brands offered by a bar - opening a bar

We hope this blog helps you in opening a bar in India. You can consider hiring a restaurant consultant to help you with finances, menu engineering, and hiring and training your staff. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for regular restaurant-related updates. 

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Abeera Dubey
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