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7 New Trendy Icecreams That You Need To Try Today!

If you are into icecream business or own an icecream parlour then keeping up with trendy icecreams from around the world is super important.

Icecreams on a hot, sunny day are so rewarding and we all agree to it! But real fans like me and enjoy icecreams in every season for sure. 

Although, icecream is no longer just candies, tubs and cones anymore. There are so many innovations in flavour, method, ingredients, presentation and more. 

Let’s See All The New Trendy Ways Icecreams Have Evolved Around The World

Rolled Icecream

For most people, the idea of rolled-up ice cream strips is fascinating as we have always witnessed icecreams being served in cones, candies, cups or tubs, but in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines, it is a highly popular street dish. 

A combination of cream, milk, sugar, and just much any flavour you can think of is used to make this wonderfully delicious frozen delicacy.

rolled icecream most trendy in india

Dondurma (Turkish Icecream)

Have you ever tried icecream that never melts? 

Well, we have some news for you, Turkish icecream stands have recently become very popular in several Indian cities. This icecream is thick, chewy and above all it’s delicious. Made from Goat milk and Salep, it gives the icecream a unique flavour and scent.

Another essential element for the ice cream’s elastic texture is hand churning. The ice cream’s intense churning and stretching activate the Salep and give it a unique texture.

However, the best part of having Turkish icecream is when the vendors are dressed in traditional Turkish attire, ringing a bell and playing fun tricks with the customers. 

Dondurma trendy turkish icecreams

Frozen Custard Icecream

This special treat is created by adding egg yolks to the icecream batter to keep the icecream cold for a longer period of time and to get that smooth texture. 

This creamy dessert goes comes from Coney Island, Brooklyn, 1919 and is perfect for a sunny afternoon. 

new gelato icecreams trend

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt also known as Froyo has gained tremendous popularity and ranked as the most trendy icecreams around the globe. It’s healthier than icecream without any compromise in the taste.

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This healthier version of soft serve is made from yogurt, ice, and other ingredients depending on the flavours. The frozen yogurt shops usually offer a variety of toppings, from chocolate chips to fruit to nuts or popular cookie brands and candies. 

frozen yogurt best trendy icecreams type


Gelatos come from a world of Italians but are much denser and tasteful than American icecreams. This is due to the fact that it has a higher proportion of milk than cream and is churned more slowly, which results in the incorporation of less air. Moreover, the absence of eggs makes the flavour more potent and pure.

Modern flavours of gelato include raspberry, strawberry, apple, lemon, pineapple, and black raspberry.

gelato trendy icecreams thick and tasty


Sorbets are basically dairy-free icecreams for all lactose intolerant people out there. Sorbets are classic fruit-based frozen delight that is denser and tastes considerably richer than ordinary ice cream. 

This frozen dessert is made from sugar-sweetened water with flavouring – typically fruit juice, fruit purée, wine, liqueur or honey.

The popular, soft-yet-icy texture is achieved by lowering the freezing temperature and adding alcohol to the mix. You can also make this treat without any icecream maker machine. 

Sorbets have recently gained popularity in the world, but people in the UK, France, and Australia have been used to them for quite some time now. 

what is sorbet fruit based  most trendy icecreams of all time


This frozen delicacy is made of water that has been sweetened with sugar, dairy products like cream or milk and various flavouring. 

The flavouring used in these desserts is usually fruit juice, fruit purée, wine, and liqueur, but it can also occasionally be vanilla, chocolate, or a spice like a peppermint. 

Sorbets and Sherbets are nearly the same except for the fact that sherbets include dairy products while sorbets are dairy-free frozen delicacies.

sherbets icecream for summer best

Have your ice cream cravings kicked in yet?

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