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Must Watch Netflix Food Shows For Everyone In 2023

Media and food have an old relationship. From garam chai ki piyali (a cup of hot tea) to Charlie and the chocolate factory are some examples that ring the bell of sweet memories of food in cinema. 

The professional food shows are equally appealing and have created a separate fan base. The best platform that archives some of the best food shows together is Netflix.

Food shows on Netflix brilliantly capture the essence of the traditional as well as the contemporary food scenario. It is an entertaining way for all restaurateurs to educate themselves and their staff.  

Food shows acquaint restaurants with rich cuisines, business models, and with things unknown to them till now. Netflix food shows are a great way to learn about the media portrayal of the food biz and simultaneously stand tall amongst your competitors. It most importantly helps you anticipate what your customers are expecting from your restaurant.

List Of Netlfix Food Shows That Every Restaurateur Needs

1. Restaurant On The Edge

In the show, three professionals a chef, a restaurateur, and a designer embark upon a journey to rescue failing restaurants and transform them for the good. Nick Lebrate, the restaurateur, offers struggling restaurants great management tips. Dennis Prescott, the chef, provides guidance on food and the menu. Karin Bohn, the designer, furnishes the restaurant’s ambiance.

The trio revamps restaurants set in beautiful locations and provides perfect makeovers to restaurants wrestling to move ahead. In one of the initial episodes, the trio refashioned and rescued Habour 16 located in Malta. The restaurant was struggling with dreadful reviews online. With the professional expertise of the trio, Habour 16 was saved. 

Restaurant on the edge received two Canadian Screen Award nominations in the best Lifestyle Program or Series Best Photography in a Lifestyle or Reality Program or Series. Go watch this food show on Netflix and transform your restaurant with top-notch ideas. 

If this makes you wonder what are the things you need to consider before opening a restaurant, check out our blog now!

Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyan | Must Watch Food Shows On Netflix For Everyone In The Restaurant Industry
Chef Ranveer Brar in Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan

2. Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan

The show Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan, first released in 2014 on Epic Channel, is a culinary show that brings together the cuisines of Indian royal heritage and the stories behind them. Beginning from Kashmir to the south coast of India the show narrates the interesting tales of the origins of cuisines prepared in Indian royal houses.

The show 11 episodes show now available on Netflix takes us inside royal kitchens and gives us complete chronicles of a cuisine’s origin, significance, and secret ingredients. Dive into the show to know the preparation of royal dishes and the secret herbs procured locally or imported from abroad. 

Watch this show to give yourself a treat by sneaking into the glamorous Indian palaces and their gilded cuisines! Also find out if your restaurant is serving them in the right way or not.

And if a royal kitchen is not your idea of a perfect restaurant, here are food business ideas with low investment in India.

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3. Down to Earth with Zac Efron

This web documentary features Zac Efron, an American actor, alongside Darin Olien, a fitness expert. The duo goes around the globe in search of finding ways to live a healthy and eco-friendly life. 

They meet top eco-innovators in Iceland, France, Costa Rica, Sardana, Lima, Puerto Rico, London, and Iquitos to rethink our food consumption pattern. In the second season, the duo travels to Australia and connects with climate change activists, to see the devastation caused by 2020 wildfires and the efforts people are making to combat the effects of these disasters.

The show makes you marvel at the wonders of nature and opens up our door to choosing sustainability through innovations in renewable energy. The show chiefly thrives to educate on sustainable practices like eco-villages, eco-conscious cities, environmental footprints, and an underground cooking method from Iceland. 

If you also want to run a sustainable restaurant, try Petpooja for running a sustainable restaurant business.

Street Food Asia on Netflix | Must Watch Food Shows On Netflix For Everyone In 2023
Watch Street Food Asia on Netflix to see culinary innovations blended with the life stories of people.

4. Street Food

Street Food is a documentary that features, as you might have guessed, street food from different continents. It has three volumes, based in Asia, Latin America and USA. The show brings to light the street food chefs and owners and hindsight interviews of the native food experts.

Street Food marvelously draws on empowering stories of women-owned food businesses. It foregrounds the strength and challenges of street food owners and inspires others equally. 

The show not only serves food but the history of the food in its specific location. The episode set in India narrates how Chole Bhature become an integral part of Delhi post-India’s partition in 1947.

Watch these stories on Netflix and get ready to curate your restaurant and its menu!

5. Midnight Asia: Eat Dance Dream

Midnight Asia stirred the perfect excitement with its release in 2021. It typically takes you into the Asian streets at night. The nightscape of Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, Manila, Bangkok, and Tapia comes alive with their food, music, and cultural terrain.

This show brings forth the authenticity of the Asian metropolis in terms of its street food culture, lifestyle, and music. The episode based in Tokyo narrates the story of Dj Sumirock who learned the art of DJing at the age of 77. Dj Sumirock plays Dj at a club after shutting her own family restaurant every night.

The show is filled with captivating stories of mixologists, musicians, rappers, bartenders, chefs, and whatnot. Midnight Asia is the eighth wonder that you must watch to enrich your restaurant. Midnight Asia gives you the right amount of knowledge to take your customers to experience the charismatic environment of the Asian subcontinent at midnight.

The Chef Show on Netflix | Must Watch Food Shows On Netflix For Everyone In 2023
Writer, Director, Actor and food enthusiast from the movie Chef explores food in and out of kitchen along with Chef Roy Choi in The Chef Show.

Some other food shows on Netflix that you might also want to try are Chef’s Table, Best Leftovers Ever, Nadiya’s Time to Eat, The Chef Show, Flavourful Origin, Final Table, and The Big Family Cooking Showdown.

Netflix has caught up with the imagination of its users really well. Keep an eye on the shows to stay tuned with traditional or all sorts of food landscapes with a plate full of entertainment. 

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