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Must-have Key Features For Your Restaurant Website

Having a website has become important is essential for growing your business. A website has multiple benefits. Multiple surveys support the fact that in this digital age, all the customers always Google everything. They look up any and every commodity, business or service that comes their way. Having a digital presence via a website helps create credibility in the market. And so, the search intent of the customer changes if your restaurant website is authorised. The website should have relevant information and a correct representation of the brand.

To reach more customers, many small and large outlets are creating their websites and reaching out to more customers. Along with having a website, it has also become essential for businesses to have active social media accounts. If you too are wondering, how to reach more customers using your website, then keep reading!

Essential Features Of A Restaurant Website

In current times, websites and social media are the faces of any business. They are the first touch points where the customer comes to know or learn about the product or services the business offers. So, it is important that once the customer comes to your website they get all the important information and services to convert them into your regular client.

1. Mobile-Friendly Interface

The majority of the customers coming to your website would be accessing it using their mobile phones. Hence, you need to make sure that your restaurant website and its resolution are compatible with their devices. If your display is not static, pictures that are too big or blurred, and content is wrong or badly arranged it creates a bad image of your brand.

Focusing on creating a mobile-friendly interface for your website is particularly important for the restaurant industry. More and more customers are searching for restaurants online, placing online orders, booking tables or reading/ leaving reviews, a bad website can mislead or increase the website bounce rate. A high bounce rate is when your customer does not stay long on your website but exists quickly. This can be reduced with the help of a well-curated and responsive website.

2. About Your Outlet

Website being the first interaction between the customer and your outlet, should be able to introduce your brand and ideology to the customer. Customers love transparency. You can narrate the story about your growth, the sources of your ingredients, and the vision and mission of the business, it forms a connection with them.

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Other must-add pieces of information on your restaurant website are your opening and closing times, contact details, menu, offers or discounts and pictures of your outlet. A website is a place where you would want to let people know about your ambience and your theme.

restaurant website bridge the gap between customers and businesses | About Your Outlet - Key Features For Your Restaurant Website

3. Online Ordering Feature

There has been a massive boom of online orders thanks to Swiggy and Zomato. Due to these third-party aggregators, more and more outlets have been able to reach customers and expand their businesses. And just like these portals, websites too can be used to take customer orders. With the help of Petpooja’s Online Ordering Widget, you can upload your menu on the website and take orders. This feature helps save the commission charged by the third-party aggregators.

Along with offering meals using the website, the website can also be used for making table reservations. By putting a simple ‘table reservation’ tab on the main screen your customer can book their tables in advance and cut through long waiting queues instantly. This table management can also be integrated with your restaurant POS. This way neither you nor your staff has to keep track of all the reservations, but the POS would automatically remind you!

4. Social Media Integrations

When we talk about digital presence, we are for sure not discounting the power of social media. Your website for sure has integrations to redirect your customers onto your social media. By adding links to your Instagram and Facebook, you can market your business and let your customer know more about your brand. The same applies to your social media account. By adding the link to your website, you can bring more customers to your website’s page.

5. Customer Testimonial

When your customers come to your website to know more about your brand, offer them your loyal customers’ testimonials to create credibility. There is simple customer psychology that works here; if the customer reads good reviews and ratings about your outlet(not just on the website but also on Google, Zomato and Swiggy) they would know and believe that the reviews are authentic and hence would purchase your food.

With the help of restaurant websites, customers can know about businesses. | Customer Testimonials -  Key Features for your restaurant websites

6. Update Your Customers

Alongside social media websites too can be used to update your customers and market about all the new offers, discounts, launches and menu updates. This way, your loyal and your potential customers would know everything new happening at your outlet. Restaurants hosting shows like open mics live music shows and much more events often let the customers book tickets using their websites.

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Ishika Tripathi
Ishika Tripathi
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