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Must-Have Integrations For Managing Your Restaurant!

There has been a surge in technology to assist the Indian F&B retail and food industry to bounce up from the slump of the pandemic. This development has not only helped in bringing the food industry back to its old standard but also, promoted expansion at a prolific rate. There has been an increase in platforms providing affordable third-party technology and integrations to manage and automate the everyday tasks of restaurants. Due to this, the number of outlets around India has increased. The technology has been able to penetrate even the Tier 3 and tier 4 cities. With technology, even the unorganised sector, which holds the largest share, is moving towards being organised.

This is a great time for the restaurants to expand their businesses by connecting to more customers and generating more revenue. But due to the influx of various third parties providing various services, new restaurateurs might get confused and overwhelmed in picking the right one. But worry not, we are here to help you find the integration match for your outlet.

What Are Different Types Of Restaurant Integrations?

If you are a restaurant owner new to the technology of third-party integrations, then you might wonder what are they and how can they facilitate your business. The purpose of these integrations is to automate the regular functions of your restaurants. For any outlet in F&B retail, there are a few essential integrations that are must-haves.

1. Online Ordering Integrations

For every new or old restaurant, online ordering integration is a must-have! Due to the contribution of players like Swiggy and Zomato, there has been a rise in online deliveries even in the remote areas of tier 3 & tier 4 cities of India. As per a report, restaurants have been able to expand their sales by 30-40% through online deliveries. These online ordering integrations help bring more customers to your restaurant and even manage the delivery limiting your role to just preparing and packaging the food.

Apart from the two industry leaders Swizzy and Zomato, there are many such online ordering platforms in the market. Apps such as Yumzy, Peppo, Dunzo, etc. help in managing orders and deliveries. If your restaurant business has many such integrations, then it may occur that your staff would spend a lot of time running about managing orders from multiple tabs. This gets simplified with Petpooja POS online ordering management. The POS displays orders from all these platforms on one screen. With simple clicks, you can accept the orders, generate KOT and mark ‘food ready’ all on one screen!

integrations connect business with the world | Online Order Integrations

2. Online Payment Integrations

Particularly due to covid, there has been an increase in the adoption of online payment channels. To promote touchless & quick payment, many integrations such as Paytm, GooglePay, Phonepay, PineLabs, Razorpay, etc. provide absolute payment solutions. Understanding this drive, even the government has entered and collaborated with national and international businesses to digitalise the payment system of India.

3. Loyalty Wallet Integrations

The restaurant industry has become super competitive. With the entry of automation and new technology every day, more people are entering the business and opening their own outlets. Due to the concentrated market, to retain old customers and convert potential ones, the businesses have adopted customer rewarding techniques. This role was automated and simplified by the loyalty wallet programmes & apps. Apps such as Reelo, Magic Pin, Bingage, #Loyalty, Krigal, PaytmLoyalty, Petpooja Loyalty Wallet etc. help the business owner create their own loyalty programs and point-rate systems for all the customers. This is a revolution in offering customers post-sales services.

4. E-Commerce Integrations

F&B retail also handles many B2B business operations and transactions. Large chains or large-scale restaurants have to interact and work alongside various other brands or businesses to either acquire or sell raw materials, manage accounts, staff hiring and much more. To simplify this, API-led applications have created a network which understands the users’ demands and connects them with the right supplier. Apps such as Jungle Works, Dukaan, Amazon Foods, Radyes, Dotpe, Petpooja Suppliers Hub, etc. bridge the gap between businesses and suppliers. These apps provide platforms where these two parties can learn about products, negotiate terms and buy or sell their products/services. With the help of these apps, the selling and procurement of essentials have been automated.

Third-party integrations assist business expansion. | E-Commerce Integrations

5. CRM Integrations

Due to the rise in competition, restaurants have started marketing and promoting their business personally to every customer. This has been facilitated with the help of CRM integrations. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM data is the data about your customers. Apps providing CRM services keep track of your customers and create a channel of interactions between both parties. Apps such as Gupshup, Dineout, EasyDiner, Whatsapp Business, etc. connect the customers to the business. This could either be to know about offers, book tables or provide reviews/ feedback. Also, as the owner, you can use these apps to push updates about your menu, special offers/ discounts or promote events at your space.

6. Accounting Integrations

For large chains, account integrations simplify account management for all the outlets. With integrations of Tally, SAP & Amazon Web Services, etc. you can keep track of all the finances of your outlet. You can regulate the expenses and manage it all without being physically present there.

Integrations have been the need of the hour for the restaurant industry. They have become the best way for businesses to interact with the outside world, bring more customers and manage the entire restaurant management.

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Ishika Tripathi
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