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Food Delivery Apps That Every Foodie Must Have On Their Phones

Food has the power to instantly make anyone’s day! People attempt to save as much time as they can in their busy lives, and one service that has eliminated stress about cooking meals and saved hundreds of thousands of hours is the on-demand food delivery apps.

Consumers prefer to place orders from the convenience of their couches at home rather than going out to eat with the advent of on-demand meal delivery applications. This is one of the main causes of the enormous growth in the popularity of online food delivery services.

In this article, we provide a detailed list of all the food delivery apps you should have on your phone.

Must-have Indian Food Delivery Apps You Should Download Now!

1. Zomato 

  • Founding year: 2010
  • Founder: Deepinder Goyal 
  • Commission for restaurants: 18 to 25%
  • Partnered restaurants: 1.4 million
  • Presence: 24 countries

One of the market leaders in online food ordering is Zomato. Deepinder Goyal founded it in 2010 after renaming it from the website Foodiebay, a food directory. 

Zomato, one of the most popular online food delivery applications, places the needs of its customers first. Zomato is not only a food delivery app but also offers a restaurant review feature where you can check the menu, ambience, and customer reviews and even book a table at your favourite restaurant.

The software assists the user in finding fine eating establishments, quick takeaways, and table reservations. With its frequent client service, the app has seen growth in the market for online meal delivery services. Since the launch of its IPO, Zomato’s market share has increased multifold.

Which is the No 1 food delivery company in India?
Started in 2010, Zomato is one of the best apps

2. Swiggy

  • Founding year: 2014
  • Founder: Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy
  • Commission for restaurants: 18 to 23%
  • Partnered restaurants: 40k
  • Presence: 300 Cities In India

Launched in 2014, Swiggy was a direct competitor of Zomato, which was the primary player in the market at that time. Today, Swiggy has become well-known for its reliable food delivery services, which made Zomato scramble to catch up. 

The success of Swiggy can be attributed to the creators’ emphasis on developing a user-friendly app. Additionally, Swiggy does not enforce a minimum order requirement, which was an immediate plus for the app. 

The market study for online food delivery service shows that Swiggy delivers items significantly more quickly than its rivals Food Panda, Zomato, and others. Additionally, Swiggy also has features like Genie and Instamart, which provide porter and grocery delivery services. 

In short, if you want anything, Swiggy is your one-stop solution!

Which is best food delivery app?
Swiggy is a holistic platform with porter and grocery delivery features as well

3. EatSure 

  • Founding year: 2020
  • Founder: Rebel Foods
  • Commission for restaurants: Not revealed
  • Partnered restaurants: 4k
  • Presence: 75 Cities In India

Rebel Foods launched EatSure, one of India’s youngest food delivery apps. Customers can place orders from multiple restaurants and cuisines across the board from one place. Whether you are looking for dessert, rolls and warps, biryani or a home-cooked meal, you can get that at amazing offers from one single app!

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This is a feature that most Indian online food delivery services lack; it is more akin to an online food court. Due to the fact that users may order the services without paying delivery fees, it is also one of the most affordable food delivery applications in India.

Which is the best food ordering app in India?
EatSure allows you to place multiple orders from different restaurants at once


  • Founding year: 2014
  • Founder: Kabeer Biswas
  • Commission for restaurants: 15-30%
  • Partnered restaurants: 30k
  • Presence: 9 Cities In India

Dunzo began as a last-mile delivery platform. Customers living in India’s major cities can order groceries, pet supplies, fruits and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, and other necessities through Dunzo.

Recently, Dunzo, the Bengalure-based food delivery app launched a “food court’ feature where people can place multiple orders simultaneously.

cheapest food delivery app in Inia
Dunzo has recently launched a food court feature which enables you to order food online

5. MagicPin 

  • Founding year: 2015
  • Founder: Anshoo Sharma
  • Commission for restaurants: 10 to 12%
  • Partnered restaurants: Not revealed
  • Presence: Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Mumbai

Magicpin is a significant player on the list of food delivery apps. The company’s key selling feature is its coupons and points, which can be redeemed after purchases at other online shops.

In a very short span of time, Magicpin has grown to become a reliable food delivery service because of its unique features and heavy discounts. 

Best Food Delivery Apps for Online Food Ordering
MagicPin has an interesting coins system which offers great deals and discounts

6. Eat Fit 

  • Founding year: 2016
  • Founder: Ankit Nagori
  • Commission for restaurants: Not revealed
  • Partnered restaurants: 50 cloud kitchens 

Eat Fit is a Bengaluru-based food delivery app that offers clients nutritious diet food, which is typically lacking in meals for today’s youth. 

This online food delivery app contributed to the expansion of the online food ordering app. Eat Fit offers delectable, low-calorie eating options that are also nutritious. 

Eat Fit offers free yoga and workout sessions and possibilities for food delivery (beginner to expert).

free food delivery app
For the health-conscious, this is the best app to have

7. FreshMenu 

  • Founding year: 2014
  • Founder: Rashmi Daga
  • Commission for restaurants: Not revealed
  • Partnered restaurants: 27 cloud kitchens 
  • Presence: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore

It would be impossible to discuss new food delivery applications in India without bringing up FreshMenu. 

A mobile-first, fully integrated food company called FreshMenu offers on-demand delivery of freshly prepared plated meals in India at reasonable prices.

By partnering with them, you can participate in the company’s utilization of the “ghost kitchen” or “cloud kitchen” concept.

best food delivery app in mumbai
Get freshly prepared food online with this app

This brings us to the end of the best food delivery apps to have on your phone. Each platform offers something unique and has an array of restaurants to choose from. Make the most of online food delivery systems in India and enjoy your favourite meals from the comfort of your home. 

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