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Best Food Entrepreneurs That Achieved Their Food Business Dreams

Here are some of the best Food Entrepreneurs of all time

Gail Becker- Caulipower

Gail Becker, a mother of two sons who can’t process gluten due to a medical condition was tired of not finding healthier options so she decided to create one! She made gluten-free bread alternatives possible through cauliflower & sweet potatoes and built Caulipower. This four-year-old business is now well-known for its pizza with a cauliflower crust and sweet potato chicken tenders and has expanded quickly as its revenues cross $101 million in 2020.

They didn’t stop at that, they introduced noodles, pasta, pre-heated breakfast cups with scrambled eggs, cauliflower, and vegetables to the company’s product line in 2021 and are now offered in more than 25,000 stores and online grocers. 

She believed that there would be many people out there struggling to find better options and she was right. By creating Caulipower she helped her family as well as an entire community.

gail becker caulipower top food entrepreneur

Maija Itkonen and Reetta Kivelä- Pulled Oats by GOLD&GREEN FOODS

The Finnish company Gold&Green Foods is using the grain to produce high-protein meat substitutes while other businesses rush to market with oat milk. 

The firm, which is well-known in Europe for its chewy, adaptable Pulled Oats series of products that can easily be substituted for either chicken or beef, has been making exciting inroads into new markets. 

To introduce a ready-to-eat Pulled Oat product in the US in 2020, it teamed up with Houston-based food wholesaler Sysco and even Taco Bell introduced Gold&Green Pulled Oats tacos at all of its U.K. locations last year. 

They were always eager to develop something that was mouthwateringly tasty, healthful, and easy to prepare in order to transform the world. And voila!

They didn’t stop there, they kept the wheel rolling by introducing protein granules and flakes, which are made from three simple ingredients: Nordic oat bran, pea protein, and fava bean protein and can be used as either meat substitutes or protein supplements like protein powder.

Maija Itkonen and Reetta Kivelä- Pulled Oats by GOLD&GREEN FOODS top food entrepreneur


Shardul and Sitanshu Sheth- AgroStar

AgroStar, a social network, educational platform, and online retail all bundled into one! 

Its platform is used by 5 million farmers in India from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh.

Farmers can read and view instructive agronomy information on the bilingual site in their native tongue, as well as share images of crop concerns for guidance from other farmers. Voice recognition technology has been added allowing farmers with low reading levels to still search for and buy goods.

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They can share knowledge and grow with each other by using instructional materials to advance their agricultural techniques, obtain cutting-edge data tools to assist in crop monitoring and buy new goods. 

The company created 1,000 storefronts this year (up from 50 last year) so those underbanked farmers could buy goods in person in addition to their online shopping options. The agricultural industry is huge in India so they have a lot of potential to grow!

Shardul and Sitanshu Sheth- AgroStar  top food entrepreneur

Apurv and Parthiv Patel- Petpooja

From the beginning, the co-founders were food enthusiasts and had witnessed restaurants’ daily struggles and inefficiencies that affected their overall profits.

They wanted to leverage technology to create something powerful and easy to use in order to make restaurant owners’ lives easier and organize the F&B industry of India which motivated them to build Petpooja. 

Petpooja is a SaaS company that provides complete restaurant management POS (Point of Sale) software. They have a client base of 35,000+ restaurant outlets and are present in 140+ cities across India, South Africa & UAE. Over INR 7,000 crore+ bills are made on Petpooja every year and they are also Zomato’s most recommended POS partner.

Their holistic restaurant management software includes basic services like billing, inventory management, online ordering, reporting, CRM etc that can ease restaurant operations and boost restaurant profits. But, they have also developed advanced technological tools like Waiter Calling System which is a game-changer and are also working on creating a Food Robot soon. 

Apurv and Parthiv Patel- Petpooja top food entrepreneur

Mallika Basu

Mallika Basu– A person who didn’t even know how to boil an egg to a Food and drink industry commentator, food entrepreneur, cookbook author and communications consultant to food, drink and destinations she definitely found her place in the world. 

She has a combined experience of 20 years in the communication industry and her personal passion for the food, drink and hospitality sector has led her to build SIZL Spices, and run a communications consultancy for brands and companies.

Mallika Basu top food entrepreneur

Did any of these Food entrepreneurs hit any nerve in you to start something of your own?

Don’t self-reject before getting onto any opportunity. Always remember “everybody is clueless until they start” 

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