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Best 8 Marketing Strategies For Your Food Truck Venture

If you dream about opening a food service venture, but with lower investments, a food truck is one of the options that must have crossed your mind. Food trucks are large motorised vehicles where you can cook, prepare, serve and sell food. Food trucks give owners the accessibility to various locations with less initial investment compared to the traditional restaurant models. However, they are also a full-time commitment and demand hard work and passion from the owners. 

Once you finalize you want to start your food truck, food truck marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of getting your business off the ground. Your food and your brand have to click with people. It can be challenging to present a story that resonates with the audience. Food truck marketing is a little different from traditional restaurant marketing, where you can focus more on internal decor, ambiance, and hosting events. But don’t worry, here are some strategies for food truck marketing that you can adopt. 

Food truck serving a customer - food truck marketing strategies.

How To Market Your Food Truck Business?

Marketing food trucks might be slightly different when compared to other outlet types. Keep reading how you can ace the game in 8 simple ways!

1. Finding your Concept & Niche

The concept of your food truck is the overall theme on which your business is based. A solid concept and story will create a buzz about your business and help attract more customers. A solid idea will create distinctiveness and reflect your vision. For instance, you can opt for a barbeque concept that combines low-cost food with a high appeal or an ethnic fusion theme where you blend one or more ethnic cuisines. 

To develop your concept, you need to know your target audience and understand the market. Study your competitors and their trajectory in the market. For example, comfort foods and pocket meals are most suitable for the student population. Find your niche based on your research and build your concept to go ahead with. 

2. Unique Branding

Your brand identity is what distinguishes you in the consumers’ minds. Your concept, name, logo, and colours build your brand identity. While creating awareness about your brand identity is branding. Branding your food truck differently from your competitors is critical to food truck marketing. You need to work on unique features for your food truck. While branding your food truck, you need to ask the following questions – how is your menu different from others? If the menu is similar, how is your pricing better than others? Since food trucks are generally opted for by cost-conscious consumers, a 10 rupee difference can change customers’ perceptions and serve you well.

People have a bias against street food due to hygiene. But this basis can be changed if the kitchen staff and servers wear gloves, makes, hairnets and aprons. Keeping your food truck kitchen and ordering counter clean also attracts customers and creates a brand in itself.

3. Third-Party Integrations

In 2020, the Indian online food delivery market was worth around 2.9 billion U.S. dollars, and by 2025, the food delivery market was expected to reach a value of nearly 13 billion U.S. dollars. This increase in online deliveries has given rise to a new restaurant model Cloud Kitchens. As the market share of online ordering increases, new ventures need to ensure they are offering food delivery services through prominent online delivery apps to stay in the game. As marketing strategies on these apps, you can offer discounts on menu items, post quality pictures of your food items, and highlight your bestsellers.

4. Social Media

Social media is the most efficient channel for marketing in today’s day and age. Food truck owners understand that with a lack of a defined restaurant infrastructure, they have to focus on their presence on social media. You can use all social media platforms for your food truck marketing. You can post pictures of your food and make appealing reels on Instagram to attract customers to your restaurant. Witty tweets on Twitter and artsy videos on Youtube of your venture are also great ways to engage with customers.

5. Locating Your Ideal Location

One of the significant advantages of owning a food truck is its mobility. You can take your food truck to multiple destinations and offer your services to a diverse customer base. Festivals and events provide a massive opportunity and business for food trucks. They offer the chance to present your product to a diverse set of people. Find out about all the events and fairs in your area and register your food truck there. You can also park your food truck outside a college or a corporate park to increase sales and get new customers hooked.

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But while mobility is a perk, the food truck owners have to map out their business area and find an ideal location for business. If you are travelling around, then you are losing opportunities to build customer loyalty. When your customer is not sure where your truck is going to be, they cannot visit or revisit. Being in one place gives new and old customers to come to your business rather than taking your business to new customers every day.

6. Partnering Up

You can also partner with local businesses to provide snacks and lunch packages to their employees. This method could ensure steady revenue during the day and a customer base that gets hooked to your taste. Furthermore, you can build contacts and serve at local corporate and private events. Food trucks generally offer quality dining options at reasonable prices and are therefore sought after for catering services. Partnering for regular events ensures a steady customer base, revenue, and networking opportunities. 

The food truck market has become super competitive. And so owners are employing new ways to attract customers. Using vibrant coloured lights and even hiring singers or performers to perform near your food truck can attract customers to your business. They are offering much more than just cheap and delicious food, but a wholesome experience of being entertained and catered to within a budget.

7. Offering Discounts

Food businesses thrive on promotions and special offers and effectively help you develop a loyal customer base. Offering discounts and vouchers are an effective way to initially bring customers to your food truck. Discounts offering 20% off on certain items, BOGO schemes, first-time discounts or group discounts and combo deals can work well in food truck marketing. Provide regular offers and discounts to customers online and offline to stay ahead in the game.

8. Hiring Influencer

There are many social media food influencers whose main market is food trucks. They travel within and even to other cities reviewing food truck foods and services. These influencers have a huge number of followers on social media and a strong network of digital and word-of-mouth marketing. Depending on their outreach, these influencers can be either paid or work for free to promote your business to their large digital audience. If you can pitch them your business and manage to convince them to review your food truck, you have a chance of reaching a large client base without leaving your station.

Fish and Chips Food Truck with many customers placing order - food truck marketing strategies.

The food truck business can be fun, adventurous, and highly profitable when done right. As an owner, you get be meet new people every day and form a personal bond with loyal customers.

Hope you find this blog helpful in your food truck marketing efforts. Let us in the comment sections your hack for perfect food truck marketing! For more restaurant industry-related updates, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram.

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