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8 Successful Marketing Strategies For Breweries

Did you know, that the Indian beer market, which had a volume of 5,533.73 million litres in 2020, is projected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.89 per cent from 2021 to 2025, reaching 9,004.74 million litres

The Indian beer market is expected to grow significantly in the next five years! And it seems fair given as there has been a significant rise in breweries & craft beer production around India.

And despite it being a fairly new market & trend, there is already fierce competition among the craft breweries of making their beer brand stand out. As a result, brands are implementing various brewery marketing strategies to make their beer known to the public.

However, before you begin working on beer marketing strategies for your business, you must first strategies on setting up your brewery business & perfecting your beer recipe. Even if you successfully market your product to the general public, you will not be able to keep your customers if your beer does not taste good.

Creating a good beer recipe needs focuses on picking the right ingredients, proper brewing techniques & storage methods.

After you’ve perfected your beer recipe, you can implement our suggestions and create your own marketing strategy for your brewery.

How To Create a Marketing Strategy For A Brewery?

1. Design Your Own Packaging

Determine the impression you want your beer brand to make. When choosing a theme, avoid using cliches. Create a brand that is most appealing to you and your customers. Your drinks’ packaging will also make a statement, so consider how you want your beverages to appear in the hands of your target audience. What kind of vibe do you want it to give off?

Popular international brands have a considerable market share & credibility. And so, to match them, young breweries like to go with beer names & packaging that attract the young crowd. The purpose is to form a relatability with the product.

Use your brand colour strategically while creating a Marketing strategies for a brewery
Choosing the right colours for your brewery company is a key element of creating a brand.

2. Share Business Insights

A great way of marketing would be to let your customers inside your business. Now, we don’t mean inside your kitchen & brewery, but tell them your story. Get creative! You can create a specific page on your menu for this. Even can tell the brand story on the packaging or through the interior! The sky is the limit!

And if you wish to go further, you can create a brewery newsletter and send it out once or twice a month to keep your customers up to date on any upcoming products, events, or discounts.

Begin by collecting your customers’ email IDs when they purchase a product from you. Email marketing is frequently overlooked by entrepreneurs, despite being one of the most effective marketing strategies available.

3. Use Social Media

Use more than just close-up shots of your beers & their packaging to market your product. Everyone appreciates a good backstory of their brand. The customers always need more. What you want is to make your product & place organically marketable. To put it simply, make yourself instagrammable!

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Going with themes which are earthy, grungy, youthful & vivacious. Don’t forget to name your beer & go with something that is a perfect mixture of memorable & amusing!

All of this paired with great social media marketing will help reach more customers! Display a beer’s journey from raw materials to finished products. While creating your digital marketing strategies, keep your brand’s theme in mind.

Focusing on creating a great ambience is also one of  the marketing strategies for a brewery
Focusing on creating a great ambience is also one of the marketing strategies for a brewery

4. Host Events

Create some space in your brewery for a small gathering of people and regularly host events like brewery tours or a small game night to let people know about your brewery. Themed nights and costume parties for Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and other festivals can be excellent marketing strategies for a brewery.

5. Influencer Marketing

Collaboration is always beneficial to both parties. By collaborating with local artists, you can host art exhibitions or open mics. Contacting influencers with a large following in your community and asking them to promote your products by giving them free products to taste and review or offering discounts to their fan base is another effective bar marketing strategy.

6. Market An Emotion, Not A Product

The best marketing strategies for a brewery include selling emotions rather than products by appealing to your customer’s hearts. Make the customer want to pay for an experience instead of a beer. You will be familiar with your local community’s needs and culture. Begin by developing a beer marketing strategy that focuses on their hearts and then expand from there.



7. Create Customer Loyalty Programs

These programmes are designed to reward your loyal customers with offers such as cashback, discounts, free delivery, and so on. It is not as expensive as you believe. Read this blog to learn why customer loyalty programmes can be one of the most effective marketing strategies for a brewery.

8. Engage With Your Local Community

Community events are ideal for promoting your brewery and allowing people to sample your delicious craft brews. Give your customers exciting deals to entice them to visit your brewery. You can offer discounted beers to the first 50 customers, or you can sell the beer for free at first to generate interest in your brewery.

Hosting events & inviting people is one of the important marketing strategies for a brewery
Hosting events & inviting people is one of the important marketing strategies for a brewery

Every business & its ethos is different & so not all strategies listed here would be helpful. But always feel free to experiment! Use a few different options to see what works best. Stick with the ones that produce the best results for you, and your brewery will be brewing profits sooner than you think.

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