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Latest restaurant Trend: Veganism

What started as an attempt towards the prevention of vast amounts of animal suffering and environmental degradation, has now become a very popular dietary and lifestyle choice amongst customers. Even though the core virtue of the vegan lifestyle remains that of making more conscious lifestyle choices for the planet, the word vegan can be used to now identify a pizza, a bag, or a person. You might agree or disagree, love it or hate it but Veganism is here to stay. 

Vegan Food Habits

Vegan or plant-based diets involve cutting out all animal-based foods like meat, eggs, honey, and dairy as opposed to the more popular vegetarian diet that only excludes meat but allows Milk and eggs.

Fun fact, currently more than 7.8 Million people in the world are strictly Vegans! As a result, we’re seeing more and more people switching to a vegan lifestyle to do their bit for the world. To cater to these high demands, Petpooja also has some tips on some basic vegan options available right in your inventory: 

Milk your own (Plant Based) milk!

    Almond, oat, soy, coconut, rice, or cashew- plant-based milk are much easier to make than you think! You can find some recipes here

Plant Based Milks


Vegan food is anything but boring! Meat in dishes like burgers, hot dogs, can be substituted with tofu, tempeh, or soy nuggets!

Utterly, butterly, vegan!!

Nut butters like peanut, almond, and cashew have gained popularity as great replacements for traditional dairy butter. These butters are so tasty and can be very easily made in-house! You can find recipes here.

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With these changes, it’s almost natural that the restaurant industry has to cater to the high demands of their vegan customer base. We can now see the changes in the Restaurant food ordering patterns in cafés and restaurants, in turn providing plant-based milk options, dairy-free desserts, and meat alternatives for popular food items on their Menus.

What’s also great to see is how some restaurants have started curating separate vegan menus to cater to their vegan diners and with Petpooja’s Menu Management, the shift becomes smoother. One thing’s for sure — fad, trend, or a lifestyle, Veganism is here to stay with us for better and forever. We at Petpooja wish you a very happy World Vegan Day!! 

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