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Important Kitchen Utensils That Your Restaurant’s Chefs Must Have

Your kitchen is one of the most critical places in your whole restaurant. It’s the place where the magic happens. And to help your magicians, your chefs, you need to get the best kitchen equipment. But usually, while focusing on the large or commercial kitchen equipment, managers and staff overlook the minor but essential kitchen utensils.

So, to save you and your staff time from another urgent kitchen utensils shopping spree, here is a list of eight kitchen gems you must get for your restaurant kitchen. 

List of Kitchen Utensils for Your Restaurant Kitchen

1. Chef’s Knife

This is your magician’s wand! (Okay, okay, we’ll stop now) Your chefs themselves will give you a list of long and expensive knives. Don’t be stingy, and ensure you get them the best quality knife set!

  • There are various knives in the restaurant kitchen for various purposes. Some might be to chop vegetables while some for chopping meat. Make sure you do your research before stepping out to buy!
  • A chef’s knife comes in different shapes and sizes. Generally, a chef’s knife has a blade around 20 centimetres long. However, other models range from about 15 to 36 centimetres in length.
Must-have utensils for chef!

2. Mixing Bowls

Get your chef various sizes of mixing bowls. If your restaurant is small, you might think you can skip this kitchen utensil, but don’t!  

  • The bowl you use can be made of any of the following materials – stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, or glass. 
  • The number of mixing bowls you must have in your kitchen depends upon the size and scale of your operations. Typically, a commercial kitchen should have 4-5 bowls of different shapes and sizes to prepare different dishes seamlessly. 
Mixing bowls are specifically designed to mix ingredients. Know more about other kitchen utensils.

3. Whisk

Certain things cannot be mixed just with spoons. To get smooth whipped cream, your chef needs this tool.  

  • It is used to blend ingredients smoothly or add air to the mixture. And the process is called Whisking!
  • Commonly used for whipping egg whites into a firm foam or whipping cream into whipped cream. 
  • The whisks are typically made of metal. However, they can be made of plastic, too (to use with nonstick cookware). 

4. Skillet

Another marvellous gem amongst kitchen utensils, a frying pan or skillet, is a flat-bottomed pan.  

  • Generally, skillets are 20 to 30 centimetres in diameter with comparatively low sides flaring outwards, a long handle, and no lid.
  • Skillet is used for shallow frying, flipping, searing, grilling, and browning your food
  • Use it to make kebabs and pancakes, among other things!
All kitchen utensils you should buy for your restaurant

5. Spatula

You have your skillet to cook the pancake, but how do you flip it? Spatula! 

  • A spatula is a hand-help tool for spreading, lifting and flipping your dishes on the pan
  • The handles are usually long to keep the holder’s hand away from the stove, hot surfaces and danger. 
  • The blades of the spatula are generally wide and thin, while the shape varies. Usually, it is in rectangular shapes. 
A spatula is a hand-help tool for spreading and flipping food. Know more about kitchen utensils.
A spatula is one of the most essential kitchen utensils. People use it for different purposes, including frying and flipping food. It is even used for serving food. 

4. Saucepan

Any kitchen, professional or personal, is incomplete without a saucepan! 

  • Saucepans are round vessels with vertical walls. They are used for simmering and boiling. 
  • A saucepan comes in different shapes and sizes. Small or medium saucepans usually have one long handle, while larger saucepans have two ear handles (and are called sauce-pots). 

7. Ladle

How do you serve your soup, stew, or even water of Pani Puri? A ladle is an answer! 

  • Typically, ladles have a long handle ending at a small deep bowl. The bowl is generally oriented at a handle to lift liquids from a vessel and put them into a bowl. 
  • Ladles are made of different materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, plastics, wood, and bamboo. 
A checklist of all the kitchen utensils for your restaurant chef

8. Splatter Guard

Have you ever noticed oil spilling out of frying pans at a high temperature? The droplets of oil are dangerous and will cause burns on your skin. Solution? Splatter Guard! 

  • Splatter Guard is placed over a frying pan to prevent hot oil from spitting out of the pan
  • It is usually made of a metal sheet with numerous small holes, which allows steam to pass through the pan but not oil. 
  • Besides dangerous burns on the skin, the oil droplets will cause awful stains if they fall elsewhere. 
ladles have a long handle ending at a small deep bowl. Find out more about other kitchen utensils.
Interestingly, in Japanese temples, wooden ladles called Hishaku are used in performing a ritual, Chizu. Chizu is required to be completed before entering the temple to signify self-purification.

Get these kitchen utensils to make your food preparation process smoother. And tell us which kitchen utensils we need to include in the comments section!

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