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7 Insurance Policies Every Food Business Should Buy In 2023!

Starting a business in the restaurant industry needs a huge investment. And when there are lakhs of investment in a restaurant’s kitchen equipment, infrastructure, furniture, technology, staff and much more, there needs to be a security net for your business. And the best restaurants do this in the form of insurance.

Whether you are a chain restaurant or a small business, securing the right restaurant insurance will help you stand strong in facing adversities and not face any financial problems.

This article provides a list of insurance policies that every restaurant owner should have.

7 Insurance Policies Every Restaurant Owner Must Have

Protecting your business from potential risks and liabilities is important as a restaurant owner. One way to do this is by purchasing insurance policies that can provide coverage for various potential hazards. 

Here are some insurance policies that every restaurant owner should consider:

1. General Liability Insurance Policy


This type of restaurant policy protects your restaurant against claims of bodily injury or property damage caused by your operations.

What It Covers: 

  • Third-party bodily injury: A consumer can file a lawsuit against your company if they are wounded after tripping and falling in your shop. The bodily injury liability coverage in your insurance policy will aid in covering their medical expenses.
  • Property damage to third parties: If your business damages someone else’s property, property damage liability coverage can assist in paying for the necessary repairs or replacements.
  • Damage to reputation: Because of something you or one of your workers said, your company could be sued for libel or slander. If this occurs, general liability insurance may be able to help defray some of the cost of defending your company in court.
  • Advertising Harm: A lawsuit for copyright infringement against your company may result in advertising harm. For instance, if you utilize a photographer’s image without their consent in your advertisements, they may sue you.
Is insurance mandatory for restaurant?
Research the insurance policy available for your business as per your location

2. Property Insurance


This insurance policy covers damages to your restaurant’s physical property, including the building, equipment, and furnishings. 

Property insurance can help cover the costs of repairing or replacing damaged property and any loss of income resulting from the damages.

What it covers:

  • Damages because of natural disasters: If your property gets damaged due to an earthquake, this restaurant policy will keep you protected.
  • Damaged because of fire: Let’s say an electric failure leads to your restaurant catching fire. The property coverage policy can compensate you for your losses.
  • Vandalism or unexpected damages: Whether a fight breaks out or someone robs your restaurant or a car runs into your restaurant, this restaurant policy has got you covered. 

Tip: You must have a fire safety license in order to qualify for this insurance policy. Click here to learn more!

3. Business Interruption Insurance

Suppose your restaurant cannot operate due to a covered event, such as a natural disaster or a power outage. In that case, a business interruption insurance policy can help cover lost income and expenses incurred during the interruption period. 

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What it covers:

  • Rent and utilities:  While your restaurant is out of business, this restaurant policy can help you stay afloat by paying for your rent and basic utilities. 
  • Payroll: You obviously cannot fire your staff because your restaurant is temporarily under repair. This insurance policy will help you pay the salaries and not lose your staff. 

4. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance will cover their medical expenses and lost wages if an employee is injured on the job. 

This insurance policy is required in most states and is important for protecting your business and ensuring the safety of your employees

What it covers:

  • Bodily injury caused by accident at the restaurant 
  • Bodily injury caused by accident because of the restaurant 
  • Bodily disease caused at the restaurant 
  • Bodily disease caused because of restaurant 
What is the one type of insurance that every business needs to have?
Restaurants are prone to accidents, and having an insurance policy is important

5. Liquor Liability Insurance 

If your restaurant serves alcohol, it’s important to have liquor liability insurance to protect against claims arising from customers who become intoxicated and cause accidents or injuries. 

What it covers: 

  • Assault and violence, such as if a client you served alcohol to hurts someone bodily
  • Drunk driving occurs when someone your firm gave or sold alcohol to while drunk causes property damage or an accident that injures another driver
  • Damage to another person’s property that a patron under the influence of alcohol causes.

Have you got a liquor license? Click here to learn how to get one for your restaurant, bar or brewery!

6. Food Contamination Insurance

This restaurant insurance covers losses resulting from food contamination or food poisoning incidents. 

What it covers:

  • Compensation against food contamination and damages when equipment malfunctions or power outages damage perishable goods
  • Coverage against temporary loss of business as a result of food poisoning or another sickness outbreak
  • Costs of employee medical tests and equipment cleaning
  • Might cover expenses for loss of business due to a damaged reputation in the event of food contamination
What is the restaurant insurance cost per month?
Safeguard yourself from food poisoning claims by getting a restaurant policy

7. Cyber Liability Insurance

With the increasing reliance on technology and online systems, it’s important to protect your business from cyber-attacks and data breaches. 

Cyber liability insurance can cover the costs of recovering from a cyber attack and defending against any legal action. 

What it covers:

  • Credit monitoring for affected customers
  • Public relations efforts to repair your restaurant’s reputation
  • Attacks using ransomware
  • Income lost as a result of network issues
  • Lawsuits brought by employees or clients related to data leaks
  • Firewall malfunctions

Overall, having the right insurance policies in place can provide peace of mind and financial protection for your restaurant. It’s worth taking the time to research and compare insurance options to find the coverage that’s right for your business.

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