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Did You Know Instagram Marketing Can Boost Your Restaurant Sales?

Did you know India is Instagram’s biggest market in terms of users and is adding 100 million users every nine months here? According to recent studies, Instagram has 58 times the engagement per follower as Facebook, meaning Instagram users are more likely to respond to brand engagement and advertising than Facebook users.

If you are thinking what we are thinking, then social media seems a great place to promote your restaurant business and attract more customers using delicious food photos of your restaurant menu! The growing popularity of Instagram has made it a lucrative platform for businesses to promote themselves.

Why Use Instagram to Grow your Restaurant Business?

The growing popularity of Instagram has made it a lucrative platform for businesses to promote themselves. And so, even restaurant businesses are choosing Instagram marketing as a way to promote themselves. Here’s why! 

  • If you know anything about what people browse on Instagram, you would know food pictures come high up in the list. People love drooling over food pictures; tempting people with your dishes is how you draw their attention
  • Create a buzz. Instagram is a great platform to share candid stories and restaurant updates with your followers. It increases your brand engagement and customer loyalty
  • You can share customer feedback, new menu additions and appealing discounts with your followers; another fantastic way to increase your brand engagement
  • Sharing reviews, new menu additions, discounts 

All this results in higher restaurant sales!

According to studies, brand engagement is typical among 32% of Facebook users and 68% of Instagram users. High engagement rates make Instagram marketing strategies the perfect way to increase your brand engagement and sales. Here’s how to go about it! 

Why and how to use Instagram for restaurant marketing?
Did you know every 1 in 2 people use Instagram to discover new brands, while 90% of users follow at least one business account?

8 Instagram Marketing Tips to Boost Your Restaurant Sales

Here are some ways you can use Instagram marketing for your restaurant business!

1. Create a Proper Profile 

The first and foremost step in your Instagram marketing journey is to complete your Instagram profile. Put the perfect display picture (your logo) and all relevant information, including your bio and your address (if you have a website, upload your website link in your Instagram bio). 

2. Tempt With Your Menu

Food pictures work exceptionally well on Instagram; it often makes them instantly order food online. Regularly post well-clicked images of the dishes you serve in your restaurant to entice your customers. Play around with your lighting and frame to get the perfect picture showcasing the dish’s flavour, juiciness, freshness, and colour.

3. Regular & Scheduled Posts

Regular posting is critical to keep you alive in your followers’ eyes. You cannot just have an Instagram account which posts something once in a while if you want to ace the game. Moreover, research the best time of the day for posting a story or an update to receive maximum engagement, and schedule your posts accordingly. 

4. Run Giveaway Contests

It can be a massive traffic driver to conduct giveaways. And not only do these activities drive traffic to your Instagram account, but they also become a reason customers have to visit you ultimately. Imagine you run a giveaway contest; the winner gets a free burger; they will visit you to get their free burger and order three more burgers and fries for others. 

Tips to use Instagram marketing to promote your restaurant business
Use your Instagram bio section wisely, and highlight what sets you apart here.

5. Share Some Candids & Behind the Scenes

Posting behind-the-scenes pictures and videos is an underrated Instagram marketing tool. It is no surprise people enjoy candid shots on social media platforms. Posting candid moments can be a bit tricky; you need to find the perfect balance between professionalism, spontaneity and fun

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If your restaurant is going through a renovation or menu update, then you can share BTS to create hype and win attention

6. Use Enough Hashtags

Using the right hashtags and using them enough is critical in social media marketing. Hashtags work exceptionally well in improving a post’s online engagement. Find out about the hashtags that work in your business to improve your engagement. You can also popularize your restaurant name and ask people to use your personal hashtag when posting about your restaurant.

7. How About Posting Some Memes?

It is not enough to post updates about your restaurant on your Instagram page, you should also post some fun and other relevant information, including memes, and industry updates, to keep people interested. You can also post customer feedback in an attractive frame to promote your restaurant. 

8. Reach Out To Food Bloggers

Food bloggers have come to occupy a special place in the Instagram universe. Use them to your advantage! A food blogger or restaurant influencer can post about your restaurant with luring descriptions and pictures to get you more considerable exposure. Research the famous food bloggers in your area to collaborate with; they will give you access to foodies in your area.

Post restaurant candid moments to increase your sales. Know more about Instagram marketing.
Post your chef making a delicious meal or other staff members doing something fun for higher engagement.

Instagram offers multiple benefits to a restaurant to grow its business; use the above methods and watch your sales increase. Remember to be regular in your Instagram marketing efforts to get the best results. 

We hope this blog helps you use this modern marketing tool better. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram as well; we give you regular updates about the restaurant industry!

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Abeera Dubey
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