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How To Create A Breakfast Menu For My Restaurant To Boost Sales

Have you ever noticed a massive crowd of people outside a popular breakfast joint before office timings? Those early hours are the most profitable ones for many food places! Breakfast is often seen as the most important meal of the day, and as people gear up outside restaurants to have their first bite, it offers a golden opportunity for a restaurant.

If you are wondering how you can bring more customers to your restaurant then, you can start by reading this blog and learning how to design a special breakfast menu that increases restaurant sales! 

6 Ways to Increase Your Restaurant Sales With a Breakfast Menu

Here are some fantastic ways you can increase your restaurant sales.

1. Exclusive Breakfast Menu

First step would be finalising an exclusive breakfast menu based on the customer demographics of your locality if you don’t already have one. 

  • Find out what is in high demand for breakfast among customers in your area. 
  • Add options that can be prepared and served quickly to your customers. 
  • Keep options where you can use locally sourced, in-season ingredients to diversify your offerings and keep costs low. 
  • But remember not to go overboard with too many options. Keep a short menu. Here’s why limited menus work better with customers. 

Develop some signature breakfast dishes with a unique flavour, plating or seasoning which are unique to you; these will help you stand apart in the market. 

Breakfast menu are a great way to increase restaurant revenue. Know how.
Regularly upgrading your menu presents numerous benefits to the business if you wish to curate a unique experience for your customers with each visit. Read our blog here to know more.

2. Keep Healthy Options

People are becoming increasingly conscious about their health and eating habits. 

  • Adding healthier food options will help you catch a more extensive customer base. 
  • You don’t need to revamp your entire menu or change the dishes you already offer. You can simply provide healthy alternatives to some ingredients in existing dishes. For instance, offer a multigrain bread option for your existing sandwich section. 

3. Add Morning Beverages

Breakfast is incomplete without a beverage to swallow it down with. 

  • Keeping different types of coffee and chai, and plain milk on your breakfast menu is a must. If your establishment is not looking to invest in heavy coffee machines, you can train your staff to make instant coffee!  
  • You can include natural fruit juices, coconut water, smoothies, and herbal teas for your health-conscious crowd. 

4. Offer Custom Choices

Yes, there are custom options you can offer in your breakfast.

  • Your fruit bowls and smoothie bowls can have custom choices to make customers happier. 
  • Other options you can offer your customers include making their own breakfast sandwiches and selecting omelette toppings. 
Know how to increase sales with your breakfast menu.
Vegan and plant-based diets have consistently increased awareness about health, the environment, animal welfare, and healthy food choices worldwide. It is an excellent time to introduce vegan options to your breakfast menu.

5. Take Online Orders

Offering online food delivery of your breakfast offerings is an excellent idea to increase restaurant sales. 

  • Some people can’t make a stop on their way to the office, so offering your services at their office door is the way to go. 
  • You can offer online orders through your website or third-party aggregators. 
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You can customize your online order menu to keep dishes that suit online orders. Read more about creating an online delivery menu here

6. And Lots of Buzz

You design a special menu, and no one knows; what happens then? You must promote your exclusive breakfast offerings exorbitantly. 

  • Go all in! Create a buzz about your breakfast menu on all possible platforms. 
  • Post regularly on social media about your special breakfast platter. 
  • Hang posters around the area and your restaurant about the exclusive menu.
The love and consumption of breakfast are on the rise. Know how you can increase your restaurant sales with breakfast menu.

However, remember, serving breakfast may not work for every restaurant. Conduct your due diligence to find out about demand and competition in your area. Check if your staff has the needed skills and availability for quick customer service. And if you have the right equipment to cook a healthy breakfast menu!

If there isn’t enough demand for breakfast food in your locality, and it requires considerable investment, then it may not be a good idea for you to venture into it. But if you think adding a breakfast menu can work for your business, implement the above tips to get a stellar uptick in your restaurant sales! 

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Abeera Dubey
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