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How to Increase Restaurant Sales This New Year?

The holiday season is upon us! With winter, Christmas, holidays and the New Year approaching, the whole vibe of these last few months of 2022 will be different. Food and celebrations occupy a significant place during this time, presenting restaurants with a perfect opportunity to boost their sales and expand their market.

Like in western countries where restaurant sales shoot up around this season, our restaurants also experience the same things. One of the reasons is that the customers are ready to splurge and are generally more comfortable spending money this season, and as a restaurant owner, this is your time to use it to your advantage. 

Keep reading if you are wondering how to make the best of this season and increase your restaurant sales!

Know how to increase restaurant sales around New Years.
Ask customers for their feedback to find out your loopholes. You can work on your weaknesses and improve your sales.

6 Ways to Increase Sales This New Year Season

There are many ways you can focus on increasing sales of your restaurant this coming season.

1. Host Holiday Events

Holding events in your restaurant is a fantastic way to boost your revenue, especially around the New Year. 

  • People look for places to enjoy the festivities around this season. Your restaurant can capitalize on this opportunity by hosting karaoke nights, open-mic events, new year parties, and even private parties
  • You can host your exclusive restaurant parties or offer your space for private events. These events will diversify your revenue stream, distinguish you from your competitors and present a significant marketing opportunity where you can create a buzz on social media with updates. 

Read our blog for a list of restaurant events you can hold to increase your restaurant footfall. 

2. Decorate Your Outlet

Decorate your restaurant with Christmas and new-year themed decoration to attract customers with that holiday vibe. 

  • Creating a holiday ambience can be a massive crowd-puller around the New Year. 
  • Families with kids look for places to take their kids where they can get the holiday essence. 
  • With a Christmas tree, festive lights, and new year banners, you will likely stand apart from your competitors and increase your sales.

3. Gifts, Goodies & Discounts

How about giving gifts, goodies & discounts to win and retain your customers

  • Offering festive discounts and deals is a great way to increase your restaurant sales. You can run new-year-themed promotion offers and discounts.
  • Go a step further and give your customers some surprise gifts and goodies. Show your appreciation and become more popular amongst them

4. Create a Separate Festive Menu

Upgrading your restaurant menu to cater to holiday needs can increase your sales. Here’s how! 

  • What sells more during winter and the New Year? Hot chocolate, plum cakes, thukpa and halwa! It’s time to add them to your menu. 
  • A special menu updated according to the seasonal demand will tempt more customers to your restaurant and generate more profits. 
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Read our blog here for some tips on creating a special menu.  

5. More and More Marketing

Let the world know about your unique festival offerings to increase sales.

  • Social media is the best place to let the world know about your new year plans and preparations. 
  • Upload high-quality, tempting pictures and video content to attract customers and give them a sneak peek of what to expect
  • Use both online and offline modes of marketing. Send SMS and emails, and upload pictures on social media with details about your new year celebrations.

There are many social media platforms to choose from, but when it comes to food, Instagram marketing is the leader, followed by Facebook. Read our blog here to learn how you use Instagram to boost your restaurant sales. 

A special holiday menu can increase restaurant sales this festive season. Know how!
Remember, your restaurant needs to be a haven from the chilly weather outside, so keep it warm and cosy.

3 Ways to Efficiently Manage Your Increased Festive Sales

1. Hire temporary staff

When it’s a high-demand season, you need instant and more help. So, why not get some? 

  • Temporary staff will reduce the excessive burden your permanent team will face during this season, thus, making everyone more efficient
  • An added benefit: You can assess these temporary hires for a full-time position. 

To know more about restaurant temporary staff hiring, refer to our guide on interim restaurant staff management here

2. Separate Delivery Station

When it’s cold outside, and people are inside with their families, they may not want to go out to eat, but you can come to them. 

  • Many people like celebrating festivals and New Year at home but still like ordering food from outside. 
  • You can go a step ahead and make your packaging festive too. And how about sending some surprise goodies their way inside special packaging? 
  • Create a separate delivery station to keep up with the festive demand. 

If you want to start online ordering for your restaurant, read our blog here to get answers to all your questions.

3. Invest In Restaurant POS

Investing in restaurant technology can prove beneficial on several fronts for your restaurant. 

  • An exemplary POS system will make your entire restaurant operations smoother, from faster billing, effortless inventory management, and more effective restaurant reporting. 
  • Your POS will take care of all significant worries and manage your operations efficiently so that you focus on increasing your sales, celebrating the festivities and growing your brand. 
Post tempting food pictures on instagram to drive your sales. Know other ways of increasing sales around New Years.
Post tempting food pictures on Instagram to drive your sales.

Increasing sales, retaining customers and boosting revenue is the ultimate goal of any business. As a restaurant owner, increasing restaurant sales in a highly competitive environment can be a big challenge. Adopt these methods this festive season and watch the money roll in! Please tell us if you have more ideas in the comment section below. 

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