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How To Use Petpooja CRM Reports to Increase Your Outlet Sales?

Every business despite the industry or segment it belongs to would agree that the customer plays the key role in making and breaking any product or service. And as the competition in the market is getting tough, every outlet owner wishes to retain the majority of customers and earn their loyalty. The marketers understand that the only way to keep customers engaged is by staying in their minds. That is the prime reason why many businesses splurge so much on marketing. A great way of succeeding in bringing new customers to your outlet and retaining old ones is through CRM and CRM reports.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is the process through which any business manages and interacts with its existing client base. The purpose of CRM is to keep track of all the customers coming in contact with the business using any and every kind of medium. This data is then used to map out the target audience and reach out to existing customers. CRM plays a key role in mapping out the company’s growth, collecting product reviews and even developing or updating the existing product menu or item. There are various aspects which are included in the CRM data. But for the F&B industry, the essential data are customer names, their contact details and dates for any special occasion such as birthday or anniversary.

What Are The Benefits Of CRM Data?

  • You can use this data to circulate messages about your business, any festive offers or discounts.
  • The data would also let you know which item is the best selling and least selling in your outlet.
  • By using Petpooja’s feedback feature, you can use customer details and take their feedback about your service on the spot. This feedback is essential in developing or updating any menu item or services offered.
  • You can provide a personalised experience to your customers by sending them texts on their special day using the data you have collected.
crm reports essential for growing business. | Petpooja CRM Reports

How To Collect CRM Data?

Many restaurant owners do not realise that by simply collecting the customer data, they can stay connected with their customers in long run. If you have been intrigued about the business possibilities of using CRM, then you must be wondering how can you collect this data? The answer to it is pretty easy (and even easier if you are a Petpooja POS user)! Your Petpooja POS or Point of Sales software keeps track of all your customers.

The best way to know about every single customer visiting your outlet is by taking their details in the software. As an owner yourself, you can train your biller or captain to record customers’ data like their phone number, name or/and any special day like anniversary and birthday into the Petpooja POS system. The POS would itself create detailed reports about all your customers, their names, the items they purchased and the number of times they have visited your outlet. With the help of Petpooja CRM reports, you can even create tags or groups of customers. This feature comes in handy for outlet types offering group or corporate discounts. This way, your POS would remember which customer is part of which group and automatically apply offers or discounts accordingly!

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If you are a Petpooja POS user looking to know more about increasing your customers’ footfall, switch to Petpooja Connect! Petpooja Connect application can be activated for FREE without any extra cost. It keeps track of incoming/outcoming/missed calls of your inquiry number. All these numbers tracked by Connect application are directly synced on the Petpooja Owners dashboard. This way, you’ll never lose track of even a single customer.

How To Use Petpooja CRM Reports To Increase Your Sales?

For all our dear Petpooja POS users looking for a way to improve their sales, you have your solution on your palm right now! There are many ways you can use the CRM reports provided by the POS to your advantage:

1. Creating SMS Campaigns

With Petpooja, you can create SMS campaigns and send texts about your outlet’s new offers, special discounts and updates to all your customers. This feature helps reach multiple previous and new customers using a small direct text. When you offer discounts or BOGO offers, you are not just welcoming the existing customers but are also bringing new ones in.

The SMS campaigns can be scheduled within the software. This SMS can be sent to the target customers whenever you want. You can send them a ‘Thank you’ text after every visit, personally wish them on their special days, send a text with every online delivery, texts about seasonal offers and discounts and much more can be done using Petpooja’s CRM reports and SMS campaigns.

2. Create Petpooja Loyalty Wallet

With your outlet’s CRM data you can also create a loyalty wallet or offer loyalty points to your regular customers. The idea behind loyalty points is to make sure your customer understands your product or service as an investment rather than an expense. This way, with every visit your customer goes home with additional services which he/she can avail of at any next visit.

You can set your own ways of rewarding your regular customers. By using the CRM reports, you can know your regulars and offer them free meals, coffees, add-ons, discounts, additional offers and much more!

Petpooja crm reports to help grow your business. | Restaurant POS Software

3. Integrate Third-party Loyalty

Many outlet types have switched to third-party loyalty programmes to bring more customers by offering them a lot more than one-time service. Petpooja POS is compatible with any kind of integration. Loyalty programmes such as Reelo, Bingage, Kringle and many others can be smoothly integrated with the POS for free! With this, you can use the loyalty programmes to set different kinds of offers and parameters which would be made effective and implemented using the POS CRM data.

Businesses now are understanding the potential that CRM holds for them. And so, more than more software, platforms and app are coming into the market to help the clients meet their requirements and bridge the gap between customers and businesses.

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