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How To Scale Your Cloud Kitchen Business Successfully In 2022?

Ghost kitchens, virtual kitchens, dark kitchens.
Different names, same concept – Cloud kitchens.

Cloud kitchens are delivery-only restaurant formats that don’t offer dine-in services. This model is not only low risk and low investment but also high reward. Because of the reduced investment, cloud kitchen business is also easier to scale as compared to traditional establishments.

Having said that, here are some ways to scale your cloud kitchen business in 2022!

1. Automate (Everything)!

One of the easiest ways to scale faster is to cut costs wherever possible. What better way to cut unnecessary costs than to automate wherever possible with a one-time investment. Operations like purchases, inventory management, invoicing, online ordering can now be handled better by software than humans. Petpooja has a wide array of services it offers to make sure your operations are on track and you have time to focus on the bigger picture!

restaurant automation

2. Cloud-Ready Operations

Having to sort out processes and training should be the least of your worries when trying to scale your kitchen. Stick to living up to the name, and making your team and operations cloud-ready. From POS, employee training to inventory, recipes, etc., focus on streamlining everything from the get-go. This ensures your team is equipped to focus on growing the business.

3. Multiple Brands

One of the biggest advantages of owning a cloud kitchen business is that you don’t need to stick to providing a singular dining experience. Do your groundwork and research and curate a menu to offer a cuisine or an experience that might not be as easily available in your area. It also gives your brand name an edge for being eclectic and giving the customers what they’re missing. This also gives you an opportunity to create multiple brands under a single cloud kitchen. It’s a great way to not only create hype but to expand your business.

cloud kitchen menu

4. Simplify Your Menu

The key to scaling is to be cost-effective and have volume. Streamline your menu to provide simple yet delicious offerings to avoid confusion. While having a wide array of offerings is great, it might confuse the consumer and drive them away. Having a lean menu, also makes it easier for your team to deliver faster and more efficiently. Remember that these dishes are also delivery-only, so avoid having complicated and hard-to-understand names.

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5. Make (and Break) Instagram

In today’s day and age, getting your Instagram game on point is one of the easiest ways to create a buzz. Not only does it allow you to showcase beautiful pictures of your offerings but also allows the users to post feedback. Invest time in getting a good shoot done for your brand and the dishes it offers to make a more compelling Instagram feed. Click, click and post your way into your customers’ hearts.

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6. Ingredient Crossovers

While your menu might boast of an array of dishes, make sure your recipes work for you. What that means is, to focus on dishes that have the same core ingredient. When you have ingredient crossover between multiple dishes, you can stock up on those ingredients at a reduced cost. It also helps keep food waste at a minimum, thereby increasing profitability.

End of the day, the scalability of your cloud kitchen really depends on being cost-effective and increasing profitability. Every little thing matters, in the long game.

What are some of the ways that have worked for you and your cloud kitchen business? Tell us here!

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