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How To Retain Your Online Ordering Customers

Customer retention refers to the process of using strategies and tactics to keep your existing customers engaged with your business.

Getting new customers is always exciting. But your business thrives only when you have loyal customers who visit you regularly. As well as the rise of online ordering makes it crucial to have a long-term relationship with your customers.

Harvard Business Review confirms that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. Retaining customers is thus the key to keeping your business running. 

Let’s Look At 5 Easy Steps To Retain Your Online Ordering Customers

Customer retention is easy and more cost-effective than customer acquisition. Here are the 5 most effective ways of retaining customers in your business.

1. Marketing Strategy

Marketing your brand and values is very crucial in keeping your old customers with you for a long period of time. Ensure your marketing strategy include the following tips for retaining maximum customers.

  • Give your customers a personalized experience. Prepare a customer calendar and greet your customers on their birthdays and anniversaries. Send them customized messages and e-mails on festive occasions. This helps you build personal connections with your customers.
  • Treat your customers with complimentary goodies. Prepare a list of your loyal customers and plan how much and what you can offer them as a gift. Maybe you can go and get a crockery item, or some other suitable material ready with your logo on it. Gifting such merchandise will not make your customers happy but will simultaneously promote your brand as well.
  • Without doubts, customers always look forward to some concession in price. Discuss with your consultant or use a POS system to decide your discounts and offers rate. 
  • A newsletter is one of the greatest ways to stay connected to your customers. It helps you keep in touch with your customers. You don’t have to wait for their birthdays or some festive reason to tell them how much you care about them. A monthly or bimonthly newsletter is the best route to update and attract your consumers.  

2. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are the most effective for retaining loyal customers. Loyalty Programs are all about choosing the right strategy. The top 7 loyalty programs to use in 2022.

  • Provide your customers with loyalty cards and reward cards and decide your discounts, coupon rates, and offers carefully.
  • Give early sneak-peeks to your old customers for every discount and event you are going to hold. 
  • Set purchase limits and offer gifts whenever your customer buys products from you over that limit.
  • Through a Loyalty Program, aim toward building a personalized bond with your customers. It will increase your customer’s lifetime value.
  • Hire a consultant to manage loyalty programs for your customers. Know other benefits of hiring a consultant.
  • Lastly, a POS system with CRM technology will definitely make it simple to choose a loyalty program.
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customer retention is the way forward in restaurant industry

3. Brand Ethics

Your values lay the foundation for how long your customers trust you.

  • First thing firsts, make sure the restaurant abides by all the legal procedures set for a restaurant.
  • Remain true to the ethical values that your restaurant established itself with.
  • Maintain sanitation and practice sustainability.
  • Appreciate your customers whenever you find an opportunity. Praise them for choosing your brand over others. For instance, when your customer downloads your app or visits your website send them an instant message applauding their choice. And when they visit you offline never miss to thank them when they leave your place.
  • Be attentive and prepared. Avoid making errors. But in case you do make a mistake, apologize. Apologize as soon as you make any mistake. Make sure your customers don’t go from your restaurant angry. Ask for your customer’s forgiveness whenever you make an error. Additionally, offering a free dessert or a drink for any sort of grievances always works.

4. Social Media presence

It goes without saying, social media advertising can be a game-changer in retaining customers and deciding your restaurant sales.

  • Post regularly on social media. It helps you reach and hold customers. Posting frequently also gives the idea that your restaurant is very active in its functioning.
  • Go live whenever your restaurant arranges any event. It makes people that your is the restaurant is doing good commercially. 
  • Share reels of gigs and other happening events that your restaurant holds. It gives the idea that your restaurant has a very lively atmosphere. Your customers can cheer their mood just by watching the reels of their favorite artists.
  • Hold giveaways on social media platforms. It is a good way to get more followers. Customers love getting rewards so treat them with exciting offers and goods. And don’t forget to feature the winner of giveaways on your social media pages.

guide to effective customer retention to increases profit

5. Customer Feedback

What your customer thinks is pivotal when it comes to long-term engagement with them.

  • Take feedback from your customers and work on your areas of improvement.
  • Feedbacks give you the chance to identify and categorize the problems of your restaurant. It helps you grow and become flawless by addressing the problems 
  • It helps you understand the analytics behind customer churn rates.
  • Feedback not only helps know your errors but also helps you know what your customers like you about the most. Keep doing that and see you can improve your USPs even more.
  • Use feedback to the utmost and always let your customers know that you have received their feedback and that you are working on it.

Customer retention requires the restaurant to have precise attention and to do a lot of hard work. However, if done correctly, customer retention can take your relationship with your customers and restaurant profit to the next level. Hope you will make optimal use of the suggestions offered in this article. 

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