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How to Reduce your Restaurant’s Costs and make it Sustainable?

Sustainability is something we all have heard before but trust us, it is way more than using paper straws and cups. These small changes do have a huge impact, there are more ways in which a restaurant can become sustainable by- sustainable farming, dining, and eating, fair product pricing.

These methods are more than just being trendy, it is to rope in customers who support the environmentally conscious business. Customers identify with the restaurant’s values and are likely to stay loyal

Let us understand restaurant sustainability and dig deeper into how restaurants can contribute to this change.

Understanding Restaurant Sustainability:

Restaurant Sustainability means operating restaurants in a way that protects and preserves the environment by addressing issues such as sustainable farming, reducing food wastage and recycling. Additionally, reducing waste and energy usage results in lower costs and increased profitability.

So, what can be changed?

Adopting a sustainable strategy brings more to the plate than the obvious benefits to the environment. You can introduce sustainability to all aspects of your business. As a restaurant owner, you can have the power to incorporate these changes into your business.

1. Cut Down on Add-ons

You can reduce the number of add-ons that you provide such as ketchup sachets, cutlery, paper napkins, or other condiment packets. Not all customers want all the addons and it goes to waste regardless. As a solution, it’s better to ask the customer if they require any of it.

2. Remove Excess Packaging Layers

Not all food products require multiple layers of Food packaging. Use as minimal layers of packaging as possible. Lesser layers can also mean smaller boxes. Cut down on plastic bags and foils and switch to paper bags. Revamp your packaging and shift from plastic to cardboard boxes or plant based boxes. These natural materials are renewable

3. Use Digital Receipts

digitaal recepts
digital receipts

Your Restaurant POS system will allow you to send a virtual receipt to your customers rather than wasting paper.

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4. Decrease Water and Energy Usage

Power your restaurant with solar panels. India is a great place to use solar energy which is significantly cheaper in cost as compared to normal electricity. Example: Apart from rooftop solar power plants, larger hotels including ITC Grand Chola and The Gateway Hotel IT Expressway Chennai also utilize wind energy which helps them cut down on their electricity consumption.

5. Minimize Food Waste

There is a huge amount of food waste generated from the restaurant industry on a daily basis. India currently created around 67 million metric tons of food waste per annum. First, use your restaurant billing software to understand and analyse your current inventory and inventory wastage by reports. Furthermore, adopt methods such as donating the excess food. These are some NGOs that collect food and distribute everyday. You could also set up your personal compost bins and grow few of your supplies by yourself.

6. Introduce Vegan Food Items

A vegan diet involves cutting down on specifically animal and dairy products. Veganism is on a rise due to consumer awareness of the health consequences. Introducing innovative vegan dishes will attract a huge customer base to your restaurant.

To sum it up, sustainable dining has been a widespread movement across India. For restaurant owners sustainability should cover all aspects of the business ranging from fair pricing to environmental conservation. Switching to sustainable practises is not only beneficial to the planet but it also adds value to your restaurant.

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