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How To Promote Your Cloud Kitchen?

As we all know, now is an exceptional time to enter the cloud kitchen business. With the entire Covid-19 situation and a shift in consumer behavior, an increasing number of customers prefer ordering from home. People are also willing to try new restaurants and cuisines.

Cloud kitchen, unlike brick-and-mortar restaurants, does not have a physical presence, which means that people cannot come and dine or see the restaurant while passing by. As a result, it is critical to carefully plan its promotion strategy. Cloud kitchen is simple to set up due to its low initial investment and simple procedures. However, there is a chance that your venture will fail or lose money.

To avoid such situations, you must understand what strategies and marketing ideas will help your business grow and gain popularity, in addition to the necessary prerequisites.

Here are 5 things you must have on your checklist to promote your Cloud Kitchen:

1. Optimise Your Website

In today’s world, having a website for your cloud kitchen business is a must.

restaurant website marketing

  • Make sure your website contains all of the necessary information, such as a detailed menu, delivery channels, hotline numbers, customer reviews and ratings, and so on.
  • Now comes the designing part; ensure that your website design is user-friendly and that everything on it is self-explanatory. This would result in proper customer engagement and would be a determining factor in increasing your restaurant’s sales.
  • Following that, make sure your restaurant’s Google My Business account is up to date.
  • Also, for proper optimisation, keep track of the most recent search trends using Google Keyword Planner and Google Search Trends. Include all of your primary keywords on your website pages, and don’t forget to optimise your website for mobile devices as well.

2. Social Media Marketing

Given that your business won’t have any physical presence, your social media presence will speak for you! Building on the previous points, listing your business on various social media platforms is vital to reach customers, increase sales and improve brand presence. Social media has enormous power; all you have to do is harness it.

restaurant social media marketing

  1. Mark your business presence on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. You need to be where your customers are, Simple!
  2. Post pictures, videos, reels etc of how food is prepared and packed for delivery. This will keep them updated and might draw sales.
  3. Run ads to increase your reach and attract potential customers.
  4. Engage with your followers by replying to their comments or messages. Solving their queries or providing them with any information they need.

3. Run enough Sales Promotion And Offers

One of the most tactical ways to retain your customers or attract new customers in this competing industry is to offer discounts and offers. It is not a new strategy but definitely effective if you follow effective practices. It is important to strike a balance between when and how to run promotions and offers. Excess of anything is harmful.

cloud kitchen marketing

  • Provide introductory offers – Nudge your new customers with special offers.This strategy mainly attracts them to try your brand.
  • Loyalty based incentives– Reward your regulars for choosing you repeatedly. It is important for any business to have repeat orders from existing customers. This means they are satisfied by your service and offerings.
  • Promotions during holidays– Holidays means people are free and spending more time online. It is a good time to promote your business online. Run different promotion campaigns.
  • Free delivery– Make sure you don’t hurt your margins while doing this.
  • BOGO offer– BOGO stands for “buy one, get one,” is a popular type of sales promotion.
  • Reward Referrals from Existing Customers– This is a classic marketing strategy. People are more ready to try if it comes from one of their own.
  • Retarget visitors with a Custom Offer– Personalised offers tend to get noticed more.
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4. Leverage Your Aggregators

Online food aggregator marketplaces have grown exponentially in recent times. As a result, it is important to understand how to leverage these online food aggregators in order to stay on top of the cloud kitchens marketing game!

cloud kitchen- zomato, swiggy

  • Integrate with Online delivery platforms– Put your business on platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon etc. This will directly expose you to the market where customers are looking for home deliveries. These food aggregator services have captured the market and have broad target audience.
  • Though these platforms charge a very high percentage of revenue per order, cloud kitchens can still benefit from them. It is advised that newly established brands advertise their products and services on aggregator portals in order to gain more visibility and attract more customers.

5. Run Advertisements

Paid Media has a different kind of power- it is much more targeted and impactful.

cloud kitchen ads

  • It is an extremely powerful medium of promoting your business where you can choose your target audience on basis of age, demographic, gender etc.
  • This also helps you personalise your message to different target groups.
  • It is important to set a budget and make sure you don’t spend heaps on it. It is versatile effective and expensive
  • You can run Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads
  • You can also give out advertisements in newspapers, magazines and pamphlets
  • You can also monitor the effectiveness of your ads, and adjust your ad spend based on the performance.

Remember discounts are all about balance. If you use them sparingly and offer them at the right place to the right people, at the right time, they can provide you great results.

Do you provide discounts? And what are your experiences? Or maybe you’ve tried an alternative not mentioned in this post? Leave a comment below and share it with us.

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