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How To Promote Your Bakery Business In A New Way 

Competing in any business is difficult nowadays especially in the bakery business as there are too many large chains, local shops and home bakers available in the market. Therefore, it becomes all the more necessary to promote your bakery business at a level above the traditional marketing tactics. 

Promoting your bakery business without having quality products, new menu item introduction and uniqueness is fairly difficult. Before getting into marketing or promoting your bakery business you should focus on developing product uniqueness and standard of quality. 

Only once you have the best brownie in the whole town, can you promote it as the best brownie in the whole town.  With an effective promotion, you can turn a random buyer into a regular customer. 

Now Let’s All The Different Ways You Can Promote Your Bakery Business:  

Participate In Food And Beverage Events/ Exhibitions 

Food and beverages events and exhibitions happen all the time in Different cities according to seasons or festivals. These events are a great way to promote your Bakery business and give the kind of exposure your business requires. 

The crowd in this event are always in a mood to experiment, find good outsourcing,  and be on top of industry trends. Hence, they will be willing to give a shot to new businesses and products giving you a great contact list of potential customers. 

You can also meet your competitors and other industry players to analyse your uniqueness and know the industry standards. Also, make sure to distribute plenty of food samples so that people can try your products. 

Connect With Influential Food Bloggers

Influencers are basically social media profiles of users who actively post about their areas of interest such as food, fashion, mental health awareness, business, etc. They have a good base of followers who believe and trust them in the area of their interest. They serve as a liaison between the brands and the consumers.

If you partner with a good food blogger or food enthusiast then their followers are most likely to visit your profile or business website and more importantly open to trying your products. Which is what you as a bakery owner want right?

Open Pop-Up Shops

If you are running a cloud kitchen or a small local shop in one area of a city then you can try opening pop up shops for your Bakery. This will give you a great opportunity to explore new markets and target audiences at a low investment cost. 

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You can pre-plan these pop-up shops according to different seasons like Diwali, summer vacations, Christmas, valentine’s Day etc. This experiment will also help you in deciding which area to target next for the growth of your Bakery business.

Cupcakes and pastries in a transparent box | Promote Your Bakery Business In A New Way

Create Digital Menu

Do you know the best advantage of having a digital menu? It’s not easily shareable and maintains safety. But, the biggest advantage is that you can easily update and edit your menus without incurring any extra printing costs. The price of raw materials has increased? You’re planning to introduce a new seasonal menu in your bakery? No worries as you can change the menu easily for free. 

With digital menus promoting your business becomes very easy and updated as you just have to post your updated menu online. You can add a section in the menu that is dedicated to your new products and limited offers. You can also interlink your digital menu with your online ordering website so that your customers can directly click on the menu item and place their orders.

Using Social Media

Social media platforms are creating and revamping their algorithms to promote business and marketing every passing day. You can use multiple social media platforms to promote your business in form of reels (most trending), videos, stories and posts.

It is advisable to not post randomly instead make a marketing strategy and a marketing calendar to help map and avail all possible opportunities at the right time. You can also run ads on social media platforms in a very pocket-friendly way to promote your business. Make sure to always use high-resolution photos, have a good food photography session and avoid any spelling/ grammatical/ offensive language online as it can backfire immediately. 

Third-Party Listings 

Promote your bakery business by listing on top fooddelivery applications available in your area. These listings will open a pool of potential customers for your business and also help you in discovery and brand presence. 

When you apply for these listings make sure of the following: 

  • Optimize your content 
  • Proofread your profile and make sure there are no spelling errors
  • Add Eye-Catching Photos
  • Write Exceptional Menu Descriptions
  • Highlight Best Sellers And New Menu Items
  • Make sure to get Good Customer Reviews
  • Offer Discounts & Combos
People enjoying food at a cafe | Promote Your Bakery Business In A New Way

Apart from this, focus on customer experience and retention and they will promote your business for you through Word of mouth. You can also send regular emails to your customers related to new launches, discounts & offers or business updates. These emails will help them remember your business from time to time.  

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