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How To Open An Ice-Cream Parlor In India In 2022

India is a land of ice-cream lovers! It is sick to say that ice-cream is just for kids because be it kids, adults or elderly everyone is fond of ice-creams. The longest season that India experiences is- Summer and what’s better than a chilled ice-cream cone in your hand as you walk down the road.

Ice-cream industry has evolved a lot in India. In the 90s, people use to wait for hours and keep peeping through their window to spot the ice-cream cart passing by. Cut to the 2000s, ice-cream parlors have come into the picture and have gained a huge base in the industry.

Let’s see how you can open a Ice-cream parlor in India in today’s time.

1. Deciding the format

Ice-creams are no longer just about the flavors. It is also about the texture, consistency and toppings. You need to decide the format of your ice-cream parlor whether is it live counter, nitrogen, cold stone, pre-packed, ice-cream rolls and etc. Once you finalized the format, you can then calculate how much space will be required for your ice-cream parlor.

2. Location

Location plays an very important role in the success of your parlor. Make sure to pick a place where there is a high footfall ratio. Location such as- malls, high-end fashion street, food street, children activities/fun area and etc. You should also make sure that the area you select is frequently visited by your target audience.

Also, buying an ice-cream is usually an impulse decision so make sure your parlor is easily accessible and there is ample parking space.

3. Menu


Once the format and the location are set you need to finalize the menu. You need to list down all the products that you’re planning to sell and flavors you will cater. It is advisable that you keep your prices low initially to attract more customers. You should not underestimate the power of word of mouth. Moreover, look around and observe the competition what prices and services they provide.

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Focus on marketing your parlor be it making social presence, offer discounts, pamphlets, etc

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4. Equipments & Staff

Let’s talk about the machines and manpower you will need to run your parlor.

Here’s a list of basic equipments you will need:

  • Display Refrigerator
  • Storage refrigerator (min 50 liters)
  • Ice-cream maker
  • Inventory storage unit and utensils
  • Raw materials including packaging
  • Furniture
  • Miscellaneous

If you are in an area where electricity outrage happens frequently then you need to invest in a noiseless generator as well. Without the generator you will face a lot of loss and food wastage as ice-cream melts away very quickly.

The good thing about having an Ice-cream parlor is that it doesn’t require a lot of staff. 2-3 people can successfully run the parlor. A cashier, a staff member who will manage front-end activities such as greeting the customer, suggesting the flavors and serving them and third staff member who will manage back-end activities such as inventory management, ice-cream making and accounting. Specially skilled labor such as chef or a bar tender is not required as making ice-creams is comparatively simpler.

5. Licenses

Ice-cream parlors don’t have to apply all kinds of licenses like a dine-in restaurant. However, there are a few licenses that they need to apply for compulsorily.

Tips for running your ice-cream parlor successfully

  • Keep the taste consistent
  • Create personal relations with your customer
  • Ace your social media presence
  • Register on food delivery apps
  • Apply for late night license as 9PM onwards is the prime time for ice-cream consumption
  • Ice-cream market is very niche make sure to research well
  • Keep innovative and introducing new flavors

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