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How To Market Your Icecream Parlour Business In An Advanced Way

Despite the fact that everyone enjoys icecream, some outstanding marketing is required to generate demand for your icecream parlour business.

Begin by establishing positive public relations and making your company stand out. Your customer base should know that your ice cream parlour can meet their expectations. 

Apart from using standard promotional methods like coupons or buy one, get one free deal, let’s look at all the other ways you can promote your icecream parlour business

5 Ways To Promote Your Icecream Parlour Business In India

1.  Create Unique Ice Cream Flavours 

The traditional icecream flavours are crucial, but they may not be the ones that keep customers coming back. Most ice cream business owners believe one of the keys reason for their success is creating special, bold and innovative flavours

One approach to distinguish out is to offer superior ice cream goods and excellent service. Other ice cream parlours in your city may sell soft serve with a limited flavour selection and a fast-food atmosphere. You can, however, provide something unique. People are always willing to pay for high-quality goods, excellent service, and variety.

While the popularity of classic vanilla or chocolate cone cannot be denied, variety is the spice of life. Most of us don’t always want the same thing. Seasonal flavours and unusual and unique flavour combinations can help to generate repeat customers. Limited availability drives demand, and seasonal flavours can provide diversity to a menu without requiring a major makeover. You might be able to use this method to connect with your existing consumer base as well. Adding a flavour or ingredient that is popular in local cuisine to an ice cream flavour, for example, can make your items more relevant to your customers.

2. Launch A Referral Program

Investing in a loyalty program can go a long way. It will allow you to execute referral marketing so that you can swiftly grow a large following. This is a simple method by which you promote your business through your customers. You want to get your consumers excited about your icecream parlour so they can tell their friends and family. Don’t start from scratch when creating a referral program. After all, other businesses have already done the legwork for you.

Petpooja POS provides a loyalty program along with its billing, inventory, menu, online ordering and other functions. This loyalty program is highly customizable and can help you scale your marketing efforts. 

3. Host A Contest

Consider holding a contest if you want your icecream parlour to gain hype and popularity. While we typically think of contests as a phoney technique to attract new users, some of the most successful new businesses in the previous decade have adopted this same strategy.

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YouTube became the world’s most popular video-sharing website by giving away a free iPod Nano every day to those who uploaded videos and invited friends. This is a wonderful place to start if you want to expand your icecream business quickly. The difference is that contests are a lot easier to run now, thanks to tools that weren’t available when YouTube first launched. Instagram is one such great tool to organise a contest in today’s social media world.

You can host a fun icecream challenge that will help you know which flavours earn the most popularity, the demographics of your target audience and boost your sales in long run.

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4. Host Tasting events at Your Local Grocery Store

Your local reliance, star bazaar and other supermarts are a great place to host tasting events for your icecream parlour business. A simple photo booth along with a small refrigerator containing new flavours and toppings can be hosted. People at shopping can have their cravings satisfied and can pose with the photobooth on their social media profiles. 

Make sure the supermart or exhibition or event has good enough footfall per day. These booths will not only help you in boosting your sales but also help you grow your brand presence, expand your customer base and easily do a pilot tasting for your new icecream flavours to check the public response. 

5. Connect With Influential Food Bloggers

Influencers are basically social media profiles of users who actively post about their areas of interest such as food, fashion, mental health awareness, business, etc. They have a good base of followers who believe and trust them in the area of their interest. They serve as a liaison between the brands and the consumers.

If you partner with a good food blogger or food enthusiast and they promote your icecreams and business then their followers are most likely to visit your icecream parlour or order online. Which is what you as an icecream parlour owner want right?

Need help in building a perfect online ordering website for your icecream parlour business? Here you go – 7 Effective Tips To Design The Perfect Online Ordering Website For Your Restaurant

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Apart from this, invest in a good Icecream POS that helps you absorb the flowing orders and helps you enhance customer experience. You can also send regular emails to your customers related to new launches, discounts & offers or business updates. These emails will help them remember your business from time to time.  

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