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How To Manage Inventory For My Icecream Parlour?

The weather has officially hit 40° and that just means one thing- ICECREAM!! For icecream parlour businesses this is the perfect time to scale their business.

Managing inventory is one of the big contributors to scaling your ice cream parlour business. Inventory management for icecream parlour requires special types of equipment and attention.

Your entire current stock and inventory can go to waste if your refrigerators are not backed up and similar issues like this can spoil your profitability and make it difficult for you to manage your icecream parlour. Therefore, you need good inventory management and storage routine for your business. 

Let’s See How You Can Boost Profitability And Manage Inventory For Your Icecream Parlour

1. Warehouse Management With Route Plan

Your goal is to serve your ice creams fresh and the POS software you plan on investing in should help you in doing the same. Invest in a good inventory management solution that gets you fresh delivery from your central kitchen or warehouse every morning as per your set schedules.

You should be able to manage complete stock at your central warehouse, as well as the parlour. In case of multiple branches or outlets, you should be able to generate a route plan with information on items to be dropped off at each different location.

This system not just saves time but is also more efficient as it is automated which will help you in scaling your business and reduce costs in long term. 

2.  Low Stock Alerts

Low stock alerts basically notify the staff and the users about the low amount of inventory left of a particular item. For example, if you set a low stock alert of vanilla icecream at 2 kgs in your icecream parlour then every time the stock of vanilla icecream hits 2 kgs or less you will be notified of the same through low stock alerts. 

Low stock alerts are the most basic service in any inventory management software. If your software doesn’t even provide that then why have you even subscribed to it?

3. Set Re-Order Stock Level

Never fear running out of stock using a smart Ice cream POS with the Inventory Management as they will allow you to set re-order stock levels. With this feature, you can set the re-order quantity of your raw materials after monitoring the daily consumption and every time your stock hits low levels it will automatically place an order after proper authentication. 

The feature also helps you in eliminating the shortage of raw materials due to underordering or food wastage due to overordering your raw materials. Also, it saves your time by doing these menial tasks with automation so that you can focus on providing a better customer experience or planning for the future. 

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4. Real-Time Inventory Tracking 

An inventory tracking system can do many things but the most important thing to consider is giving you real-time data on how much inventory is left in the back of your kitchen. Invest in a software that updates inventory stock levels as soon as the invoice of an order is recorded in the system. 

This will help you in optimizing the preparation and delivery time and keeps track of product movement leading to overall efficiency in business. Currently, in the restaurant industry software companies have considered the convenience and developed a mobile application for Inventory management. This makes lives even more flexible and easy. Now one can smartly use a mobile application on the go and take inventory-related actions. 

5. Item Expiration Alerts

Most inventory management software fails to remind the staff or the users about the expiry of raw materials which can paint an inaccurate picture of your business operations. Given the nature of an icecream business, you need to be very careful with the expiration of products as most of the raw materials involved have a short shelf life. You may think you have 10 litres of milk and 2 litres of strawberry puree in the inventory but how much of it is edible is the more valuable information to know. 

Not having expiry alerts can also increase food wastage in the kitchen and affect the overall profitability of your business. 

Consider this before you purchase a software subscription. If you are notified of expiry alerts, even if you can’t sell the items made of those raw materials you can make the item and donate it to the needy so it is at least consumed by somebody instead of being a pure waste.

best inventory management system for my icecream business

Now that you know what exactly are you looking for, consider these factors before buying any software for your icecream parlour. You can also try buying an Icecream POS for your business. A POS specially curated for an icecream business will not just provide you with all the above-mentioned inventory management features but infact will also help you with Billing, CRM, Reporting, Managing Online orders and many more such things. 

Petpooja POS apart from providing all the necessary features and services has 150+ third-party integrations that will help you scale and manage your business. They also have a mobile application for inventory so that you can do inventory checks within minutes. 

Don’t shy away, take a demo and see how advanced technology can help you, your staff and your business grow multifold! 

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