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How To Grow Your Icecream Parlour Business In India?

All of us know that an icecream parlour business is seasonal and does face a slow down in the winters. But icecream business owners can’t shut off their operations till they see the sun shining bright again, right? 

We all desire growth whether it’s personal, professional or business-related.  

Let’s See How You Can Expand Your Icecream Business In India

1. Tap Into Trends 

The key to growing any business is to keep bringing new innovations. Yes, there are die-hard fans of simple vanilla and chocolate icecreams but can you grow your business by just providing that? The answer is no!

You need to keep up with the seasonal, industry and world trends to remain competitive. Introduce seasonal flavours like mango, lychee, custard apple icecreams. Add festival flavours, packaging and innovations like a scary packaging with a mystery item inside for Halloween special or a green-red colour based icecream with Santa packaging for Christmas or a valentine’s day special icecream to gifted to their loved ones. Participating and adapting to these changes will help you boost your sales, marketing and branding for your business even in slow cycles. 

2. Upsell Your Icecreams 

You must be already providing tonnes of icecream flavours along with toppings in your parlour what if you get some add ons and provide something more than icecream? 

A simple investment in a coffee or waffle machine can go a long way. You can serve waffles, brownies, fudge and coffees along with your icecreams. This will increase the sales of your icecream as well as other items. Moreover, this will keep your customers coming back to your business even in slow cycles.

Icecreams and waffles on a table | Grow Your Icecream Parlour Business In India

3. Pop Up Shops

Summers will drive your customers straight to you. However, as the season changes, your icecream business will slip away from the customer’s mind. You may see a reduced footfall, they will no longer come to you but you can always go to them

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Open a pop-up shop in your neighbourhood supermarkets, cinemas and local events where there is a high footfall ratio. This will give you a great opportunity to be right where people are, explore new markets and target audiences at a low investment cost. 

You can pre-plan these pop-up shops according to different seasons like Diwali, summer vacations, Christmas, valentine’s Day etc. This experiment will also help you in deciding which area to target next for the growth of your icecream parlour business.

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4. Invest In A Reliable Icecream POS 

As and when you grow your icecream parlour business you need strong support and automation to remain on top of your business operations. Invest in an icecream pos that will help you in absorbing the flowing orders and helps you enhance the customer experience.

Petpooja POS has designed an icecream POS for business owners just like you! It will help you with everything including Billing, Inventory, CRM, Reporting, Menu Management, Handling Online orders and many more such things. Apart from providing all the necessary features and services it also provides 150+ third-party integrations that will help you scale and manage your business. 

Let the POS handles all the operational hassles for your outlet while you focus on your customer and business trends.

Don’t shy away, take a demo and see how advanced technology can help you, your staff and your business grow multifold! 

Two persons holding icecreams | Grow Your Icecream Parlour Business In India

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