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How To Do Social Media Marketing For Your Restaurant

With the power of the internet, the entire world is now connected and actively interacting with events happening globally. And Social media has emerged as an unprecedented channel of marketing. More and more people are joining social media every day. From the business point of view, the client base is increasing massively. Social media is not just providing people with a platform to interact with the world but is also creating open spaces for the exchange of opinions and reviews.

In today’s time, having a social media account for your restaurant is as essential as having a business license. According to a research, 75% of people research restaurants before picking one. This decision is highly based on the ambience, food and menu images uploaded on social media. And so, if your restaurant business is not present on social media, you are missing out on a great and free-of-cost marketing platform! There are many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google where you can market your business. But you might be wondering, how to get started? Well, keep reading to know

How To Do Social Media Marketing Of Your Restaurant!

1. Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the original marketing platform. And so, your page on Facebook helps create authenticity for your business. Time-to-time updates about your restaurants, posting about offers and special discounts, updating menus and even creating a marketplace to sell your additional services, can be easily done on Facebook. With the recent algorithm, even Facebook is promoting social media marketing and channelling the crowd towards businesses to create more traffic. With the platform’s Add management, you can easily create ads for your business. These ads are shareable across all other platforms too. Posting twice a day is ideal to keep your customers updated. To increase your search, make your profile interesting and interactive. Pay attention to geo-tags to increase traffic. And don’t forget, click delectable pictures of your food!

Facebook social media marketing is helpful for business growth.

2. Instagram Marketing

On average, an Instagram user spends close to an hour on the application. This makes Instagram second to Facebook for being the most used social media platform. With so many people actively using the application, the restaurant owners need to be on their toes to promote their business and get the massive attraction. Instagram is the one place you want to show off your photography skills because people love to watch food videos. So next time, your chef is cooking something in that wok, keep your camera ready and click! Uploading pictures of your ambience, menu and food is the perfect way to attract more customers.

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Just like Facebook, Instagram algorithm promotes businesses. And so, by posting reels, sharing posts and even customer reviews, you can create your own brand image. Another important factor to remember is to use the correct hashtags. Using the correct and right amount of hashtags increases the range of reach of the post. If you are hosting any event or having a themed event planned then, by posting about it, sharing reviews, reposting and even going live can help with social media marketing.

Instagram marketing helps expand business reach for restaurants

3. Twitter

There is no way that you haven’t seen Swiggy and Zomato‘s witty tweets! Those two brands have used Twitter to increase their client base. The same can be done for your brand too! The best way is to start slow. Tweet and update your customers about any new offers, discounts and menu updates. Gone are the days of putting ‘Today’s special board’ out of your restaurant. You can update your customers by simply twisting with some interesting emojis and correct hashtags!

Twitter helps in creating social media marketing for restaurants in India

4. Youtube

Many might not agree with Youtube being a social media platform. But despite the biases, it is a platform that has a large customer base. More and more restaurants and reaching out to customers by uploading their client testimonials, artsy videos of their restaurants, menu, kitchen and food. Being active on youtube can also reach new customers and built a brand!

youtube video marketing for restaurants and cloud kitchens

The world is witnessing the power of social media now! There is everything you can do just by experimenting online until you discover your USP. Starting small and keeping the content engaging is the only way to gain more customers and followers!

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Ishika Tripathi
Ishika Tripathi
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