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How To Do Email Marketing To Attract More Customers For Your Restuarant?

Email marketing is not dead even with the trend overflowing towards social media. Email marketing is a very relevant, cost-effective and personalized channel to upgrade your restaurant marketing game.

It is also a good medium to communicate your business achievements, discounts, offers, new launches and much more.

Let’s See How You Can Do Email Marketing To Increase Footfall In Your Restaurant Business

1. Build Your Audience 

In order to build a genuine audience for your email marketing campaigns, you should save details of every customer that visits your restaurant, calls your queries or has interacted with you on social media or anywhere else. Contact details like name, phone number, email address and DOB are basic details that you should be collecting. 

Don’t wait till you have 100 or 1000 contacts you can start small and make your way up. You can also collect customer email ids if you make it mandatory before placing the order and even at the time of collecting feedback.

 Make sure you take your audience’s consent before sending emails otherwise you will be making a poor and forceful impression on your customers. 

2. Segment Your Audience 

Segmentation of your audience basically means categorizing your audience into smaller groups which is a very important step of the process. You need to mainly segment your audience into two groups i.e The customers that have purchased something from you and Your potential customers who have just inquired about your business on social media or cancelled orders etc. Based on these very important segments you can design your email marketing campaigns accordingly.

For example, if there are any new features of your product that only your existing customers can buy then there is no point in sending that to your potential customer segment. But if there are new launches in the company that your customer and potential customers can be interested in then you can send those campaigns to both groups.

3. Design Content 

Design your content in a simple, informative and creative manner. Focus more on writing an eye-catchy subject line that drives more open rates. Design your content in a way that solves your customer’s problems not just to sell your products or services.

Make sure the content is not misleading or offensive in any way. Choose a theme that makes your email look professional and neat. Divide your email into sub-parts by formatting them in that way and adding relevant information to it. 

Restaurant Email Marketing Done Right

4. Optimise Your Content 

  • The content is not too lengthy
  • At least add 1 media content in the email to avoid making it boring
  • Images should not be blurred or heavy in size that it takes more time to load
  • Make sure the email is not cluttered with different fonts, colours, themes and images
  • Email should be mobile friendly
  • Avoid spelling errors or grammatical mistakes
  • Don’t forget to add direct CTAs (Call To Action) to your email campaign 
  • Providing an unsubscribe button at the end of the email is mandatory so that uninterested people can unsubscribe to your emails easily
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5. Send Test Emails

Before you hit that send button and your email campaign is sent to all your customers or potential customers, send that same email to yourself and your team members to proofread it. You need to check how your email looks if it is opened on a desktop or mobile, whether the media is loading or playing correctly on time and many other things. 

A third perspective on an email campaign is very helpful as they will be able to tell you whether they understand what you’re trying to communicate or not and might be able to point out things that you might have missed. 

Email etiquette-email marketing for restaurant

6. Analyze The Response

Email marketing is a game of trial and error. Analyzing each and every email that is sent is very important. Top four things that you should consider while analyzing your email marketing campaign:

  1. Open rate
  2. Click-through rate
  3. The time at which most people open your emails
  4. Unbsubription requests after the email campaign were sent

Even when your email didn’t perform well and has low open rates it’s still worth it as it tells you what went wrong which is important. With analysis you can know the following:

  1. Best day to send your emails?
  2. Best time to send your emails?
  3. Adding 2 media content boosts your open rate?
  4. What type of subject line works best for you?
  5. Have your open rates been increasing or decreasing in a particular segment?
  6. Are there any conversions from the potential customer segment?
    And much more…

By taking note of this you can plan your future emails accordingly to boost your open rates and convert more potential customers into buyers of your business.

7. Be Consistent

Plan your email campaigns in advance and be regular in sending those emails. You can select a specific day and time to schedule your email and follow it throughout. 

Send relevant emails that either help your audience to gain knowledge or relevant information that they might be interested in. Don’t send irrelevant emails just for the sake of being consistent. Subscribe to other companies’ newsletters and emails within and outside your industry to understand their email marketing strategy in order to create your own.

Personalized Birthday email strategy for restaurants

Email marketing can help you stay connected with your audience and if done right can even keep your customers coming again and again to your restaurant as well. 

You can invest in email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, MoEngage, Outplayhq, Sendinblue etc for a better understanding of your email campaigns and automate them.

Hope this helps you in building good email marketing campaigns. Follow us on Instagram for more restaurant updates!

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