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How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Restaurant Interior?

We might have visited a restaurant many times just because we like the way we feel when we are there. The ambience of a place plays a massive role in deciding how well someone likes a particular place.

The restaurant ambience is the sum of many considerable factors like design, interior, furniture, seating, and a lot more. Another determining factor is the restaurant’s colour.

The colours used in your restaurant interior aren’t just a decorative tool. They have more functions than just enhancing your ambience.

The colours you use inside your restaurant have a significant impact on your customer’s psyche. Colours influence a customer’s psychology and have the capacity to generate specific emotional effects and consequently influence customer behaviour. It is, therefore, crucial to choose the colour scheme of your restaurant wisely.

Your Guide To Decide Perfect Colours For Your Restaurant Interior

You cannot choose the colours for your restaurant interior randomly. Different colours invoke different emotions and influence customers in different ways. Hence it is essential that you choose the colour or colour scheme of your restaurant after careful consideration. Take the following points into account before you pick a colour for your restaurant.

1. Figure Out Your Needs

Don’t just go on to choosing a colour right away. Think before you choose a colour. Figure out your purpose then decide. Take the following things into consideration:

  • How big is your restaurant? The size of your restaurant plays an important role. For example, light colours make a place look more spacious and appealing while using darker shades for a compact room makes it look smaller.
  • How many customers do you cater to in a day? The number of customers you have in your restaurant is another important factor. No customer should feel congested in your restaurant. Using soothing colours or colours that have a calming effect can save you in this situation.
  • Does your colour scheme align with your brand vision? You have to be mindful that your colour scheme is in tune with your larger brand goal. 
  • What is your business type? The type of your business is also decisive. People expect different vibes from different eating places. For example, going to a cafe rings a different bell whereas going to a dine-in, club, or fast-food chain ring differently. People select the clothes they wear according to the place they are going in such a case the colours you choose should be after more conscious thought.

What you want to achieve with those colours should be your main concern before picking up the colour. It will give you a direction and purpose which will tremendously help you make the right decision.

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restaurant interior color can increase your sales

2. In Accordance With Space

With the right colours, you can make your restaurant look more appealing and comforting.

2.1 Colours For Spacious Restaurant

If your restaurant is spacious, you need to make it appear welcoming and delightful. To achieve that you need to go for picking up some warm colours.

  • Warm colours like yellow, red, and orange and their combinations can work magically to make your restaurant appear a pleasant place to be.  
  • The shades of yellow, red, and orange induce the feeling of warmth, optimism, excitement, enthusiasm, and comfort. 

2.2 Colours For Compact Restaurant

If your restaurant is compact, you need to make it appear accommodating and comfortable at the same time.

  • Using light colours like white, beige, and light grey or combinations of these colours to carry out the desired results.
  • Alongside using light colours, use cool colours like blue, green, and purple in contrast. A contrasting combination of cool and light colours will make your restaurant appear spacious.
  • Go for a minimalistic approach. For small spaces removing unnecessary objects also work magically. 

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restaurant interior colour to try in 2022

3. In Accordance With Appetite

Colours have a direct influence on your food choices. Some colours induce more hunger while some colours curb it.  

3.1 Appetite Inducing Colours

The shades of yellow, red, and orange do not just make a place look more comforting. The feeling of being warm, energetic, and optimistic at a restaurant as a consequence stimulates hunger.

  • The red colour signals our brain to be more active and makes us hasty and restless. This haste also increases our hunger and makes a customer choose without thinking twice.
  • Yello and green invoke completeness. These colours make you want to achieve wholesomeness. Who knows your customer might end up ordering more food.

3.2 Appetite Suppressing Colours

The shades of blue and purple suppress appetite. 

  • Avoid using these shades to paint all the walls solid with them.
  • You can try shades of blue and purple with other colours in moderation for a club or a corner where you don’t expect your customers to eat. 

ideas for restaurant interior and color scheme

Choosing the precise colour scheme can take your restaurant sales and profit forward by positively influencing customer behaviour. Analyze your needs. Carefully examine your restaurant location, the space, and customers.  You have to be mindful of your customer and their choices to predict the correct colours to influence their decisions. Use a trusted Pos with Customer Relation Management technology to make predictions about your customers. Then figure out which colours will suit your restaurant better. Decide smartly and take your restaurant to the next step of success.

Hope this blog helps you choose the right colours for your restaurant and helps you improve your restaurant sales and profit.

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