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How To Automate And Grow Your Restaurant Using POS?

Petpooja recently hosted an insightful and interactive webinar on how restaurant owners can efficiently use POS to automate and grow their restaurant business.

Our guest speaker- Mr. Shaival Desai (VP & Director at Petpooja) has been a part of this industry for more than 6 years and has been developing advanced products. He talked about a lot of important aspects and features a POS should have.


Here are some key points discussed in the webinar:

1. What are some of the basic features you should expect from a POS?

Since a long time restaurant owners use to handle their entire business offline and manually which created a total burn out effect and increasing cost in the long run. A POS is the solution to all those manpower and money wasted on things which could easily be automated. When you as a restaurant owner invests in a POS you expect ease of activities, automation of process and decrease of cost in return am I right? Given that statement you POS should have these basic features to be called as a efficient and new gen POS:

  • Orders/KOTs Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Central kitchen Management
  • Franchise Kitchen Management
  • 50+ Reports
  • Menu
  • Anti-theft
  • Inventory management

2. What are some of the basic integrations you should expect from a POS?

Integrations are a huge part of any POS given these days. Integrations helps you achieve things with much less time and in a few clicks. Here are a few must have integrations in your POS:

  • Enterprise integrations
    • Tally
    • Microsoft dynamics 365
    • SAP
  • SMS integrations
  • CRM integrations
    • Reelo
    • Exclusife
    • Bingage
    • Hashtag Loyalty
    • Others
  • Online ordering widget
    • Gupshup
    • Thrive
    • Uengage
    • Thirsty crow
    • Dotpe

Restaurant staff members will be amazed by some of these very useful features. As a restaurant owner you should expect your POS to provide such integrations to you.

3. USPs of Petpooja POS

  • Simplicity: We believe in simplicity in all our products that we build. We understand that in a busy day of a restaurant you want to input data quickly within a few clicks and not in a slow grinding process where people waste more time in putting data in place. We also understand that your restaurant staff may not be specially skilled to understand hard processes. Keeping all this in mind we thrive for making POS as simple as possible.
  • 24×7 Support: Every restaurants faces each day differently. We provided a constant support to all our restaurateurs whether you’re serving your customers at 5AM, over festivals or holidays. If there is any issue with the POS our support team will have your back.
  • Integrations: Haven’t we said enough about how important integrations are already? Having said that Petpooja provides 100+ integrations on its software from delivery to payment to accounting to CRM and much much more. You can see about our integrations from our marketplace page.
  • Innovation: We at Petpooja are tech savvy and innovative people. We never stop making process from smooth to smoother. We have developed a lot of advance products like waiter calling device, robots and many other things are in progress. Our advance products have cost efficiency and staff efficiency in center.
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4. Free features provided by Petpooja POS

Here are some services that Petpooja provides for free and you should must get your hands on it:

  • Inventory application (download from pos itself)
  • Scan and order service
  • Briefcase
  • Green receipts (whatsapp bills)
  • Third party integrations (some of them are paid but we provide 1 years trail for free)

5. Difference between Petpooja+ and Petpooja Pro

  • Petpooja Plus is a bundle of services that includes almost all the essential marketplace services that an outlet owner would require. Petpooja plus the name speaks for itself, it’s a real pocket saver for the outlet. Plus package will cover 13 services in it that includes but not limited to Website development and online ordering widget. The price is INR 8000/- additionally charged.
  • Petpooja Pro package is a combo pack of switching to buy entire marketplace services at one go. Merchants will not only get the Value addition to their basic POS features but it will also help the merchant increase their revenue by using the Petpooja Dynamic service which is covered under Petpooja PRO pack. In simple terms, PRO covers plus and dynamic reports services. The price is INR 11000/- additionally charged.

We hope you can use some of these pointers to accelerate your restaurant automation & growth.
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Fatema Rasiwala
Fatema Rasiwala
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