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How Restaurants Are Overcoming The Challenges Of Omicron?

The new wave of the contagion brought the world and the restaurant industry to yet another inflection point early this year. Restaurants have had to find ways to stay afloat, yet again; after just a few short months of things have gone back to a new normal. Having said that, the F&B industry has also been one of the most resilient through the pandemic. Like always before, it has successfully managed to overcome the challenges, this time around as well. 

With a fresh batch of Omicron challenges for restaurants, here are some ways the F&B industry plans to bounce back!

1. Deliveries and Takeaways

With the onset of new Omicron challenges, the hesitancy of customers to eat in restaurants returned too. In order to tackle this, restaurants went back to the drawing board and fell back to deliveries and takeaways in light of government restrictions. Restaurants are working from the ground up to shorten preparation time to service more orders and deploy more people and aggregators. 

online food delivery management

2. Customer Loyalty Programs

However, along with ramping up focus on deliveries and takeaways, restaurants have also started to capitalize on customer relations they established earlier. More restaurants have launched customer loyalty programs to encourage consistent ordering. By offering exciting rewards and offers, these digital engagement mechanisms help keep the guests close. It also makes for a memorable experience for customers without dining in at the establishment physically.

3. Increased Safety and Contactless Dining

After a brief period of a stable 50:50 ratio between dine-in and deliveries, things came to a standstill for restaurants yet again, according to Moneycontrol. To tackle the fear that the new variant has bought in, restaurants have sprung into action. They’ve gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of their patrons. Apart from reduced capacity indoors, restaurants have also adapted complete contactless ordering as well. Some restaurants have also implemented screens between tables and UV sanitizers for all the cutlery and crockery to provide a safer dining experience.

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4. Cloud Kitchens

A lot of restaurants amidst the rise of recent omicron challenges have decided to go down the cloud kitchen road. With reduced investment and employment, cloud kitchens are way more profitable than dine-in restaurants given the circumstances. They have significantly lesser operating costs and with the ease of access customers have through popular delivery aggregators, cloud kitchens have been seeing significant growth. Cloud kitchens also have decreased dependability on employees showing up or not, thus making it a much more lucrative option than most. 

5. Automation

One thing we’ve seen across industries and especially with F&B is the ease of operating that comes with automation. If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s how capable technological advancements are to make our lives easier. By having easy-to-use systems and POS software in place, restaurants have been able to cope with this transition. Automation has made everything from billing, online ordering, loyalty programs, etc much easier to implement and manage.

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As we start to go back to the new normal (yet again), the hospitality industry continues to cope with the challenges of the pandemic. The restaurant industry is prepared to take on this challenge with the help of automation, delivery services, aggregators, and smart contactless dining methods to ensure safety. Clearly, for this and most industries, technology is the smartest way forward.

Let us know what worked for you and your establishment!

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