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How Petpooja Helped Swati Snacks During Covid-19 Crisis?

Swati Snacks- Continuing the legacy of Minakshi Jhaveri!

It all started with a dream….

Swati Snacks, which began as a modest street-food eatery in 1963, is now a city favorite. Minakshi Jhaveri, a single mother in Mumbai, began selling sev-puri, bhelpuri, ragda pattice, and panipuri.

She would send her kids to school and then quickly take a rickshaw along with her cook to her tiny 110-sq-foot establishment. Situated in Tardeo with four tables and a menu that had hardly 10 items on it.

Instead of putting her dreams on hold, she channelized her inner ‘Annapurna‘, and with unwavering determination started this eatery to create a better life for her kids. Today this iconic eatery has scaled up and has multiple outlets in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

swati snacks introduction

What started from 7-8 chaat items 58 years ago, is today famous for their home-style, fuss-free Indian cuisine. The food on their menu resembles the taste of home.

Shaan credits Asha Jhaveri for building Swati into such a wonderful brand and for introducing delicious items such as Panki and chutney (a delicate and savory rice pancake steamed in a banana leaf) in 2000, which arguably is the most delicious from the menu and also their bestseller. Swati Snacks currently sells hundreds of pankis every day across its five eateries in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Times of crisis

Nobody could have predicted the pandemic and what it entails. There were a lot of uncertainties, and things were happening all of a sudden. We had lockdowns in place, and everyone was adjusting.

At Swati Snacks, they decided to shut the restaurant in early 2020 for the safety of their staff and patrons. Covid-19 outbreak certainly made it difficult for all the industries but the restaurant industry has been hit the hardest. That said, Swati Snacks had its own share of problems to deal with.

With the upliftment of lockdown, in the new normal, no one knew what to expect. We realised that people are going to be more concerned about being in closed spaces, touching menu, sanitisation facility, people may even want to take the food home.

Says Shaan

Every business has to adapt to these changes. Furthermore, takeout and delivery have now become an important part of the restaurant business model. However, in order to work with multiple aggregators, there rises a need for an advanced software solution. Which allows you to integrate your own ordering system, those of the delivery platforms, and orders received on call.

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Swati Snacks needed an efficient cloud-based PoS system that was going to work for them and grow with them simultaneously. They had been using the same legacy PoS software since 2003, where they had to punch orders manually and had no integration.

They required something different post-Covid-19, something with more control, more information about what was going on, and real-time data. “We needed a system that could handle all of those scenarios, and Petpooja stepped up to the plate“, Shaan added.

Here to save the day

Swati snacks got Petpooja’s PoS during peak Covid-19 lockdown caused due to the virus.

Swati Snacks has many accolades up its sleeves, not the least of which is its ability to adapt to the times

Shaan explained that dedicated customer service was one of his main reason for choosing Petpooja – he appreciates there being a team there to assist him whenever he has a question. “Even during these testing times, Petpooja’s support team is available 24 hours a day, even on holidays and weekends, ensuring our PoS is always up and running. The support team is reachable and always accessible if we need something – the answers are always there.” Additionally, we are able to track how we are growing and that is important.

Having switched to a robust POS system has been a lifeline for Swati Snacks during the time of crisis, as levels of digital engagement among consumers have soared. The transformation from offline to online has not only helped them to maintain a social distance but also ensured accuracy and efficiency in business execution. With the new PoS system, they managed to navigate through the crisis.

Our takeaway business increased manyfold- thanks to Petpooja and online delivery. Everything changed in terms of how our orders arrived, how we managed them, and how we tracked them.

– Shaan Jhaveri

Your PoS system is your most valuable employee. As a restaurant owner, it is important to analyze and understand how you can thrive in the next normal.

As a QSR, your top priorities during the recovery period should be updating operating procedures, reactivating customers to bring them back into restaurant dining rooms, adjusting menus to address shifts in customer behavior and preferences, and improving your delivery capabilities.

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