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All About Restaurants’ Michelin Star Rating System in India

Have you heard people often talk about Michelin stars restaurants and hotels and wondered what they are? Or what is so special about them, and why do people care about them? Don’t worry; we are here to care for all your queries regarding Michelin stars. Keep reading to find out all about Michelin stars and guides. 

What are Michelin Stars Rating and Michelin Guide?

Michelin Stars are an internationally recognized rating system that grades restaurants for outstanding cooking worldwide. The rating is based on the quality of ingredients, the harmony of flavours, mastery of techniques, the chef’s personality expressed through the cuisine, and consistency (across the menu and over time). 

Michelin Guide offers restaurant reviews and suggestions with pictures, summaries, and Michelin star ratings. You will find recommendations based on locations and an option to book your seat.

Michelin Guide offers restaurant reviews and suggestions, and Michelin star ratings. Know more.
Today, the Michelin Guide covers 37 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.

How Did Michelin Star Rating Begin?

French industrialist brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin were the founders of Michelin Tire and created the Michelin guide to create demand for automobiles, leading them to Michelin tires. Interestingly, the Michelin Guide started to increase automobile sales.

The first edition of the Michelin Guide had only 35,000 copies, which included maps and instructions on how to repair and change tires. It incorporated a list of restaurants, hotels, mechanics, and gas stations along the routes in France.

Within a few years, the guide became popular across Europe and northern Africa, with valuable information about restaurants. Eventually, the guide started giving a star to restaurants in France. Restaurants were awarded one star if deemed a “fine dining establishment.” By 1931, it expanded to the Michelin three-star rating system, which continues to this day.  

  • One Michelin Star: Restaurants use top-quality ingredients to make consistently high-standard, distinct flavours. 
  • Two Michelin Stars: When a chef’s personality and talent are evident in their expertly crafted dishes, their food is refined and inspired.
  • Three Michelin Stars: For superlative cooking of a chef at the peak of their profession, their cooking is elevated to an art form, and some of their dishes are on their way to becoming classics.

Did you know France, followed by Japan and Italy, are the countries with the most Michelin-star restaurants?

Michelin Stars are an internationally recognized rating system. Find out more!

Everything You Need To Know About Michelin Star Rating

1. Fine-Dining Restaurants Rating

Although a Michelin star is generally awarded to a fine-dining restaurant, the Michelin guide says the restaurant’s style, formality, or informality has no bearing on the award. These restaurants are generally high-priced due to the supreme quality of their taste, ingredients, and authenticity.

2. How Do Restaurants Get Them?

We are sure you are curious about this question; here’s how a restaurant gets the stars. 

  • A restaurant can request Michelin Guide to be considered for inclusion in the guide, or even readers can send in recommendations. 
  • Michelin Inspectors, who are full-time employees and have been previously associated with the hospitality industry, are anonymously sent to the restaurant to inspect
  • Their experiences are then discussed as a team to make a final decision. 
  • Many inspectors visit throughout the year, covering different seasons and meal times to get a better picture, as consistency is valued highest. 
  • Inspectors also try to eat as many dishes as possible through different visits to ensure all dishes are of high quality.

3. Michelin Ratings Are Not Constant

Once a restaurant gets one or more Michelin Stars, it does not mean they will hold it forever. Michelin stars can be reduced, increased, or removed from a restaurant later. Michelin guide inspectors regularly assess the restaurants to ensure they maintain their quality standards.

Indian Chefs With Michelin Star Ratings

India still needs its Michelin guide. However, there are many restaurants and Indian chefs who have been awarded Michelin stars across the world. Here are some examples of Indian chefs who have been awarded the stars. 

  • Vikas Khanna: He was awarded a Michelin star for his Indian restaurant Junoon in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, New York. 
  • Atul Kochhar: He was the first Indian to be awarded a Michelin star. He received it for his London restaurant Tamarind in 2001. He also received the star for his other restaurant, Benares in Mayfair. 
  • Garima Arora is the first Indian woman to be awarded the prestigious Michelin star. It was awarded for Gaa in 2018.
How do restaurants get a Michelin Star?
A restaurant already featured in the guide doesn’t need to apply for the star; they are already re-assessed regularly.

Some restaurateurs have also criticized the Michelin star system due to the extremely high expectations in the rating system, which many believe are unreasonable and restrict a chef’s creativity. However, given the popularity, prestige, and authenticity associated with Michelin stars today, it is a matter of pride for the restaurateurs. We hope the day will arrive soon when the guide gets published in India. 

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