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Must-have Features For Your Restaurant’s Inventory Management System

Managing restaurant inventory needs meticulous planning, intensive labour and excessive time. To explain it simply: Inventory management is one of the biggest challenges for every restaurant owner. And mismanagement can lead to extensive monetary loss. This is where automating inventory management using software comes into the picture!

Smart ​​restaurant inventory management aims to simplify inventory and raw material management for your restaurant, cafe, cloud kitchen and others!

An exemplary inventory management system can solve most of your hurdles related to inventory management and automate the entire process. 

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Managing your inventory well can save you from buying extra stock and reduce food wastage.

Must-have Features For Your Inventory Management System

1. A Central Kitchen Module

Raw material procurement and distribution become easier with a central inventory management system. Your inventory module should also provide a picture of your business with complete data and inventory control.

2. Easy Raw Material Management

With this feature, you will have ready information about all the stock consumed, remaining, transferred to other outlets, wastage, low stocks, etc. A smart inventory management system also gives you individual raw material stock updates and consumption information from the software.

3. Get Live Food Cost-Report

The Live Food Cost-Report feature gives you the live cost of food items you sell in your restaurant. With the help of this feature, you can adjust your menu prices based on fluctuations in the market.

4. Show Minimum Stock Alerts

Minimum stock alerts help you plan in advance, making this feature absolutely important for restaurants. You receive low-stock alerts before running out of stock and can seamlessly re-stock it as required.

5. Manage Purchase Order Management

Check if your system has a purchase order management feature. This feature lets you raise purchase orders to suppliers or your central kitchen directly from your central dashboard, making it easier for you to manage multiple orders and suppliers in one place. 

6. Create Recipe Standardization

Another beneficial tool for your restaurant inventory. Through this feature, you can put standard recipes in the software, and each time an order is placed, the number of raw materials used will automatically get deducted from the stock.

7. Inventory Forecasting

The inventory forecasting feature will tell you, based on your past inventory insights, including your purchases and consumption, if you should upscale, downscale or maintain your inventory purchase behaviour.

Get a restaurant inventory management software to manage your inventory better. Know more!
To better understand inventory management system features, read our guide to the best restaurant inventory management software.

Benefits of Smart Inventory Management System

Here are some benefits of using inventory management software for your business.

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1. Reduce Staff Efforts

You can reduce your staff’s time managing it with reliable management software.

  • Keeping track of inventory regularly and diligently is a labour-intensive process. However, with the help of an inventory management system, you can streamline the entire process. 
  • As you save staff costs and time by automating and streamlining the process, you also avoid the risks posed by the high staff attrition rate in the restaurant industry. 

Check out our blog here to learn more about staff attrition and retention strategies.

2. Reduce Food Wastage and Costs

With rising food costs, the importance of reducing them increases as well. You can reduce food costs significantly by effectively managing your restaurant inventory with the help of a POS system. 

  • According to a report, approximately 40% of food produced is wasted yearly due to improper food management.  
  • Such wastage can be avoided with the help of inventory management software, as you receive real-time updates about stock requirements and approaching expiry dates. This way, you avoid ordering items already in store and use the items approaching expiry on priority
  • Moreover, as you can set standard recipe processes for all your dishes with the help of the recipe standardization feature, you avoid unnecessary food wastage and expenditure. The software will automatically deduct the amount of stock consumed per order requirements. 

3. More Profits

Good software might seem like an expense, but it will help you save money in the long term.

  • As you save food and labour costs, you are on your way to increasing profits. 
  • Even the slightest miscalculation and oversight in inventory can cost restaurants hefty money. An efficient software will keep your data accurate, save unnecessary expenses and increase your profits
  • Moreover, with inventory forecasting and recipe management features, you maintain consistency in your quality and taste, leading to brand reliability and increased sales. 

4. Improved Productivity

Here’s how a sound inventory management system will raise your restaurant’s productivity 

  • As your employees are less stressed after you automate most of the process, they can focus on other crucial tasks. 
  • You can make better data-driven decisions about your expenses with real-time, accurate data about your inventory. 
  • Restaurants often buy their inventory from multiple vendors. As you can track food, purchases, expiry and much more from your management system, you will also be able to manage your vendors and payments better.
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