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Experience Dine-in with FoodBOT (Robot) -The future of food-service

It’s 2021 and while the restaurant industry is far from its earliest incarnation, one thing that hasn’t changed is the constant drive towards greater efficiency. And efficiency requires innovation and that’s where the robots come in. The decreasing costs of hardware such as circuits and sensor boards and the real-time advancements in artificial intelligence software have contributed largely to this progression in innovation. The restaurant industry is fast adapting to these changes and some establishments have gone as far as fully automating the restaurant by providing each service with an AI-enabled robot. The future of dining out is here and it’s only going to get better from now.

In Boston, Spyce, a new innovative restaurant by the Michelin star chef Daniel Boulud, robots have replaced human chefs. Boulud partnered with the robotics engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to make this happen. Seven automated woks cook the customer’s meals in the kitchen, in three minutes or less!

While on the West Coast, in California, Flippy’- the world’s first burger-flipping robot has been making waves since March 2018. The robot was designed to take orders through a digital ticketing system, automatically flip the burgers and remove them from the grill.

While Flippy can expertly handle the burger-flipping by using thermal and 3D sensors, the human staff still need to place the patties on the grill and assemble the rest of the burger with toppings. Whatever said and done, the robot was after all praised for being efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving due to its ability to flip an astonishing 150 burgers per hour.

Right of a sci-fi movie plot, outside the kitchen, Robot Waiters have become a reality. The robot waiters have not only become a viable way to increase profit margins but have also allowed the human staff by taking over menial tasks and freeing them to focus on customer service and other high-value interactions. The Petpooja Robot is a flagship AI-powered food-service robot that serves your guests and gets them their bill without any human intervention hence cutting down on unnecessary human effort.

The new generation of robots or cobots (cooperative robots) are designed to work together with humans safely and combine them with existing standard commercial kitchen equipment will ensure substantial cost savings.

Apart from being great from an advertising standpoint and not to forget, incredibly cute, robot waiters are also responsible for elevating food safety in restaurants. Especially in a post-pandemic era, when dining out is a big deal, safety and hygiene automatically have reached the top of the priority list for the diners. Less bare hand contact results in less contamination ensuring increased safety and consistency in the service.

Right from simplifying the cooking process to reducing the operating costs, the robots can be utilized and programmed for every step of the automating process. Since the robots can be programmed to prepare dishes by portioning the ingredients accurately, the probability of errors is highly minimized. The advantage of automation in this scenario also gives the restaurant a chance to offer all types of cuisines from around the world since the robots are not limited by culinary skills. This can as a result help restaurants draw larger, more varied crowds thus increasing revenues.

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Considering robots can work at a much faster pace than humans, they automatically improve productivity. By reducing wait time and enabling faster checkouts, a restaurant can take on and serve more customers during their working hours. Another added advantage is that robots can work longer hours than humans, and so the restaurant doesn’t need to hire multiple people to do the same tasks in different shifts. Robots can therefore prove highly advantageous to restaurants that work long shifts.

While in the wake of restaurants replacing humans with robots, concerns relating to robots replacing them completely have surfaced and are valid. Complete automation at least right now also has its disadvantages. Restaurants should aim to strike a balance with semi-automated establishments with robots taking on the more mundane and menial tasks.

With the advent of newer and more sophisticated point of sale and Restaurant billing software and all-around automation with robots, the rise of technology is inevitable. India as a country is still gradually getting around to the idea and welcoming it with open arms from what we can tell.

We at Petpooja are considering this, no less than a revolution in the future of foodservice and are ready, front and center with our AI powered food service robot. An autonomous system, the robot consists of two components- a robot and a robot calling device for each table. Ergonomically designed to function smoothly at a restaurant, the robot can seamlessly serve food to your guests and get them the bill ensuring contactless and faster service. With the quick and hassle-free deployment, our robot is completely autonomous with its obstacle detection feature. This leaves the human staff to focus on delivering a better quality of experience to the diner. Sounds exciting already, doesn’t it?

Petpooja leaves no stones unturned to bring to you the best and the latest technology for your restaurant needs. Committed to helping you grow every day, we’re the biggest and the best restaurant management software in India catering to more than 15,000 + restaurants pan India. It has every management function you need for your restaurant at a fixed rate. To know more visit our website: www.petpooja.com or call us on +91 7046223344 Today and see our ROBOT!

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